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Torlynn is a town in Taurania. Is under a curse of eternal winter.

Torlynn (abandoned town)
population: ca 50
Torlynn was once a large town, but now only a few people remain. After the pests that had taken over Barrik’s Tower had been driven out recently, the village is experiencing a slow growth once again. Burgomeister Gustovan (NM/Human Ari 3) is the ruler of Torlynn.

This once-proud alpine town is now dilapidated and decrepit. Many of its homes are vacant, abandoned by their former owners when a foul magic crept upon the region. There are still a few humans living in the town - a group of survivors who are convinced that the town is again destined for greatness.

The town's layout is centered around the road to Melinir and the mines. The road makes a loop through the town and exits to the southwest. Most of the important buildings in Torlynn are along the Melinir road which circles about the town well. The burgomaster’s house is here as is the town meeting hall and courthouse.

Also located around the circle are the businesses of the various craftsmen necessary for the town's survival. The butcher and the baker hold shop here, as do the carpenter and the smith. Each business has remained in town in spite of the severe drop in business caused by the Curse of Eternal Winter. The lumber mill has closed down since the people left because it no longer had a reason to produce anything, nor the power to do so.

The chapel, established by clerics of Erastil in the area, is still open, although it operates on a minimal budget. No priest or cleric really stays here regularly. A few itinerate clerics used to pass through here on a regular circuit to maintain the chapel. Thus, any healing that the party may need will cost them quite a bit of money (so that the chapel might defray it’s expenses; 2 gp/hp healed). To raise money (5 gp/month), the chapel instructs the children of Torlynn in reading, writing, history, and geography. The farms in the area were hit very hard by the unnatural winter, and their crops withered and died in the harsh frost. Since many farmers had nothing to trade after the winter destroyed their livelihood, most of them moved from the area and into the Grasslands or down to Melinir.

The Soft Pillow Inn and the Grinning Goblin Tavern are open but have very little patronage currently.

Torlynn is a democratic little town, electing its burgomaster from the deserving citizens once every five years. The current burgomaster has held the office for several terms. He is a large, jovial fellow with a silver monocle. Despite his kindness, however, he can be firm and even brutal when he must perform his duties. He has only the good of the town at heart.

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