The Verdant King Saga

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The Verdant King Saga follows a group of unlikely allies as they investigate a series of unusual events.

1375: Snowfall and the Ghosts of Cardale

13th of Galven, 1375, the town of Lon Saesh, Tir'Ein saw the first snowfall of the year and the people were in preparation of Breiradysgyn. Many people had been traveling to and from the town in the recent year as the Azure Road was the route used to travel from Alexandria to the war front. Money was flooding into the town's coffers. However, the local ruffians known as the Bronze Hand Boys began to demand more money for their protection rackets. When locals pushed back, the Boys kidnapped Sabrina Cherrywood in the night and took her to their hideout in the Ruins of Cardale.

A party made mostly from members of the Lon Saesh Hunter's Lodge followed the trail westward, but stopped at the edge of Cardale as the sun crested the horizon. All of the townsfolk knew of Cardale's haunted reputation and none dared enter the ruins, save three; Kandral the eladrin, Val'shen, apprentice wizard and the walking contraption, Glitch. They found the Boys' hidden lair in the ruins and overcame their guards. They found Sabrina bound in a chilled room with an ominous tunnel leading to a dark and cold place.

They brought Sabrina back to the town where they were heralded as the Champions of Snowfall!

Song of the Dark Druid

Solvos, the first day of 1376, was being celebrated in Lon Saesh. A strange elemental being named K'shk payed a visit to Mathas Vos IV, the town wizard at his tower. Across town, dravak-thoradin, a journeying Unterian dwarf, was speaking with Glitch when they heard the sound of a signal horn.

The horn was from a fleeing band of merchants running from a host of small creatures chasing them. The Champions of Snowfall, supplemented with K'shk and Dravak, rushed out and defeated the creatures, revealing them to be gnomes.

The next day, a horrid sight was found outside the northern walls; the twisted mangled corpse of a boy, missing for several weeks, partly transformed into wood. This gruesome sight was hard for the folk and they turned to the Champions and asked for their assistance. The body was taken to Mathas and the Champions turned southward to speak with the local druid for more answers.

The druid, Naeth Rhode, advised that the transformation was most likely caused by the sholas root, a plant found only in the Twilithe that is capable of turning people into trees that grow the fruit of life. Naeth told them where the gnomes hid in the eastern hills and so the Champions left to face the gnomes.

The Champions attempt to parlay with the gnomes, but they attack on sight. The fight goes sour once the gnomish king Chrysrigan joins and the Champions fall in battle. Kandral makes his escape before the final stroke and rushes back to the town to find reinforcements to no avail.

In the gnomish lair, the Champions escape their bonds due to K'shk summoning his sword and cutting the ropes with lightning. The escaped Champions make quick work of the surprised king and take him captive in turn. He tells them that his master, the druid Coenescar, has taken residence in Tir Greine the castle north of Lon Saesh. They also discover a letter telling of a spy in the town.

Tir Greine Overgrown

The Champions return to town, meeting Kandral on route. They speak with Mathas and Sabrina and discover the mysterious Dark Druid is trying to recover the lost temple-of-the-verdant-king. They decide to ask the Thantena elves for assistance, but are approached by the elf ja-alin-tair-rasharin instead. Together with the elf, they entered Tir Greine.

Within the overgrown castle, they discovered the remnants of the Bronze Hand Boys and their local boss and defeated them. The castle was crawling with rats, kruthiks and carnivorous plants. While in battle with a deathflower, K'shk and Val'shen were slain. However, Ja'alin discovered Glynwick, the sword of Tir Greine's late lord.

The slain were taken to Naeth Rhode for his help. He told the Champions that the totems of life and death would require a price to be paid from two others. And so Kandral gave himself for K'shk and Ja'alin for Val'shen. During a storm that night, the two were brought back to life and the four of them traveled back to Lon Saesh to discover it was in peril!

Several buildings were damaged and many people were injured as the Champions came in. They discovered the cause of the destruction; a fey-touched dire boar. They quickly slew the fey-boar and learned from the mayor that his son, Jacob was missing. The Champions left for Tir Greine and finished claiming back the castle for Nora.

Temple of the Verdant King

After Tir Greine was freed, they discovered knowledge to locate the hidden Temple of Myronbane. They wandered lost in Thantena Forest on the cusp of the Twilithe for several days, all the while hearing haunting flute music. While resting for one night, a mysterious light led them to the doorway of the temple.

