Tristion Er Goganes
Tristion Er Goganes
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Tribe Nightriver (adopted)
Other Names Teleri (Milkname)
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Female
Hair Color D. Brown
Eye Color Green
Loyalty Gogan Nghar Madyn

Tristion Er Goganes was a female elf. When she was first found in an orc village by Gogan Nghar Madyn, she was known as Teleri.


Early Life and slavery

Adulthood trials

Tristion kept near Gogan, even as the other youths were suspicious of her. When Rhôn felled a king elk in order to secure its antlers and sinew, she behaved strangely and draped herself over the dead elk and spoke a strange tongue. Luth later told Bran that she might be mad. Also, when speaking with Jenny O' the Bog, they noticed only the animals around them growing feeble, along with Tristion. Bran began to suspect she was an animal spirit in disguise.

Tristion took part in the same adulthood ritual as the others and forged her own bow. In doing so she freely became a member of the Nightriver Tribe.

Incarnate of Earth

Powers and Abilities

Animalistic Nature

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