The Traditional Way Saga

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“Who wouldst wear the crown
And who has a say?
May it fall ‘ere dirk and shadow,
‘Tis the traditional way.”

Raziah of Morgard

The Traditional Way Saga is a campaign focusing on the aristocracy of Nora and its major houses. The title refers to the tongue-in-cheek phrase describing a young noble murdering his father to inherit his position. The saga begins in the summer of 1376 NS with the Alexandrian Tournament of Kings.


Part One: A Tournament of Bastards and Cowards

jovius travels up toward alexandria, when he hits elivigeri, towns fill with wounded soldier s and refugees. jovius spares some silver where he can to the soldiers.

jovius feels no pity when seeing vathroni pows being carted away.

amalthea is elven equivelant of 14 yrs old. maybe 90

lion is wearing chain barding. Leonidus.

once in ten horns, jovius finds noran soldiers beating 2 vathroni soldiers. jovius interrupts and demands info. they claim vatharoni are spies. jovius asks the v, they claim deserters. norans claim are lying. jovius takes the v. take them to hawthorne and release them to the local sherrif.

travel on to alexandria

valdenn wearing heraldry, but not banner.

a yorik merchant - seelling orc craft found by orc hunters. orcish dice are 8 sided made of elf bone. asks for a deck of cards - merchant has none. valdenn wishes a good day.

sergio slate walking in elivigeri, sees druid circle a mile off road with circling birds, strange.

at first thinks is bushes, but is overgrown stones.

begins clearing stones. writing in terran. teeth of a calamity dragon will lead you to the gateways.

standing stones are conical, not slabs.

tremorsense and earth bend slate box from underneath. inside is scaled bag with teeth.

teeth sound like coins.

cear duhbgar is a region of sailors. though going broke.

sailing to lindblum.

wild elf maiden on ship. brochmaer approaches.

broch speaks elven, orc, aquan

she does not speak common. but does understand it.

she is not aware of a tournament.

she does not fight for the pleasure of others and any who do are not true warriors.

where did she train? In Hefyth forest. wild elf tribe.

has dreadlocks.

she thinks its funny every punch has a name.

they fight and she wins with him pinned.

they talk during the voyage.

she asks if he wishes to marry her.

he must giver her the weapon of the strongest opponent when next they meet.

Llosga (Beleth)

ride up river to bohden gate and then down river to alexandria.

valdenn explores area. as tourist.

j goers to mansion

jovius sees samuel, aerdred and wuji.

broch goes to smattering of taverns.

next day

Champion Hall

Shaped as horseshoe

growing self heated bathtub.

characters go sign up after bathing and eating.

blue roses in alexandrian gardens.

brochmaer sees servant yelled at by drake steel, runs interfeirance and is insulted by steel with his racism., but walks away.

remi is fine to not divulge uneeded info. he holds his cards close.

valdenn and jovius meet. j notices valdenn's dagger.

valdenn interested in jousting, but jovius tells him how the sport work, to valdenn's great disappointment.

brochmear sits in an area with a few people. apart from anyone interesting.

sergio has a bandoleer of throwing blades.

jovius and valdenn go to the taproom. valdenn sees timothy at the bar. timothy is boisterous. j thinks his boisterousness will bring a fight. valdenn voices that should a fight come, he will back timothy.

j begins to talk about his houses magebreeding. making chimeric creatures to order.

valdenn mentions word of magebred ponies from the west.

"You have an illustrius father." - Jovius to Wuji

jovius and uldar speak. uldar tells of a man with gem skin who also has a zolmir blade.

j return to taproom and spoke with valdenn about how weiurd it is about these daggers. knowing of four blades.

wuji speaks with brochmaer. wuji has never left the city before but is interested in travel. maybe she will meet him in cear duhbgar.

wuji says her friend was asking for the dagger and points out uldar. broch approaches.

brochmaer first bastard from family to get invite from tourney. grandfather was champion.

house etheria house trait Family trade - animal handling.

house barrik house trait; Draconic vigil.

uncle or aunt of brochmaer is at the tourney (non-compete)

house harlow houst trait; wharf rat

sergio does not have a horse.

jovius, valdenn and sergio volunteer to escort lady prudenza. brochmaer joins a little later.

dragon gate is bronzewood reinforced with adamtine - kraken gate reinforced with mithral.

