Thousand Cities Era

In the history of Lorasia, the Thousand Cities Era refers to the human kingdoms of Lorleahn, Edinbear, Ferdun, Wesdael, Daidh, Dunfenn and Niweard as they existed between the 20th and 7th century BR.

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Charlock defeated

Aquarian Invasion

Defeating the Fir Bolgs and settling Cannock.

Second Human Migration

After the rise of the Aquarian Empire, another migration took to Lorasia, mostly from the region of Caltirech (c950 PI).

Eladrin Invasion

After the fall of Tir Maith, the remnants of that kingdom fled north to Lorasia.

Founding of Edinbear

Rise of Treman

see Treman


In 692 PI, one of the two moons fell from the sky to the south. From this, the sky turned black and the sun was not seen for years. It seemed the end of the world until seventeen years later (675 PI) when the sky cleared and hope was restored.

Halflings come to Lorasia


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