Tugarin Zmeja
Tugarin Zmeja
Biographical Information
Date of Death Ythal 10, 1368 NS
Home Mt. Silene
Alias Sir Lord Agonduke
Physical Description
Race Red Dragon
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Tugarin Zmeja in his disguise as
Sir Lord Agonduke

Tugarin Zmeja is a three headed red dragon who was once controlled by the wizard Chernomor. After being released by Aldaen Zolmir, Tugarin's lair in Mount Silene was taken over by the Order of Praavda. He then disguised himself as a mysterious black knight named Sir Lord Agonduke and set about his plans for reconquering his mountain.

Tugarin Zmeja in his human form stands at roughly 6 feet tall wearing full plate black armor and a dark red cape. He has long flowing black hair and piercing eyes that offer little kindness. He is a skilled sword, so much so that after a prolonged battle with five opponents, he not only fought them to a standstill, but did so without injuring either himself or his opponents.



Elegast and Aldaen

Incident at the Temple of Truth

Merrium Kraemer's Chain of Torment

Battle of Three Dragons

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