Rikhard is a member of church of light.

mother elvira speaks for the vathroni.

valdenn wants to face them in the tourney. brochmaer doesnt care. jovius keeps quiet. he recognises rikhard vel'laufen.

parade of colors from castle alexandria to the grounds

brochmear is angry towards the lady offer her favor.

jovius politly refuses. valdenn accepts. sergio graciously accepts.

sergio is dressed in mithril shirt, as opposed to the simple open vest he was wearing before.


1st - Brochmaer Reef
2nd - Antone
3rd - Rikhard vel'Laufen II

Wuji leads hymn about eh spiritual significance of the spear.


spears are given to those who have none - courtesy of the church of light.

Samuel Marigold
-VALDENN- -Volrunn-

-Mercurio- -Voldis-
-Joao- -Ananthe-

-SERGIO- -Chukri-
-Harold- -Allyn-

-Nicodeme- -Tonan-

-Vicenc- -Kathrys-
-Cazo- Vanko

-Artemis- -Zdisla-
Huras -Lafa-

Gunnbjorn Rikhard
-Valaphqui- -Fendryl-

-Zhenya- -Florian-

Samuel -Marigold-
-Brochmaer- -Jovius-

-Huras- -Vanko-
-Gunnbjorn- -Rikhard-

samuel is thrtown off by how skilled valdenn comes out the gate, but quickly recovers. valdenn rages 2nd and 3rd round. samuel power attacks for secnd round, but by the third, it is clear that valdenn has lost. samuel does not hold back and takes his last shots for points.

v - 14
s - 23

v -
s - 74

v -
s - 32

sergio vs Harold de'Cyr. Sergio uses a sup ability called flesh of stone. blue cloaks on staff declare tourney legal. Sergio wins by a fair amount.

S - 16
H -

S - 9
H - 9

S - 17
H - 10

broch vs nicodeme. brochmear is very acrobatic when fighting. broch stops his last attack as he has already won.

B - 16
N -

B - 13
N -

B -
N - 10

jovius vs the gnome Tonan. Jovius starts strong and Tonan attacks weakly. Jovius wins in a landslide. Tonan is very inexperienced.

J - 28
T -

J - 16
T - 9

J - 37
T -

Sergio vs Brochmaer. Close fight. Audience is greatly entertained. Cheers. Brochmaer wins on the 4th round.

S -
B -

S - 9
B - 14

S - 27
B - 22


S - 19+9
B - 19+16

Jovius vs Chukri. Jovius wins easily, knocking out Chukri at the last round.

S - 22
C -

S - 11
C -

S - 26
C -

Samuel Purple vs Brochmaer Reef. Brochmaer gets into low stance. Samuel does flawless victory.

S - 51
B -

S - 15
B -

S - 34
B -

Jovius vs Marigold. Marigold weilds cold iron. A close battle until the last round.

J - 17
M - 13

J - 15
M - 20

J - 24
M - 4

Jovius vs Vanko. Jovius is knocked out in first round.

J - 26
V - 49

J -
V -

J -
V -

Samuel vs Vanko - Samuel wins in a landslide.

1st - Samuel
2nd - Vanko
3rd - Jovius

Vanko visits Jovius in the cleric tent. He says "well fought" and hands jovius a bottle - it is burboun.


Valdenn and Vanko were neck and neck.

Either Fort or Refl

Huras - 50 ft +20
Vanko - 40 ft +10
Valdenn - 40 ft +10

Huras - 35+36+26+30 =127
Vanko - 25+18+22+48 =113
Calvano - 18+6+9+6 =39
Voldis - 15+10+9+12 =46
Vyli - 12+13+10+6 =41
Ananthe - 15+14+1+6 =36
Livia - 18+9+18+3 =48
Enora - 13+5+6+3 =27
Swufwald - 16+18+7+12 =53

Valdenn - 34+36+40 =110
Sergio - 5+18+10 =33
Brochmaer - 14+26+18+30 =88

1st - Huras
2nd - Vanko
3rd - Valdenn

jovius has been sao busy with family life that he hasnt sent letters back to vel laufemn.

family keeps him quite busy.

aerdred does his demonstration. brochmear does not show.

jovius gives coin on request.

coin is destroyed in flight. people leave

aerdred gives jovius his coin back.

