Letters from the Verdant King Saga

The following is the collection of letters, journals and other written words found in The Verdant King Saga.

Coenescar to Chrysrigan

Found in a gnomish lair beneath a waterfall in Llygaid.


My spy in Lon Saesh suggests we keep our eye out for interlopers in the area. It probably doesn't matter; in just a few more days, I'll finish the ritual to awaken the temple. Then Lon Saesh's people will remember the power of the Green Lords.

Soon our deeds will be rewarded greatly.
- Coenescar

"M.L." to Coenescar

Found in the zombie infested prison inside Tir Greine.

Greetings Coenescar,

From what some would call fate, it seems we are in league. Though I suspect we each have the desire to climb ranks on each other’s corpses, I do not wish to harbor ill will between our factions.

I bestow upon you a gift. May these walking dead be a small token to our future endeavors. Please contact me in Piros Barl if any further need arrives.

- M. L.

Dr. Chimera's Medical Journal

Found on a desk in the study of Dr. Chimera's hidden laboratory inside Castle Reveni.

…combined strength and abilities should be perfect for their roles, but every thing is falling apart!

I am reaching nothing and doing nothing. Perhaps this research is truly doomed. I will try for one more week and then pull the plug. Skarkov will be easy enough to dispatch and replacing him, easier.

Oh Woe! My experiments!

Hastum, Sephir 4, 1376
The world has opened itself up to me and has granted me my wish! And with the unfathomable comedy the gods always seem to relish no less!

While, at early evening, as I was walking the castle grounds gazing into the heavens, I found myself they prey of a savage attack. A vampire caught me by surprise and soundly defeated me, pinning me to the ground. As I lay in shock and terror thinking all my experiments lost time as they would never see implementation, the dark undead began a dialog with me.

It seems this dark alliance was preordained by powers unknown and the mysterious flows of ka. She introduced herself to me; Mercy Lament. -an anrecht, no doubt, as is traditional among vampires- A deal was struck with her; power for power as I see it. She would supply me with needed supplies and I would ensure Skarkav vulnerable to her vampiric charms.

I am indeed excited.

Arbortum, Sephir 14, 1376
A great day for science! After some rather putrid rejects, my work has made a huge jump forward. -and in no small part due to Mercy Lament's assistance- It seems my work can now fully integrate supernatural abilities. The DEATH DOG was the first of many to be made, but I am getting ahead of myself. I will first set it loose in the hills and see what kind of damage it is capable.

I must remind myself in these exciting times not to skip steps. Always experiment, always study, always test. This work is too important to hurry through it.

NOTE: I wonder what I could combine with the tiger that was captured…

Hastum, Sephir 18, 1376
A male gathasic deva has wandered in from the domnitor's ball. I have injected him with SERUM B. He is responding well and should retain little memory. I will set him loose and wait for his return.

Uller's Journal

Found on a desk within an abandoned cabin belonging to Uller Athidal outside the northern walls of Piros Barl.

…lights glowing in the windows of Darkspire. Also, the fane that is proxy to the cabin is acting mighty strange in the last several days. Of the other fanes, both on Red Wine Hill and in the eastern marshes, I do not know. Only time will tell.

Sephir 14, 1376

A rather unusual happenstance occurred as I was walking about my usual route in the morning. I saw a human, tall and broad, dragging behind him a cart stacked with the cadavers of tieflings. He seemed melancholy as he purposefully dug a hole of considerable size and dumped the bodies within. The entire scene played for over an hour during which I was transfixed; afraid to move away nor any closer.

The appearance of this man seemed odd in a number of ways, the least of which was the actions in which he engaged. The man did not seem the type of ruffian to take part in devious doings, he had the air of a proud man deflated and bent to a will outside his own. An animal that has been broken. However, this man is an animal still. His eyes possessed the sharpness of a wolf and for a moment, just a moment, my heart stood still as I thought he saw me. He looked in my direction but gave no note of his seeing me before leaving.

Curiously, he dropped an effect on the ground absent mindedly and left it behind. After his departure, I picked up the curious item and will keep it in my desk drawer. I have been reflecting on it for several hours.

"M" - what does it mean?

The dead will surely rise, that is certain. I feel obligated to tell a figure of authority, but I am stopped cold by the look of that man. Surely a dire fate will be visited upon me should I involve myself. Oh me, what shall I do?

Sephir 15, 1376

I have barricaded myself inside my cabin. The creatures have surely risen by this hour. This madness is tolling. I look out the windows and see shapes moving throughout the trees. Voices are creeping into my head.

Creeping… Creeping…

What of the tribes that live in the hills? How will they faire? What of their children? Oh gods, I should have told someone about the wights! How foolish can a tiefling be?

I tell myself the trees aren’t really moving, but when I turn my head I can see them out of the corner of my eyes. The wolves have been howling since last night. Never one alone, always in double unison.

I hardly think I will sleep tonight.

Sephir 16


Pirace's Letter

Found on the body of Pirace Maestaru after his defeat outside Piros Barl.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is meant to be read on the event of my death, whether by my murderer or the one who finds my body. With a heavy heart I make the following statement -

I am a coward.

I am unable to throw off the curse that controls my thoughts, but I can shed a small amount of light upon my situation. Upon the first day of the month of Sephir, I witnessed strange events from my chamber window. It was when I investigated that I met Her. I always knew her, but She was not as was before. She knew of my infliction and sought to exploit it. It was then I became a slave.

She told me to hide her presence and I tore apart her incrimination. What is left I keep near. I was made to commit hideous acts upon the citizens of our city. I slew many people. Where She takes the bodies, I do not know, nor do I perceive I wish to.

Two weeks later, She already grew out of her home and left for a new perch in a grand setting that She could tame. I was to create guardians for Her. I buried bodies near the forest fane and left a trail toward the half orcs so they may feed.

This is the last confession of my evil deeds. When I meet Legion in Carcereth, I will be relieved to be free.

I am sorry for everything,

Pirace Maestaru

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