The Time of Falling Leaves

The Time of Falling Leaves (sylvan; Na Duilleogaí ar Chasadh), also known as the Darkfall, and was once referred to as Anáil Deireanach (Final Breath) by the contemporary eladrin chroniclers, was a series of events which lead the once great city of Siobadh Tur from prominence to its destruction and occupancy by the trolls of Trollebotten as well as the disbandment of the system of dynastic rule of An Tuath and the implementation of an oligarchy lead by the Baelnorns of Ionad Tur.


Kidnapping of Princess Ionuin

Princess Ionuin was kidnapped by the wizard Chernomor and her brother Elegast organized a group of dragon slayers to rescue her. He accomplished this with the help of some humans. One of those humans, Sigurt Kraemer, was given the gift of Ionuin's hand in marriage and the oppertunity to stay in An Tuath and study eladrin herbalism.

The Erlking's Madness

The Erlking fell to madness during a time when he was pressured by the nobility to oust the human from their society. He discovered Ionuin was pregnant and sought to kill her. Ionuin was discovered the day of the birth of her son, Merrium Kraemer and taken to the center of the city by the Erlking and sacrificed. Sigurt and Elegast took Merrium from the city to hide him from the Erlking's madness.

Fall of the City

Reunion with Kraemer

Last Court of Elegast

see Last Court of Elegast


Disbanding the Crown

A new capital

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