— Messer Fight

1. -Milton Ravenwing-
2. -Calvano White-

-13. Zdisla Sokolov-
14. -Swulfwald-

3. Sergio
3. -Dimiter Graves-

4. -Vicenc es'Ornelos-
5. -Aerdred Silver-

7. -Vyli-
8. -Arianthe-

15. -Amalthea-
16. -Valdenn-

9. -Livia-
10. -Tonan-

6. -Valaphiqui-
7. Brochmaer

Ravenwing destroys his opponent

sergio vs dimitri

S 16+21+13+7

sergio clear winner. pummeled the pooor guy. knocvk out. first round

valdenn vs amalthea

V 12+8+14

valdeen wins. he is gracious. she is not.

brochmaer vs valaphqui

B 5+8+7+6 10+10+9+13
V 10+10+8

Valaphqui foreits due to superiour skill.

Sergio vs Aedred

sergio bows and does a flourish. sergio switches his stance and his hold.

S 30
A 20

Sergio is surprised at his opponent's prowess and is thrown off.

S /
A 15

S 26
A 4

Sergio wins by a margin.

Valdenn vs Vyli

A 4+13+11
Y /

valdenn gets in hits. vyli looks staggered, but does not back down. valdeen respects that… and power attacks.

A 9+7+19

Vyli was striking well, but valden's defense was just too high. Vyli is knocked out. Valdenn carries her back to her sisters. he commends Vyli's prowess and invites them to drink later.

brochmaer vs Livia.

she enters the arena and the forfeits.

Sergio vs Milton Ravenwing

S 5+14+/+6
M /+4

S 9+5+8+7
M 3+2

S 13+6
M /

Sergio wins due to Milton many misteps. Milton says "You may have gain points at a tournament, but if this was an alleyway, your body would never be found."

Sergio replies "Your mask will be mine". they part.

Valdenn vs Brochmaer

V 12
B 17

Brochmaer does not finesse, b grabs valdenn and jabs again and again. powerful strikes. only one hits, but what a hit. Valdenn rages.

V 31
B 43

"Both of their hits are like thunderclaps!" - Sergio

V 48
B 74

Both go down. Double KO. Brochmaer wins by points. Kharmic strike.

Sergio wins by way of Brochmaer being unconscious.

1. Sergio
2. Brochmaer
3. Valdenn

At the award ceremony, Sergio hands the laurel to Brochmaer. He respewctfully declines.

No extra prize for the messer fight.

Horse trader sells Esgych Rounceys. half elf horse trader. Sergio buys a mare. Name the horse Cupocake.

Brochmear does not know how to ride a horse.


1. Samuel Purple (+15) 52
2. Vyli 27
3. Fendryl Blackhorn 26

More focus on NPC personality. Less on grinding rolls. No more heats. Only full abilities in final round; first rounds just single roll.


1. Samuel Purple

15. Huras

16. Aerdred Silver

17. Gunnbjorn

33. Vanko vel'Egorian

34. Zdisla Sokolov

valdenn fights cautiously against Huras. valdenn tries to grapple, but huras runs up him and elbows top of head. valdenn sees gbrappling doesnt work, fake him out with claws and overcomes. close fight but Huras is defeated.

sergio bobs and weave, while aerdred is static. this is used against aerdred, sergio uses his stone skin to parry and get past defense. as aerdred does a fancy move, sergio knocks away his weapon and headbutts him. defeating him. knock out.

jovius waits to overcommit, bashes weapons out of the way and attack. jovius is a tank and is patient in battle. waiting for an opening. little movements. lets her waste her energy. she is stoic. she gets tired and he shield bashes her to defeat.

brochmaer through pantamime says something. gunnbjorn is confused. broch says "one hit". gunn walkjs back and draws line "when i hit you with my axe, you will fly this far." they both attack. both hit hard. axe breaks. fight goes to grapple. both are formidible. broch winns grapple, reverse headlock and chokes him out. gunn taps out. gunn is happy and hugs broch in joy.

Jovius vs Brochmaer in semi-finals.

1. Joao es"porano
2. Samuel Purple
3. Brochmaer

Jovius and Sergio notice that Purple seems to have an injury against Joao. Samuel steps wrong and Joao wins a technical victory. Jovius tell Valdenn that he beleives Samuel is a magebred with a finite amount of extra energy.

