Timothy Loralen
Timothy Nos Eleuthur Loralen
Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1339 NS
Physical Description
Race Half-elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Deep Red
Eye Color Orange
Family Information
Family Members Eleuthur Gewr Leisio
Luella Loralen (Mother)
Xanthan Goblinfoe
Occupation Bard

Timothy Nos Eleuthur Loralen (b. 1339 NS) is an incorrigible half elven minstrel that travels the dargoneth in Tir'Ein. He excels in epics and tales of adventure. In every city he stays to perform his stories, mischief surely follows.

Early in his life, he took on Sangar Zolmir II as a protege.


Early Life

He grew up in Bevan, Tir'Ein. Born to an elven father, Eleuthur Gewr Leisio, and a human mother, Luella Loralen. He has an elven half brother, Gwalch Nos Eleuthur, from their father's previous relationship, who resented his new mother-in-law and left home soon after Timothy was born.

His home life was tranquil with his loving family. They lived in an elven community where Timothy learned to appreciate his elven heritage.

Soon, his human blood compelled him to get out as soon as he could and wander the world.

Journey to Calith Arg

Timothy left home for the city of Calith Arg when he was 15 (1354). Once there, the cold realities of the world weighed upon him as he struggled for food. Soon he met and formed a connection with Eleiasia Lir Og George, another homeless half elf, and found himself attracted to her. The two formed a romantic relationship.

Under Eleiasia, who generally refers to Timothy as "Firefly", Timothy began a career as a thief. He, with Eleiasia, caused much mischief for the town. He also began recounting elven poetry that he learned at home on the street for money. He found himself so good at this, that he was able to afford a home for himself.

Timothy and Eleiasia lived together after Timothy had invited her to stay with him. Later Timothy realized that he was falling for her, yet before he could tell Eleiasia, she let him know that she wasn't interested in a relationship and soon left Timothy's home. They saw each other only rarely afterward.

Debacle with Lord Baron Brides

In 1356, Timothy received word that Eleiasia had been caught stealing from Baron Elfed Og Brides from the House of Yn-Gwydir. Timothy attempted to break her out of the dungeons of Castle Frith, nearly succeeding, but was captured by the guards. Timothy was able to escape the ordeal, but not with Eleiasia.

Later, Timothy was approached by the wizard, Chu Hsi, who gave him a chance to free his love. The wizard made him a promise that he would free Eleiasia if Timothy leaves Calith Arg for twelve years. Timothy gathered up supplies and left that night with the wizard reminding him of a favor owed.


see A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal

For the next year, Timothy began traveling from city to city, plying his storytelling trade for coin and mead. During this time, he began to display magical abilities. As he practiced, he could regularly cast spells and began taking an interest in illusions.

In the winter of 1358, Chu Hsi once again approached him, this time in Lawbunnen. The wizard called in his favor by presenting a young child, Sangar Zolmir II, for Timothy to mentor. Though, hesitant at first, he took well to the young scrap.

The Lizardfolk Prince

see Lizardfolk Prince Saga

During the summer of 1362, Timothy journied to Ildrad Zinthys in accordance to a summons by the Archmage Vasa. He took part in many adventures, such as retrieving several rare animals from the wilds of Ghoper Forest, dealing with a tiefling druid, and facing a cabal of drow.

While on his adventures, he met Tomdril Thedwith, a human bard who gave him a harp as a gift of good will.

He was then conscripted to delivering a large cart full of offerings to the northern lizardfolk tribes. His guide there was none other than his elven brother, now known by his more notable name, Xanthan Goblinfoe. Due to this meeting, Xanthan and Timothy reconciled somewhat, but their relationship remained strained.

Later he and his companions were captured by a clan of orcs, but escaped with the help of Selandine, the Prince of the Ver Tribe of lizardfolk.

The One Question

1368 NS. Sangar leaves Timothy's service.

Valdenn Scales

1370 NS

The Tournament of Kings

1376 NS.


Timothy is a skinny 5'4", has bright red hair and striking orange eyes. He usually dresses in flamboyant clothes when performing and in drab patchy clothes when offstage.


Timothy is known for his love of his carefully styled hair. His behavior is often childlike and somewhat effeminate. He often finds himself getting into trouble even when it wasn't his intention. Luckily, a knowledge of the layout and secret areas of any city aids him invaluably.

His favorite food is fish.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his numerous flaws, quirks and personal insecurities, Timothy is a very competent spellcaster and storyteller. He is described as having "very good instincts" and a lot of determination and enthusiasm.

He has a smooth and practiced singing voice and he is an accomplished harper. His acts comprise of stories and poems of contemporary legend.

He is not aware of the source of his spellcasting, having no formal training and assumes it is from his elven heritage, but he does enjoy the benefits. He specializes in illusions and frequently uses them in his acts.

His mithral rapier is named Snowblind.


He has had romantic and sexual liaisons with various women besides Eleiasia, including Felania Des Seren, his brother's protege. Also the Einish noblewoman Sylph Aele and, later, her younger sister Chifia.

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