A truename is a name of a thing or being that expresses, or is somehow identical with, its true nature and that can give the speaker control over the being. Truenames are notoriously difficult to pronounce.

Deliberately mispronouncing the name will harm a creature, wracking its very essence, making it sick and staggered.

Truenames of creatures




Knowledge of a devil's truename grants significant power over the fiend. In the cast of the spell planar binding, when a devil's truename is used to conjure a specific fiend, the target devil finds it difficult to resist being summoned. Truenames might also be known to have other powers over devils, though most devil summoners keep the discovery of such powers closely guarded secrets.

Discovering Truenames



Truename magic

When you speak a word in the true, original language of the universe, you tap the power of creation itself — for the ability to describe something is the ability to define it. A wielder of truename magic understands a language older and more fundamental than all others — a "mother tongue" whose words and phrases are the building blocks of the universe.

Except perhaps the gods themselves, no one can speak this original tongue. It's possible that no one ever did speak it — truenames might be more a set of instructions encoded into a language, rather than a means of communication. But through careful study, the masters of truename magic can understand a smattering of this fundamental language. When such masters name a thing aloud in the tongue of truenames, they can exert unparalleled control over the creature or object they name. They can command it, alter it, renew it, or destroy it simply by speaking their desire aloud. The cosmos seems to hear a truenamer's instruction and reorders the universe in accordance with the spoken words.

Truenamers engage in ceaseless study of the world around them, learning the truenames of as many creatures and objects as they can. As they advance in their studies, they can uncover the personal truenames of friends or foes, enabling still more powerful magic.

Some traditional spellcasters also dabble in truename magic. By incorporating a bit of truename speech into their spells, they can achieve targeted but powerful effects beyond the reach of traditional arcane or divine magic. The language of truenames is fiendishly difficult to pronounce, however, so such spells press the skill of their casters to the utmost.

If you want to cause the very earth to tremble when you say "thremcheumalach-tura'abachnir!" then truename magic is for you. If you want to force a babau demon to do your will simply because you know its truename is Kyethel-cramuothanpraduvashedeo, then truenames can be your path to power.

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