Tír Maith
Steel Kingdom of Tír Maith
12th Century - 9th Century PI
Race Eladrin
Capital Elindor
Warcry "Fuil Bua Fhothú!"
From Blood Comes Victory!
Language Sylvan
Founded c1,190 PI

Tír Maith, also known as the Steel Kingdom, is a fallen eladrin kingdom formerly located in Ysbryd Forest. For three hundred years, the Steel Kingdom reigned supreme in north-western Nora.

It is commonly held that the kingdom was sacked by the lizard-like Sarkrith, but that is only half-true. The true downfall of the Steel Kingdom was its own hubris.


Legendary Origins

According to elven legend, the eladrin petty king Matholwch of Tirion was lead from the Twilithe into Thantena Forest by the druid tegtarian. The archfey Lámhláidir then lead them through the west and to the shores of Loch Thythyfrea.

Expanding the empire

At its zenith, Tir Maith conquered many lands outside the forest where its heart lie.

Decline and fall

In 858 PI, Elindor is sacked by sarkrith. Ysbryd Forest comes under their control.

Gift of Magic

In 575 PI, the Last Kings of Tir Maith give the Gift of Magic to mankind.



see Elindor




The eladrin masters of poetry in Tír Maith wrote about subjects of the heart, often taking up the subject of lost love. The poetry of this kingdom is said to have brought peasants and kings alike to tears.

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