Three Hand Grove

Celli Chan'n Dri'Balfau, known as the Three Hand Grove, is the location of fifteen Bronzewood Trees with sacred importance to not only the local bronze elves, but the rest of Nora, known as the Book of Trees, or the Lyfir Otren.

The trees were created by Yunis and Helos when they made the rest of the world and wrote their deeds into the wood of the trees, able to be read by those with the will and ability. The trees are safeguarded by the local elf tribes. The grove is directly overseen by the Bren'Chyfaill, usually an elf-blooded druid or wizard of great power.

The elves learned that every race that read the trees learned different information. For example, one of the past Bren'Chyfaill was Nevezamzer, a gnome elf-friend who learned a vast knowledge of illusion magic by glancing only briefly through the writings. The elves also learned that altering the tree's form allowed for hidden meanings to be revealed.

The Lyfir Otren, allows for six different ways of learning its secrets:

  • By analyzing the shape and structure of the roots, which spells out words in an ancient elven language, one learns of the basics of the knowledge of nature and the creation of the land.
  • By reading the patterns and shapes of the leaves which form letters and words, one learns how to create spiritual totems and fetishes of all types.
  • By listening to the animals in the tree, one learns of natural phenomenon that would otherwise seem supernatural.
  • By listening to the rustling of the leaves, one learns of the multitude of planes and their interactions with each other.
  • Revealed only when the entire grove contorted its bark and branches into symbols along with the melodies of the leaves and animals singing in concert, the creation and understanding of primal spirits are understood.
  • Finally, a sixth manner of natural knowledge can be gleamed only once you consider all 15 trees as a whole. It taught the elves the way in which to ascend as a primal spirit and become one with nature.
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