The Tempest Vale Saga

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The Tempest Vale Saga is an adventure beginning in 1368, within the Tempest Vale of the Caitalam Wildlands in Caltirech. It centers in the town of Cairshengôl and the local Clan Aedh of wildlings. A group of agents from the Brothers Hospitaller are sent to Cairshengôl to help with a plague that has broken in the area under the shadow of Bruchdadh's Tower.

Cairshengôl's Last Hope

The Beggar King

Tomaltach the Aedh made a journey from Cairshengol to Temple. He was aboard a caravel for twelve days.

His offering included:

  • 2,000 silver pieces
  • 3 staves of darkwood
  • a Treaty of Business between the Church of Light and the Lumber Consortium

Grugan was tapped by Cardinal d'Oresme and witnessed the deal set up between him and the wildlings. The other four were fetched in the night by Acolytes Ward and Price. They spoke with the Cardinal about the mission and left to go onto the boat at the harbor.

Once at the boat, Tomaltach asked if they were all the church could muster and when Alzerron questioned him about the plague, the chief was angry. The captain introduced himself. Later, they had a supper and spoke of the plague and the mysterious Old Mounds as well as the ghost of Shiningspear.

Once they arrive at Fardock, Damien witnessed Tomaltach speaking with the Captain and saying that he wont forget the promise. Tomaltach got ten horses from the stables and they rode through the storm and the night to reach the village.

They arrived at the village and Tomaltach saw Donndubhan and asked him where Cathbhadh was. Tomaltach rode off up to the Perch and into his manor to find his wife dead from the disease. The group spoke to Cathbhadh and he told them of the disease, how the fungus in the well was cleaned and the cure was unknown, though there was an old hag in the forest who would know.

Tomaltach asked the pcs to do what they could. Cathbhadh asked if they could reside over the funeral of the chief's wife. Alba introduced them to Onora and offered them rooms in the manor. An saw the druid give a caterpillar to a young girl. Damine saw the killer of his father in the town. They slept.

Into the Hinterlands

The next day, Alba made them stew and fed Onona. Alzzeron and Damien went to speak with Cathbhadh and asked him about the hag as well as the identity of the man damien saw. Cathbhadh could give little info on either. He did explain about the relationship between the Consortium and the Keepers. Eblenn showed them her caterpillar and explained it was the last of her kind.

The gravekeeper came to town, ringing his iron bell and bodies were slumped on his cart. A procession of about 50 people followed to the graveyard and Tianshi lead a funeral for Elenora, also consecrating the ground. Afterward, Tomaltach told Tianshi that the plague did not kill his wife, the Church did.

Damien spoke with Tomaltach, but the chief was testy and not ready for requests. However, Thorsten Kreed spoke with Damien and told them if they needed anything, they can come see him in his mansion. Damien chided himself for giving away too many details. They turned to the woods and were shortly waylaid by Cathbhadh, who gave them his prized mare, Whisper. His horse could navigate forests like no other. They then went into Highmoon Forest.

Tianshi noticed the bodies of two grigs nailed to a tree, their rainbow blood smeared on wooden stakes. Damien recommeneded they plant them as seeds. Afterwards, they followed the sound of a wounded beast to a clearing and saw a panther caught in a trap. Tianshi spotted a figure in the trees nearby and yelled out its location, but was then shot by an arrow. Grugan threw a bomb at it and An shot the figure, causing it to fall out of the tree, dead. It was an orc hunter from the local Knifetongue Clan. Damien rescued the cat and Tianshi healed it, also casting a Calm Animal spell. It shared a look with him and loped off into the wood.

They soon set up camp and Tianshi heard bush rustling, An felt her tail pulled. A short man with a red cap revealed himself and smiled.

Witch and Wyrm

The small man introduced himself as Oghma, the One Who Remembers and the One Who Forgets. He is one of the Tuatha, sometimes called a Leprechaun. Oghma requested that if the group ever ran afoul of his people, that they should not slay them, let poor fortune fall on them. With that, he disappeared.

