Twelve Gods

The Twelve Gods, also known as the Ingredori and the "True Gods", are the principle gods of Nora. Each resides in a different plane of reality, or realm. The Ingredori is comprised of the following gods: Damien, Dhanni, Kalabrath, Kira, Legeon, Malym, Ornus, Shaydis, Tala Errin, Urala, Verai Songbird and the twin gods Yunis and Helos.

Argentis Argantum named the thirteen months of the year after the Ingredori (with Yunis and Helos each being patron of a separate month).

Since 1290 Solea Splendis has been gaining popularity in some sects of the Church of Light and is replacing the falling god Kira.

List of the Gods

Damien God of death, peace, forgiveness, hygiene and ravens
Dhanni God of the forest, love, fertility, protector of children
Kalabrath God of war, bloodshed and fire
Kira God of light, life, hearth and home
Legeon God of hate, contracts, prisons and tyranny
Malym God of misery, winter and undeath
Ornus God of the mountain, steel, protection and contest
Shaydis God of darkness, chaos, vengeance and murder
Tala Errin God of luck, storms, sky, music and poetry
Urala God of the sea, travel, fishermen and trade
Verai Songbird God of wisdom, truth, civilization and justice
Yunis and Helos God of fate, the seasons and the sun and moon


Twelve Walkers


The sleep


The gods awoke with the Moonfall

Resumere Imperium

The gods rule from their thrones


Worshiping a patron deity allows a mortal soul salvation from their sins. Without such a patron, a soul's afterlife is determined by their behavior alone. Before the Exaltation, souls had no choice in their final destination.

Religions of the Twelve Gods

Church of Light

The gods are either good, evil, or neutral.

Gnesis Cults

The gods are an intrinsic part of the world. All is made of the gods.


Gods are no worthy of worship.


All gods wish for your death and all in life lead towards that inevitable outcome.


Reverence of the lawful gods and the upholding of their codes and traditions.


All gods are one god


The gods are not concerned with the mortal world.

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