Tower of Torment
Tower of Torment
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Location Sulland Isle
An Tuath
Affiliation ?
Construction 112 PI
Creator ?
Associated Figures Erbarm
Elknor the Wretched

Days are long and nights are cold, the rivers run
I'm swept away down distant paths, the road goes on
From the Halls of the Free to the Tower of Torment
Where treasures lie in mountains high

Túr Bróndeora, also called the Tower of Sorrow, or Tower of Torment is a tower on Sulland Isle in Lake Galice. It is considered sacred by the eladrin of An Tuath; and cursed by the people of Rindland.

It is the place where Elknor the Wretched sealed the spirit of Erbarm the Lich King.

The tower rests on a small floating earthmote.

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