Tieflings (Infernal: Shalamă, Traditional Infernal: Olan Insan, Dwarven: Teufeling, Elven: Diawliaid) are one of the major races found in Nora. They are the product of interbreeding between humans and the rakshasa of the midanian-empire, mostly during the second dynasty.

Tieflings were bred from human stock by the rajahs during the midanian-empire and were placed in the center of the decadent Midanian nobility. When the dragonborn nation of Viresia crushed the rakshasas and toppled the Midanian civilization, the tielflings scattered. Today, the tieflings have no empire, but due to the riches acquired during their reign, most now live as nobles throughout the kingdoms.

Their appearance and their nature are not their fault but the result of an ancient sin, for which they and their children and their children's children will always be held accountable. The children of a tiefling and one of another race will always yield a tiefling.


  • Telalian: Found mostly in Nora. Red skinned.
  • Essurun: Found mostly in Aventus. Blue skinned.
  • Alalra: Found in Zamunda. Black Skinned.
  • Utukish: Northern Seruzhar. Mysterious and hasn't been encountered by Norans for a thousand years.
  • Gigimesh: Found in Reshaga. Blue Skinned.


Birth of the Tieflings

During a time of great prosperity in the midanian-empire, the Rakshasa rajahs began experimenting with interbreeding humans and rakshasa.

A different legend speaks of the first human emperor of Mīdān, Kanusar of Midas, fathering five children who were the first of the tiefling race. These children, known as the Xuls, remained central to Midianian mythology.

The tieflings became the middle nobility, a class between the god-like rakshasa and the human serfs. As a race and class, the tieflings mastered music as a form of worship towards their rakshasa masters.

The Tiefling Wars

After the Midanian Empire plunged back into war with Viresia, the Tiefling Wars broke out. At this time the Five Empires, Mīdān, Aquarian Empire, Grimharath, Khemet and Viresia warred, allied and warred again. These wars ended with the mutual destruction of both the Midanian Empire and Viresia.

Doloshan Gün (1,600 - 1000 PI)

After the fall of Mīdān, the five Xuls took their followers and spread across the world, many still possessing the vast wealth of their forefathers, looking for a new home. This time is known to the Tieflings as the Dolashan Gün, or Period of Wandering.

Telal Xul took her tribe into Nora. Essuru Xul traveled across the Blood sea to western Zamunda and onward to Aventus. Alal Xul journeyed south into Khemet to conquer. Utuk Xul went north east into unknown lands. Gigim Xul lead his children into Reshaga and built a mighty empire.

Tieflings no longer had any sort of 'homeland' but they still shared a common culture. Though it was referred to as the Period of Wandering, it was time more of conquest. The tieflings cut their way through Nora in bloody paths. Many tieflings settled in towns and used their retained fortunes to build their own legacies. It was this that lead to the foundation of the noble families.

Invasion of the Diawliaid (c1,240 PI)

see The Gwerin Plagues

Telal Xul warred with the dwarves of the Wyrmspire Mountains, enslaving many of their race. She then moved on to the elves of the Thantena Forest. Mythic elven heroes imprisoned her in the city of Ys with her warden and lover, Frae of the City.

Shefvis the Grand (c 600 PI)

The seven tribes (Beyaz, Büyük, Demir, Günesh, Rengi, Shiir, Suskun) formed a confederation called the "Yedinsan" (ie, "The Seven Tieflings"). Their leaders, the Seven Chieftains, including the legendary Shefvis the Grand, took a blood oath, swearing eternal loyalty to a high prince. The confederation of the tribes was probably led by two high princes: the bashrahip (their spiritual ruler) and the Shef (their military leader). The high princes were elected by the leaders of the tribes.

Dark Empire

The Dark Empire was favorable to tieflings. Many high ranking members of the empire were tieflings.



While tieflings may never grow out of their sinister reputations from ages past, they have gained another popular trait; that of invention. Tiefling artificers are true masters in the creation of contraptions, airships and even golem construction. Parinte Orasharu invented the airship not even a century ago and now the tieflings sail the skies and carve their name as the best airship sailors today; a claim the halflings surely wish to contest.


Music and Magaz

Noble Families

Tiefling Noble Families:

Notable Tieflings

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