Tristan de'Foe
Tristan de'Foe
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Gender Male
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Tristan de'Foe was the first born son and eldest child of Neill de'Foe and Vanna de'Foe. He is a solitary person, but is considered bright. He is much older than his other siblings and shares little with their interests. He has little desire to be the heir of his house and thinks his brother Milon de'Foe would be a better fit for the position.

He has bonded with Cecillia II d'Avespeare, having once saved the young princess from being trampled by horses. He also has fallen in love with Saissa di'Capelet during her visits to Flamehearth.

He is a maester's apprentice to Maester Loem. He had requested to join the Wizened Circle, but was rejected.

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