cast of characters in The Verdant King Saga

This is a list of characters from The Verdant King Saga.

Main Characters

Chance Chevalier

see Chance Chevalier

Thomas d'Frederique-Baumont

see Thomas d'Frederique-Baumont


see K'shk


see Val'shen

Secondary Characters

Song of the Dark Druid

Residents of Lon Saesh


  • Chrysrigan
  • Coenescar
  • Naeth Rhode; He is a druid who lives in a word warped oak tree about twenty miles south of Lon Saesh. He does not seem to spend his nights indoors, even though his tree does feature a bedroom for him. What he does do at night is still a mystery.

The Crimson Death

The Marin Household

Residents of Piros Barl


Dragon Fire Dreams

House of Chevalier

see House of Chevalier

House of Valligan

see House of Valligan

The Prophets

see Prophets


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