Timeline of Shao-Wei

These events are the collection of the canon events of the continent of Shao-Wei in the Dawn of a New Age Campaign Setting. Other events that affect other parts of the world may be found on alternate timelines.

The dynasties can be written as the sentence; 不知命、無以爲嶄; "If you do not understand destiny, there is no way you will be regarded as exalted."

  • 不; Bù
  • 知道; Zhī Dào
  • 命善; Ming Shàn
  • 無诸; Wú Zhū
  • 以; Yǐ
  • 爲很; Wèi Hěn
  • 嶄; Zhǎn

Year markings are done in reference to dynasties. Such as the 3rd Year of the Qu Bei Dynasty.

The Dragon Emperors

2,000 years of draconic rule.

The August Sparkling Dragons Warring In The Heavens

The Flooding

Demons and Dragons

Bù Dynasty (1 - 1128 B)

First human emperor.

Zhī Dào Dynasty (1 - 113 ZD)

Ming Shàn Dynasty (1 - 831 MS)

Wú Zhū Dynasty (1 - 173 WZ)

The Great War of Sea and Wind

  • 138 WZ
          • Rikushohi invades Shao-Wei due to the help of the Kidan. The occupation lasts 8 years.

Yǐ Dynasty (1 - 173 Y)

Wèi Hěn Dynasty (1 - 1004 WH)

Zhan Dynasty (1 - 98 Z)

Current Year

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