Turasfyr Arcaenrith

The Turasfyr Arcaenrith is a magical grimoire, written by Chu Hsi in Aelwyd during the Age of Kings. It was originally written for the half-elven king Rayne Brenin to use during his reign, but the book was stolen away by the brenin's own son, Blair Tywysog.

Since then, the history of the book is sketchy at best, but was last seen in possession of Jenn Prestone, a descendant of Rayne Brenin as she left for Aremia around 4 PI.






Necromancy and Divination

Monster Lore

Regional Lore

Erwynn, Taurania and the Ghoper Forest.

Magic Item and artifact lore

History of the reign of Rayne Brenin

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