Tomaltach the Aedh
Tomaltach the Aedh
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Cairshengol
Date of Birth 1336
Date of Death (place) ?
Home Cairshengol
Alias(es) The Beggar King
Title(s) Chief of the Name
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color ?
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members Eileanóra (wife)
Onóra (daughter)
Occupation Chief of the Name
Loyalty Clan Aedh

"It wasn't the plague that killed my wife. It was the church."

Tomaltach the Aedh, son of Teàrlach is the Chief of the Aedh.

His wife is an outsider and an adherent of the Church of Light. It was her idea to seek out help from the church with the plague. She has never been well accepted by the clan and even their daughter is viewed with suspicion. Some going even to far as to suggest taking her down to the river.

He is also assisted by his servant, Alba.


Early life

The Rebuilding

Blackscour Plague

When the blackscour hit Cairshengol, Eileanóra convinced Tomaltach to ask the church for assistance. He rode with a small number of men north to Fardock and looked for a ship. The captain agreed to take Tomaltach to Temple and even to bypass Glenmore with a layover at Toyburg in exchange for the promise of the death of the captain's good for nothing son-in-law living outside Benathcrann.

The voyage took thirteen days to reach Temple.

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