Tír Áthaisling

Tír Áthaisling

The realm of Tír Áthaisling was founded by green and dark elves around -18000 DR in the area later known as the High Moor and Misty Forest.

The gold elven realm Tír Dhúchais became their greatest threat. In -14700 DR the rulers of this realm began attempting to diplomatically and peacefully annex Tír Áthaisling into their realm. Despite these troubles with their powerful neighbors, in -13900 DR the realm of Tír Áthaisling developed into the center of elven Art and High Magic in Faerûn. But Tír Dhúchais did not let up and in -13200 DR skirmishing and trade interference started between both realms. It was only a question of time until a real war broke out between them. That happened in -12000 DR when the rulers of Tír Dhúchais lost their patience and attacked. This was the beginning of the first Crown War.

In -11800 DR the Tír Dhúchaisan seemed to have won and militarily occupied and annexed the realm Tír Áthaisling. But a number of Tír Áthaislingi clans and strongholds resisted and continued to fight. They received help from the elves of Illefarn who, despite its officially-neutral stance, provided secret safehavens for Tír Áthaislingid refugees.

Tír Áthaisling was considered conquered at the end of the first Crown war in -11300 DR. Tír Dhúchais also conquered other realms causing guerilla fighting and rebel mages to arise in parts of Tír Áthaisling and the newly conquered territories in -10600 DR. This led to the Tír Dhúchaisan using High Magic to cause a tremendous killing storm. The event became known as The Dark Disaster. It reduced the entire forest and realm of Tír Áthaisling into barren wastelands within three months.

Ruins of Tír Áthaisling could still be discovered in later times (circa 1372 DR). One of them was the mysterious Kraanfhaor's Door which was the entrance to a school of High Magic. The drow mage Q'arlynd Melarn found a way to open it and got an ancient Selu'Kiira of his Tír Áthaislingi ancestors. With the help of that he learned to use High Magic and helped in killing the goddess Kiaransalee. Later he helped to redeem some drow, the descendants of ancient Miyeritiiri clans, of the curse which made them drow. They were once more dark elves now and welcomed by the Seldarine.(see The Lady Penitent)

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