Jovius rides the outer road of alexandria. Jovius gets invite from Rikhard. "hows your night?" "My father will be disappointed" "fathers usually are". uldar leads jovius to rikhards tent. j shouts out and rikhard's squire lets them in. uldar excuses himself and the squire also exits. jovius talks to rikhard about samuel and his "Advantages"

Valdenn feasts and drinks at Champion's Hall. Valdenn is visited by Vyli and her sisters. Vyli is attempted to be shooed out, but valdenn "invites" her. the other two show. They are here to take Valdenn on his promise to drink. "There is a war going on" "Not our war" "Doesnt mean you cant take a look around"

Brochmaer is visited by Gunnbjorn. Brochmaer also feats and drinks. Is also merry. "What do you drink to in your country?" brochmaer shares einish drinking songs of the sea. They sing and drink into the night.

Sergio goes to the beer garden and gets a kiss from one of the bar maidens, as the owner promised. Drinks and socializing. Buys Antone a round and speaks with him. Sergio too fights kobolds, a hazard in mining. Go back to Hall. Sergio gets a invite from Prudenza.

Gold Laurels:
Samuel Purple (horse race) (spear)
Sergio Slate (messer)
Brochmaer Reef (javelin)
Huras (Foot race)
Joao es'Porano (melee)

Second placers

A road that allows riders to ride around the inner walls of Alexandria.

Design ladies for Valdenn and Sergio for their favors.

werewolf snow white fur.

broch and gunn is in broch's room

sergio is in ther dining room with prudenza. She offers alliance between houses. there is commotion, prudenza gets up. sergio offers to investiagate.

valdenn hears furnature being knocked over and wood breaking. wolf is eating some guy that passed out.

valdenn throws flaming sphere. "nobody invited any dogs here" "I'll teach you to play dead". vald is drunk. flaming sphere bounces up and down like a beach ball

alexanderia has caught fire a few times in the past.

sergio escorts lady ilcomelli out of the area. he sees brochmaer coming upo the hallway towards the commotion. sergio tells him there is a werewolf in the common room, and continues onward with the lady.

werewolf attacks valdenn and snaps in front of his face.

jovius attacks, but misses. werewolf is quick and evasive.

valdenn calls the sphere over and then RAGES!! attacks with longsword. kills it in one hits. the sphere causes the werewolf erupts into a huge bonfire. valdenn puts out the fire with his body. he takes no damage, but is covered in charred dead remains.

brochmaer runs into the common room. "What happened here?" valdenn says "There was a giant dog and I killed it." brochmaer runs outside and hears more commotion and runs towards the tent city.

sergio escorts the lady to her chambers.

werwewolf claws and bites jovius. contracts lycanthropy.

jovius is bitten on the shoulder and cannot seem to stab it.

valdenn runs off to tent city following broch.

jovius clawed bad, but counters with his dagger and stabs the beast.

wold lunges at jovius but is deflected by rikhard. he looks at jovius as if to say "Sorry for being late". but the wolf lunges at rikhard and slashes and bites him. rikhard gains lycanthrope. and is bowled over with the beast on top.

jovius stabs the creature and it dies. it falls over and rikhard stands. more commotion is heard and jovius goes off. but rikhard heals him first.

valdenn, jovius and broch find a small sized werewolf in the tent city.

brochmaer watches the fight.

jovius tries to fight it, but it is too fast. while valdenn swings up with the longsword and air juggles the small werewolf. cuts him in half as he falls down.

the werewolf changes back to huras. jovius went back to the vathroni and finds the corpse of uldar. "I blame mages" says jovius.

all are in vathroni tent city.

military comes in and detains the vathroni.

valden cleans himself off in a trough.

lady prudenza is fetched. the cpatain claims it is a vathroni assassination plot againsdt hte ladyu.

