Timeline of Dawn of a New Age

These events are the collection of the canon events of Dawn of a New Age. Most of these events are centric on the continent of Nora. Other events that affect other parts of the world may be found on alternate timelines.

While each age has its own accord of the roll of years, this record uses the more modern Argentis calendar with NS (Nora Spell) used for all dates after the founding of the Allied Kingdoms and PI (Pro Iunctum) for all dates prior.

Prior to the Age of Knowledge, Nora used the Aquarian calendar, with ARC to mark the years.

The Time Before Remembering

see Time Before Remembering

Cosmos, the Great Dragon, sleeps and dreams of Twelve Walkers. The Walkers create the world and become seperated. They meet the Archaeans who teach them the secret of life and the Walkers create children who war with each other. The Archæans grow angry and shatter the world, creating the planes and putting the Walkers to sleep.

Age of Wonder

see Age of Wonder

The Great Races roam adnas. Couatls, Naga, Titans, LeShay and Treants make lesser races and grand temples. They rule for untold time, until one by one they fall.

  • The Naga rise from the sea and create their empire. They war with the Couatls, descended from the sky.
  • Humans first appear.
  • The LeShay awaken the treants before departing from the world.
  • Titans ally with the Couatl and rise against the Naga to overthrow their empire. The Naga retreat back into the western seas and coasts. The Couatl depart from Nora as well.
  • The elder treants grow silent and still.
  • Titans retreat from the world, defeated by the dragons.

Age of War (c9,000 - c3,500 PI)

see Age of War

The lesser races rise without their Great masters. Humans are primitive and begin worshiping dragons. The dragons soon become overcome by the Dragonrage and begin fighting. The dragons abandon their mastery over the lesser races.

Atzintli-Naga Empire (c9,000 - 6,200 PI)

  • c9,000 PI
          • Elves appear in northern Nora. They war with the minotaurs currently living there.
  • c8,100 PI
          • The mythical hero-king Ohu fights against the naga, frees the slaves and conquers his own lands.

Rise of the Abominations (c8,000 - 6,800 PI)

  • c6,400 PI

Rise of the Morkt Giants (c6,200 - 4,900 PI)

  • c6,000 PI
          • The land cools and allows life to flourish once again.
  • c5,000 PI
          • Humans invent writing.

The Txuri Period (c4,900 - 4,200)

  • c4,900 PI
  • c4,400 PI
          • Seme is destroyed in a massive landslide from Mt. Zeru.

Dragonwars (c4,200 - 3,900 PI)

Amilpian Period (c3,900 - 3,500 PI)

  • c3,800 PI
          • The flood waters recede.

Age of Magic (c3,500 - 692 PI)

see Age of Magic

The human empires of the Shi'imti, the Midanians and the Aquarians each rise and fall. The age ends with a war between the Aquarian Empire and the demon throng that threatens to envelope the world in darkness by crashing the moon onto the land. In order to save Nora, St. Lydia reawakens the gods and stops the Moonfall from causing utter destruction.

Shi'imti Empire (c3,500 - c2,250 PI)

see shi-imti-civilization

  • c2,700 PI
          • The dwarven history text, Book of Berg is written. It is the earliest history in Nora.

Midanian Empire (c2,250 - c1,600 PI)

see midanian-empire

  • c 2,200 PI
          • The Onslaught begins. Undead rise all over western Nora conquering and devastating the land.
  • c2,000 PI
          • Oni first appear.
  • c1,900 PI
  • 1,861 PI
          • Steinkaiser Eisen becomes hauptlord.
  • 1,847 PI
          • Steinkaiser Eisen unites the dwarven clans and becomes the first dwarven kaiser. The dwarven Eisenreich Period begins.
  • 1,719 PI
          • Steinkaiser Eisen dies.

Aquaria (c1,600 - 692 PI)

see Aquarian Empire

  • c 1,600 PI
          • The Tiefling Wars end with the fall of both Mīdān and Viresia and the beginning of the Aquarian Kingdom.
  • c1,500 PI
          • Aquarian Republic is Formed
  • 1,365 PI
          • The Civilian's Law is passed.

First Thevruminic War (1,187 - 1,164 PI)

see Thevruminic Wars

Second Thevruminic War (1,141 - 1,124 PI)

see Thevruminic Wars

  • c1,100 PI
          • Expansion Begins

Aquarian Civil War (1,085 - 1,075 PI)

Third Thevruminic War (1,072 - 1,069 PI)

see Thevruminic Wars

  • 923 PI
          • The Traveler Serendral appears.
  • c900 PI
          • Beginning of First Decline
  • c850 PI
          • The basic tenants of Gofu are founded.
  • c850 PI
          • First Decline ends. Recovery begins

Age of Kings (692 - 1 PI)

see Age of Kings

After the Moonfall, Nora is put into a dark age. Known as the Four Brothers Era, humanity begins rebuilding and a conqueror named elknor-the-wretched unites the land under an iron fist.

