A tibbit is a race that has two physical forms which they may switch between at their will; a small sized humanoid and a feline akin to a domestic cat. Many humans and others have compared tibbits' humanoid form to halflings which causes ire from not only tibbits, but from halflings as well. They usually have darker skin and sharper features than halflings as well as soft patterns marked on their skin, most prominently on their foreheads. The skin pattern present on a tibbit's natural form transfers to the fur of its feline form.

Tibbits can trace their roots back to ancient Khemet. Curious small creatures, tibbits first came into the eyes of Nora when they approached Elknor the Wretched and swore their allegiance. They acted as his spies and scouts, able to use their feline form to remain unseen. Mysteriously, they shifted their allegiance to the League of Free Peoples when they rose against Elknor. Whatever their motives were, it is because of them that cats are now seen as good luck in Fainish households.

Family System

Clan remains a dominant organizing force in tibbit society. There are about eighteen tibbit clans. Clan membership is inherited upon birth or occasionally through adoption. All children are members of the father’s clan, through which they will trace their ancestors, at birth. Women become members of their husband family upon marriage but will retain the clan name of their father. Members of the same clan consider each other to be "brothers" or "siblings," and they are expected to offer one another mutual support. Respected clan leaders are assume to take responsible for conflict negotiation and sometime the maintenance of religious rituals.

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