Sergio "For an assassination plot, it failed miserably"

"What do you expect from the vathroni?"

jovius strongly objects to the idea of expelling the vathroni from the games. he stands behind his foster brother.

the captain accuses jovius of symapthizing. a vathroni lover. jovius punches him in the face.

swords are drawn, brochmaer stands between them and jovius. prudenza waves the swords away.

prudenza assigns the four as the new vathroni chaperones. she aso wishes to know what happened this night.

they name them special officers of the city. with 24 or so military foot soldiers under their command.

jovius goes to the clergy and asks about the werewolf bite. they are unsure the curse has been contracted as the signs manifest over a first few weeks. they do not have a cleric of nessisary power right now, but the curse should keep for a couple weeks. jovius realizes it was not a full moon. Jovius was going to go to bed, but will now go to the library.

sergio asks to finish dinner with prudenza, who says she has a busy night, but if he comes calling tomorrow, that would be ok.

jovius goes to library. and meets Meuriad. convinces him to let him in. references to white werewolves. jovius is completely magically ignorant. also werewolves coming out on not full moon. assumes there is a ritual or spell to do this.

valdenn goes to his room, bathes and sleeps. doesnt know where triplets have gone.

brochmaer bathes and bed.

sergio goes to tap room to find something to drink. timothy loralen will join and talk about the time he met the prince of the lizard men. sergio also shares tales.

Captain's name was Rowan Waryk. Alexandria military from Castle Harrow. Middle Aged. is rather short.

Trait Beastbond for House Etheria. New Trait.

Jovius finds info on white werewolves being known "Lunatic Werewolves." Other details are scarce.

Jovius is sleepy the rest of the day.

1 Milton Ravenwing
2 Fendryl Blackhorn
3 Brochmaer Reef

mother elvira speaks with jovius and valdenn in the vathroni camp. jovius is very tired and tries to explainn lunatic werewolves. "Of course they were lunatics" - valdenn

elvira offers a vathroni breakfast made by the soldiers. she says Uldar may be returning to the living.

lady ilcomelli and rhyn walk with a person dressed in inquisitor robes. rhyn is protesting, but ilcomelli is insistant. rhyn leaves and she introduces inquisitor d'Roux to jovius and valdenn.

he asks them their stories, but thinks all of it is convienience. he has heard of lunatic werewolves. He says that by the end of the tournament a perpatrator will be brought to justice. Valdenn - "Get some sleep, I'm going to check out that damn library"

The Apprentice's Library. Valdenn goes. He will be assigned an apprentice to assist in the research.

Sergio is approached by Clarinda. she saw his victory. "You must be a skilled warrior". She wishes himn luck and he kisses her hand.

jovius in his sleepiness sees a horned old lady in the crowd, but cant find her when he focuses for her. he chaulks it up to dreaming.

valdenn sees someone at the university abotu the library. he is left in the courtyard where people mill about, b ut soon the courtyard is empty. and four witches appear and draw knives. valdenn warns them agaisnt that action.

a student appears and is balefull polymorphs. valdenn checks door- but is lopcked. casts bulls strength and positions in corner.

witch spell DC 13+spLvl.

they all cast spoells, a web is cast.

1 - 16
2 - very dead

the closest falls into the webs.

one sets fire to the web. fire will reach next round.

valdenn walks through flaming web harmless - breaths fire on two of them, ending one of them.

they surround him and use rays and inflicts.

valdenn slices with sword critical hit. cleaved in twain.

final witch tries to hug valden, misses and horrifically melts in to a fleshy puddle without breaking eyue contact.

only the one cut in twain, valdenn removes the mask with sword, which sizzles.

valdenn gets authorities.

"Your magic is something I've never seen before" - Samuel
"What little you have seen of it" - Sergio
"What little I've seen of it, I've never seen before" - Samuel

"My abilities will be a sight to see" - Sergio

"I'm a bit of a cynic" - Samuel

samuel mentions aerdred, explains manticore company and the silver family.

sergio asks about house ravenwing and milton. samuel explains their criminal ties without being blunt and wonders if they would be a reciepient for smuggled foreign good. samuel is "merely pondering"

he goes to look for aedred. at champion's hall - he looks out window and sees ravenwing and silver walk out of the stables, shake hands and part ways. sergio follows milton.

ravenwing doesnt notice sergio's trail. sergio waits until ravenwing is in an "alleyway" of the tent town. He raises a wall of stone in front of him.

