Trumpet Archon

Messengers of good deities and mighty celestials, trumpet archons serve as the vanguard of divine armies and rally the legions of heaven to war. When lawful good deities have the need to communicate directly with a group of mortals, they often send trumpet archons to act as their intermediaries. Trumpet archons speak with clear, musical voices. Their otherworldly eyes are white and pupilless.

All trumpet archons carry a gleaming magical trumpet or horn with which they create wondrous music, sound calls to other archons, paralyze enemies, or defend the virtuous. They typically adorn their trumpet with the standard of their liege.

A trumpet archon usually disdains physical combat, preferring to obliterate foes with spells quickly and return to its duties. If forced into an extended battle, it sounds its trumpet and attacks with a vengeance.

As usual with good outsiders, PCs will likely encounter trumpet archons as aides and boon-givers (they actually pack more than two dozen buffing or healing spells per day). However, since trumpet archons are usually intermediaries, messengers, and soldiers, there are a reasonable number of excuses to put them in the PCs’ path as adversaries. The message must get through. A summit must be called. The army must march. If the PCs stand in the way of any of these goals—“The safety of one azata prince, even the Prince of Flowers, is not my concern”—and are not amenable to persuasion, then so be it. Gabriel will blow his horn—at them.

A trumpet archon is a master at mixing music, magic, and blade work. He offers instruction to good-aligned bards, magi, and rangers alike, but they must first prove their mettle (by wounding him to half hit points in single combat).

Some adventurers rely on a protean guide—which means taking time for numerous side treks and detours. One of his pranks involves miring an axiomite caravan in entropic matter. This in turn draws the attention of a trumpet archon, who sounds an alarm on his horn and then attacks the protean—and the mortals he perceives as its lackeys.

A hound archon, supposedly a seditious traitor, has been executed. His celestial body is left impaled on the crystal gates of Caer Iffos. A trumpet archon, incensed, promises to blast down the gates—and his vow is no idle one, as he holds a greater horn of blasting. A party of adventurers has taken a vow to protect the dwarfhold, but with mounting evidence that Caer Iffos’s rulers are corrupt, do they honor their vows to the city or the Heavenly Spheres?

Monochromatic Eyes: Trumpet archons have white, pupilless eyes.
Mouth of Sauron: Trumpet archons serve as intermediaries between lawful good deities and mortals.
Musical Assassin: Their trumpet blasts can paralyse enemies.
Stripperiffic: Trumpet archons look like human women, and their outfit shows a lot of skin.

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Known Trumpet archons

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