Buí Grianchloch Glasrai
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Siobadh Tur
Date of Birth 1223 NS
Home An Tuath
Alias(es) Tiranda
Physical Description
Race Eladrin
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members Mor Sleatroda (Father)
A'lia (Daughter)
Occupation Draíochtlann
Loyalty Zolmir Family

"No one is the master of my destiny anymore!" - Tiranda

Buí Grianchloch Glasrai, also known as Tiranda, is an eladrin spellsword. She is the daughter of Mor Sleatroda Grianchloch Glasrai and is described as one of the most beautiful eladrin in An Tuath.

She chose to side with Sangar Zolmir and his companions during the Battle of Siobadh Tur and became an outcast. She then joined the Order of the Firebringer and raised her daughter A'lia Zolmir along with Bianca Zalatoi.

She is an expert swordswoman as well as an expert in luthdorn.


The Gate

Refusal of Engagement

Battle of the Elven Court

Order of the Firebringer

Awakening of Sangar

After the Fall of the Order


Tiranda is a tall, blond haired eladrin with piercing blue eyes. She is said to be one of the most beautiful eladrin one could possibly see. Her long blond hair is usually pulled back into double braids, indicating her profession as Spellsword. She has a lean figure, visible because of the form-fitting mithral mail she almost always wears. Along with her armor, Tiranda always has her sword at the ready hanging from her waist.


Fierce in her protection of her companions, as well as their friends, Tiranda is quick to speak her beliefs in regards to their protection. She is lethal in battle and quick to dispose of anything and anyone she perceives as a threat to her charges. Tiranda respects power, though she also enjoys witty banter with Sangar. If Tiranda believes an order from Sangar or any other would interfere with her protection of her companions she would simply disregard it. She has a dislike for Leonid Antonov and does not consider defending him in battle.

Tiranda fears only three things; shame, failing in her duty to protect the ones she cares about, and rats. She believes it is her duty as Spellsword to lay her life down if need be for her charges, though Sangar has tried to curb her of this belief, feeling that she is family before she is his protector. Her fear of rats is a result of her treoir.

Tiranda also has a strong belief in a no hesitation policy.

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