"Milton, what a joy it is to run into you here"

Milton is used to having wings of flight, but not in this tourney.

his daggers are slunbg down on his belt. but keeps hands at his side, unphased.

sergio asks about the conversation with aerdred, milton stays quiet.

sergio threats to take his mask. milton does not move, does not speak.

sergio approaches, ravenwing takes out daggers, slices the tent and dives in. sergio dives in afterward.

disguise 18+8= 26

sees tent full of ravenwings.

he knocks one over and it falls, it is a clothing stand. Sergio sees a bed, desk, small book case and a banner of a raven in flight.

sergio takes a mask. he begins to go through papers in the desk, but hears the horn of the wizard duel. he swears and take all the papers and runs.

valdenn is assigned an apprentice and he does research.

sergio face sir rikhard in the wizard duel. sergio wins with his earth bending, but pushing him out the ring.

finals is him and Anghil. sergio throws up walls of stone to block anghikl's rays, throwing shards of metal back at him.

Sergio wins in an upset. a controversial win. later that day is awarded with a golden laurel and a scholar's ring.

brochmaer, during the finals of the wizard duel, is in the vathroni camp, finds the melted body of milton ravenwing. the scream comes from a servant girl who found it. a small crowd gatehrs, with brockmaer trying to keep people away.

valdenn reads that the creation of a lunatic werewolf cannot be created / replicated through a spell. the goal is to take the essence of the moon and put it into a person's spirit. from a book written by some oold wizards performing evil experiments.

apprentice tells valdenn this is most likely all they have on the subject.

valdenn goes back to the vathroni camp.

"Lambert" - milton's manservant

broch, vald, and jov are at the murder scene.

lambert has stupid hat.

servant accurses the "stone man"

sergio after the wizard dual arrives and is shocked to discover the body of ravenwing.

jovius sees the manticore company logo on the leader board.

sergio explains his story, rather poorly.

valdenn is leading the investigation. him and jovius asking questions. maybe the melting is triggered by a secret.

jovius goes to talk to aerdred with valdenn.

brochmaer goes off to intimidate

sergio goes to the tents.

"uncle cobb" agent. Molly Mumps. One eye. "Youre surrounded by kills who can kill you at a word."

jovius and valden question aerdred. he tells the story of his talk with ravenwing. aerdred makes his bluff check against jovius (barely).

they wonder about sergio's story.

jov and vald go to see prudenza.

she is busy, but jov convinces her servant to speak.

j asks to have a list of the night watchmen. jovius is given a badge of emergency powers.

jovius warns her about the masks.

Rada Thrune kept by the Inquisitor.

rada doesnt recognise d'roux's authorityy. jovius says he has ilcomelli's badge do you recognise that? rada gives in.

jovius promises that rada will be held in a high respect. d'roux agrees.

the mixed melee comences. jovius does not compete.

sergio - 23 - Loria

valdenn - 21 - Vicenc

broch - 8 - Elwick

bjerkhard is a bear of a man. shiurtless with large mustache. bald.

sergio throws metal shards at him., but they stick in bjerk';s skin enough to where he can use them as a shield and walks up to place his hand over sergio's face. sergio loses.

valdenn vs vicenc - valdenn casts magic weapon, bulls str and he rages.

vicenc charges, but valdenn gets his spells off anfd strikes vicenc with his sword and slashes open his face. everyone is shocked. vicenc falls and screams. prudenza callst eh games closed for the night. crowd go home. jovius comes to find vicenc carted away by clerics.

bluecloaks say the mercy has been taken away somehow. more investigation is needed.

also bjerkhard is at medical tent getting metal shards removed.

Jovius noitices masked robe walking into champions hall. jovius rides to the hall. he rides through the doors.

three witches werent expecting that in the common room.

sergio and valdenn run towards as well. broch maer jumps through the window.

the witches go into the next door and close it behind.

they continue to run in. sergio throws a stone bsall at the far door. and shatters it open.

brochmaer jumps outside through another window and into the window on the dinner room with the witches.

1 - 24
3 - 24

DC 13+sp lvl

broch punches the mask, she looks back with a cracked mask, spiders begin to pour out.

scary glaive "ominous"

valdenn tries to get them to run away, thinking that he could follow them, but jovius disagrees with his tactic.

jovious and his lion kills one of the witches, she melts.

sergio entangles them with clumps of earth.

broch takes mask off of the witch, but burned by acid.

jovius finishes off the other two witches. the last unmaksed one just knocked out.

the sound of flame ignitighting on the other side of the door. broch opens door. flaming web and a witch takes off down the hall, valdenn goes after, broch and sergio head off at the pass. jovius goes, second thought, leonid takes unconcious body with him.

they lose the witch, but hold onto the hostage.

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