The next morning, the group crossed a river, seeing a green dragon fly overhead. They found a pit trap and soon traveled to the hut of Black Agnis. Brother Shaw went up and knocked on the door, noting the fingerbone wind chimes. No answer and he knocked the door open. Inside they saw a wrapped figure. Shaw slowly went inside and investigated the figure, using a claw to lift the facial bandages, when the cauldron behind him attacked. The group destroyed the construct and Tianshi used a straight razor to remove the bandages to reveal not a body but the wrappings stuffed with herbs. They searched the hut and found three books, an old nursery rhyme book, the town log of a village predating Cairshengôl, and the witch's grimoire with spells, recipes and notes on local flora and fauna. They found info on Blackscour and how to cure it; Rat's tail, glowmoss and Ironbloom Mushrooms. The rat's tail they found in the hut, but they would need to hunt for the other ingrediants.

They debated on whether to take the grimoire or not, and decided to leave it. Brother Shaw found the soulspeaker and left a message on it in case the witch was to return. Tianshi wrote the information they needed and gave it to An who rode off to the town on WHisper. The others left eastward toward the mysterious Forest Elder to find the Glowmoss.

An arrived in town and gave the page to Cathbhadh, Alberic translating. Cathbhadh warned An to not venture into the mountains and to respect the Forest Elder, not to approach at night and beware the children of the forest wyrm. An traveled back with great haste.

The others arrived at the tree by nightfall and found the massive Forest Elder tree, with glowmoss in the branches 30 feet up. Damien climbed the tree and gathered moss, growing nervous at strange sounds around him. Soon, two green wyrmlings surrounded Damien just as An came into the clearing. The wyrmlings demanded that Damien become their Kith. Damien jumped from the tree and An shot one in the wing. THe other took flight but was smacked out of the air by an enlarged Brotehr Shaw. The wyrmling in the tree cursed Damien and retreated up the tree. Grugan left two healing poltices for the unconscious wyrmling and they gathered the rest of the moss and left to the south and the Old Mounds.

Pack Mentality

After a rest the group moves on to the south. As they travel, three forest leeches fall from the trees onto them. Grugan is forced to set himself on fire to escape his leech, which causes him to fall. Damien kills one, Shaw kills another and Tian stabs the one on Grugan. In the fray, An's musket is damaged. She repairs it on the way to the Old Mounds.

Once there, they move into the mounds, a couple of grouse flies out of a bush and a ghostly voice warning them to flee the area is heard. Alzzeron hears something from the top of one of the mounds. Damien climbs to find a wolf and another behind him. One of the wolves is shot dead by An. They fight the wolves as more comes and a worg crests the mound. Alzerron kills a wolf and taunts the worg. Thw worg charges Alzerron, but is shot dead by An. With the wolves finished, they find ironbloom muchrooms at the entrance to one of the mounds and collect them, Tian spying the black panther from before in the distance before it bounds away.

An puts the mushrooms and the moss in a sack and rides off ahead. She comes to see the town is nearly empty and goes to the Lord's Manor and hears people banging on a door. Inside the barred door is Alberic and Alba telling her that the townsfolk are outside town at a stone circle about to sacrifice someone. An rides off and sees Cathbhadh in full regalia and a young woman being lead up onto a wooden stake. An fires a shot, frightening people and riding up to Cathbhadh, dropping the sack in front of him. Cathbhadh orders the woman be released and announced that the village has been delivered. The villagers disperse and Tomaltach and Cathbhadh thank An for her timelyness.

The rest of the party come into town and hear of the event, growing outraged and offended at the village's actions. Cathbhadh explains that the arrival of the Rat's Tail was thought by the villagers to be the cure and they saw it wasn't being handed out. THey decided to try and appease the keepers in the forest by a human sacrifice and Cathbadh chose the girl, a prostitute, out of fear that they would choose Eblenn instead. Tomaltach has to go along to retain his integrity as leader. Grugan told Cathbhadh not to put the cure in a stew, but rather showed him how to create small poltices.

The cure was made and the very sick recieved house calls and given the cure, all but a few surviving. The nest morning the cure was distributed completely. Damien investigated the High Market and attempted to seek information about Payday, but found out only that he splits his time between the town and the cut yards to the south.

The young prostitute told the party that Tomaltach wished to see them at the church ruins. He apologised to them for his rudeness and asked them to stay in the village and bring the Church of Light to these people. They party agreed to stay.

Red King's Crown

Raising the Abby

The party investigates Cronan's brothel and offers to buy Rigan's debt. Cronan offers a deal of 1,000 gil, but Tian Shi talks him down to be more reasonable about a prostitue the town tried to kill. Cronan offered 50 gil, and the party accepted. They took in Rigan and her brother Ogan.

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