They entered the temple that no mortal had entered in thousands of years. They were attacked by the temple's guardians, but soon found their way to the chamber with the main altar and the druid Coenescar. The druidic satyr had the boy Jacob strung upside-down over the altar, head shaven. The druid attempted to stop the Champions, but to no avail; he was defeated.

From the temple, the primal spirits of the temple arose and thanked the Champions for keeping the temple separate from the world and told them that once they left, the temple would never be seen in adnas again. Upon this news, Ja'alin left for his people leaving the accolades for the others.

The Champions returned the boy to Lon Saesh and were all given keys to the town and declared heroes and patrons to the town. For now it was the second time Kandral and Val'shen lent their might for the good of the townsfolk.

The spy was never discovered.

The Crimson Death

Val'shen and K'shk left Lon Saesh with the roaming bard Cade Summersong and traveled west to Ibben where they entered the walls of estabrook for the night on the 16th of Sephir. That night, they witnessed an assassination of an inn guest by a ghost faced killer. The incident introduced the sorcerer Dr. Grimm and Demetrius the deva.

The five decided to travel together and departed the next morning. In the Vin-Roshu Hills, the travelers heard a commotion and investigated. There they rescued a tiefling from the visciousness of a group of half-orcs from the Bad Moon Tribe. The tiefling, introduced as Lunecush, was grateful for the help, though was apprehensive about the group's destination. After failing to dissuede the travelers from continuing on to Piros Barl, Lunecush offered to board them while they stayed.

After arriving at Piros Barl, Lunecush guided the travelers to House Marin, his home. They were greeted at the door by Captain Pirace Maestaru, the head of house security, and soon introduced to Lord Galagos of Marin and his two daughters, Frumosiune and Szerencia, who had been ill for the past weeks. They were told of the recent troubles of Piros Barl, not the least was the disturbing return of lights in the windows of Castle Darkspire.

The Strange Horrors of Dr. Chimera

Lord Galagos informed the champions that Domnitor Keglan Skarkov was holding a ball at Castle Reveni and they would be able to obtain invitations if they wished. The champions agreed and K'shk asked Frumosiune to be his date, to which she agreed. They visited the Lord's tailor, purchased proper attire and attended the ball at twilight.

K'shk and Demetrius impressed the room with their unique dances. Demetrius met a young noblewoman named Katalina De'a Leanu. K'shk met with Domnitor Skarkov and his advisor, Dr. Shaparu. The domnitor assured K'shk that despite rumors, no undead were present in Piros Barl, though the doctor acted in a suspicious manner. Val'shen watched the unusual behavior of Szerencia who, usually timid and quiet, seemed flirtatious with her fiancee Lunecush in a sour mood because of it. As K'shk held conversation with Frumosiune, he learned of the recent death of her sister, Lumina who died from looking at her own reflection in a broken mirror.

After the night came to a close, the guests took rooms inside the castle. Demetrius decided to take a covert tour of the castle, but was discovered and captured by two tiefling guards. Later on, K'shk was awakened by the sound of a ghostly screaming. It was Szerencia in her room, with the window open. K'shk went to check on Frumosiune when Val'shen spied a small rupture on the side of Szerencia's neck. The girl had lost a lot of blood and they decided to take her back to the Marin House.

Dr. Grimm commendeered a stage coach from the castle stables and they raced toward the House, but soon found themselves the quarry of several tiefling vampires chasing them down in the night. After Frumosiune nearly fell from the coach, Val'shen defeated the vampires and they brought Szerencia to Lord Galagos who preformed a blood transfusion with Lunecush.

As the morning came, Demetrius was found outside the House Marin door, ill and injured. Lord Galagos studied Demetrius's bloodwork and found a mysterious disease-like presence. They decided Dr. Shaparu to be a villain and went back to Castle Reveni to confront him.

After initial resistance from the castle guards, the champions found a hidden passage into a lower level of the castle. Down into the secret chambers below, they found the private sanctum of a mad scientist experimenting with combining creatures into twisted chimeras.

Within one of the rooms, Val'shen discovered and defeated an imprisoned imp. Val'shen offered to spare its life in exchange for its service as a familiar. The imp agreed and left to make the proper arrangements.