Years Without Light (692 - 675 PI)

see Years Without Light

  • 685 PI
          • The dwarven Gelb Clan begins to follow the Rainbow. They carve out deep roads as they travel.
  • 675 PI
          • St. Lydia preforms the Miracle of Hope and opens the clouded sky before passing away.
  • 630 PI
          • The Ankejian Cloud Temples are created.

Four Brothers (600 - 300 PI)

see Four Brothers Era

  • 503 PI
  • 460 PI
          • Woad secures his conquest and is officially crowned the first king of Otland.
  • 432 PI
          • Fernigryth single handedly faces the powerful Broken Axe orc clan and dies victorious. He saved his own village and countless others from destruction.
  • 354 PI
          • Vancil begins his exploration of magical theory.
  • 322 PI
          • Blair Tywysog goes missing.
  • 301 PI
          • Rayne Brenin dies. Tarana Brenin take the throne and marries Sheena.
  • 296 PI
          • The Bandit Wars are fought in the Goldwood with Otland trying to put down forest banditry. It lasted five years before the campaign was abandoned.
  • 287 PI
          • The royal house of Otland mysteriously disappears.

The Burning Wars (231 - 204 PI)

see Burning Wars

War of Coranthian Dukes (206 - 185 PI)

see War of Coranthian Dukes

The Dark Empire (184 - 1 PI)

see Dark Empire
and Elknor the Wretched

  • 160 PI
          • Vatharond is founded from the factions of the Dragontribes.
  • 145 PI
          • Litaphan Brenhines takes the throne and marries Aramil Brenin.
  • 112 PI
          • Elknor defeats Erbarm the Lich and seals him away, defeating the last major opposition to his power.
          • The Dark Empire reaches the apex of its size.
  • 69 PI
          • Tarana Brenin of Tir'Ein dies.

War Against the Darkness (8 - 1 PI)

see War Against the Darkness

  • 5 PI
  • 4 PI
          • Jenn Prestone begins her career.

Age of Knowledge (1 NS - Current)

see Age of Knowledge

After the defeat of Elknor the Wretched, Pennynold Alexander founded the Allied Kingdoms of Nora. This age marks a peace that has never before been seen.

  • 27 NS
          • The elf rebel Pydred attempts to found an independent elven nation. This begins Pydred's War.
  • 37 NS
          • High King Pennynold Alexander steps down from the throne and places his first born, Capricorn as the new High King.
  • 77 NS
          • High King Capricorn Alexander dies.
  • 240 NS
          • A kraken attacks Calori, leveling half the city before it is put down.
  • 247 NS
          • Vatharond joins the Allied Kingdoms of Nora.
  • 272 NS
          • Tenser dies.

First Hellgate War (463 - 466)

see Hellgate Wars

Second Hellgate War (489 - 495 NS)

  • 489 NS
          • Several portals to Carcereth is opened and an invasion of devils come to Nora. War is fought against them for the next six years.
  • 499 NS
          • The Order of Agapetheon begins an inquisition to purge remaining devils hiding among the people of Nora.
  • 520 NS
          • The Unterian Kaiser lays siege to Vyknir due to an insult. The Vathroni call this the Dvergraseri.
  • 612 NS
          • An alliance of frost, stone and hill giants attack areas west of the Wyrmspires. With no less than fifteen different orc tribes with them, a swath of destruction was created for six terrible years. A number of dwarves and gnomes put an end to the army.
  • 671 NS
          • It is discovered that a cabal of rakshasas have been shadowed behind the throne of Canstice for the last twenty three years. The Dragonscale Conspiracy is brought to an end.
  • 729 NS
          • A worshiper of Kalabrath summons a number of salamanders and attempts to overthrow the Canstan Monarchy.

Deathsong Plague (877 - 891 NS)

see Deathsong Plague

  • 894 NS

The Orcwars (1009 - 1040 NS)

see Orcwars

  • 1043 NS
          • The Golden River begins to give way to water elementals attacking any traveling down the river. The river proves unsafe for five years before the mystery is solved and the river laid to rest.
  • 1088 NS
  • 1098 NS

The Time of Mist (1279 - 1351 NS)

see Time of Mists

  • 1279 NS
          • The Mist first appears in Nora.
  • 1292 NS
          • High King Donovan is married to Princess Florice of Canstice.
  • 1301 NS
          • Hail McCormick single handedly saves a town from an invasion of goblins, but dies later of mortal wounds. Later, he was resurrected by an unknown cleric.
  • 1331 NS
          • High King Donovan ab Alexandros dies. High Queen Brahm ascends to the throne.
          • Vathroni nobles fight for the right to rule Sachrunin.
  • 1332 NS
          • Aernava-cladire Company invents the airship, revolutionizing trading across Nora.

Reign of High Queen Garnet XVII

see garnet-xvii

  • 1353 NS
          • High Queen Garnet XVII is wed to High King Gidan on Malphir 19th. High King Gidan bestows the noble House of Alexa to a number of his former guild members for National Heroism.
  • 1361 NS
          • A mob of angry peoples capture Khoun Siffith and stab him to death.

The Severing War (1372 NS - Current)

see Severing War

Current Year

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