They discovered Dr. Shaparu in his experimental chamber surrounded by grotesque double-men. The doctor was not the same collected man they saw at the ball, this man was wild with insanity and referred to himself as Dr. Chimera. This mad doctor tried to persuade Demetrius to lie on the table in the room and fulfill the transformation raging through his body. The champions refused this offer and defeated Dr. Chimera. Demetrius found the doctor's study and took the necessary restorative to cure himself. Amidst the study was also found Dr. Chimera's journal which pointed to clues in the northern hills outside the town walls.

The champions exited the secret chambers to find themselves surrounded by castle guards. They surrendered to Ibbish justice. While waiting in their cell, Val'shen was visited by his imp, named Örümcek, who had a Pact Familiae contract written up. This contract was signed and the deal was concluded; Orumcek would forever be bound to Val'shen always near, but out of sight until called.

The next day, the champions were freed from their cell and escorted to meet with Domnitor Skarkov. The domnitor apologized for inconveniences and explained he ran an investigation with the recent events and found the champions innocent of crimes and even recognized their heroic efforts. He asked the events not be spoken of and gave a modest reward of gil. The champions promised not to embarrass the domnitor or the dominion of Ibben and agreed to leave when their business was concluded.

Cabin in the Woods

The champion investigated the hills outside the city walls and found a number of empty unmarked graves. Also nearby was an abandoned cabin in the woods. Inside they found a journal telling of the occupant's sightings of wights. They decide to wait for night at the cabin and set defensive positions. That night, they are attacked by wights.

A strange occurrence happened when lightning struck across the sky. The champions found themselves back in the cabin, without the wights. Soon, they met Chance Chevalier, an artificer who happened by and the wights attacked again. Val'shen and Demetrius disappeared in the skirmish. Chance inspected the nearby fane, but discovered little. That night they happened upon the dwarf druid Beldum Thistlebeard, who was able to discern the fane was corrupted by necrotic energies.

They spoke with Master Marin and found the owner of the cabin was a recent inmate in the asylum. They went back outside the walls and were attacked by Pirace Maestaru and his werewolf spawn. Chance, Dr. Grimm and Beldum contracted moon frenzy and they headed back to House Marin to be healed. K'shk soon discovered that the Marin Family crypt held important clues to the identity of the vampire lord and received permission from the lord to explore its depths.

K'shk, Chance, Beldum, Cade and Lunecush descended into the crypt and found it infested with feral vampire spawn. Beldum located a secret door which led them into the recent crypts which was guarded by the tortured spirit of Lady Vesta Marin. The ghost attempted to bring them into a hypnotic sleep, but was banished from her haunt. They discovered the slab which should of held the body of Lumina Marin was empty. Also a wall in the inner crypt was covered in mad writings with blood. Chance and Cade were able to piece the clue together to discover that Lumina had the artifact known as the Death Heart, which turned her into a vampire lord. She, as the vampress Mercy Lament, had moved her operation into Castle Darkspire. They also learned the proper keys to reset the wilderness fanes. When they returned, they learned that Szerencia was missing.

K'shk left with Chance, Beldum and Cade to restore the fanes the next day when they saw a camp of Bad Moon half-orcs, dominated by Mercy Lament's power and transformed into wights. They also discovered the swamp fane was held by a covey of bog hags who were holding a spirit hostage. The spirit was that of Lady Julia Vey Rallen, a paladin who lived over five hundred years prior. She asked the heroes to seek out her apprentice, Sir Urik, who was seeking a way to free her in Castle Darkspire. She healed their wounds and faded away with the sound of raven's wings. They traveled to the mountain fane and defeated the death dog there, freeing the last of the fanes and headed back to Piros Barl.

They had a short talk with Lunecush and went to sleep. Beldum was woken in the night to find Lunecush being drawn out by a vampiric Szerencia during a blood red moon. Beldum and the others saved Lunecush and defeated the vampire. K'shk decided that they were unable to wait any longer and had to travel to Castle Darkspire this night.

Castle Darkspire

They traveled to the castle, defeated the woodlings guarding the cryptgarden and followed a corpse candle to a dinner room where Mercy Lament was waiting for them. They spoke and ate. Mercy Lament confirmed that she used to be Lumina Marin and that she received the Death Heart from her master. She listened to the heroes' stories and afterward told them she would not let them leave the castle alive and dissolved into bloodmist. The heroes were ready to take on the castle.

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