The Sixth World Saga (decanonized)

The Sixth World Saga chronicles the adventures of the Silver Dragon into Aremia, its crash and the attempts of its crew to piece it back together again.

Journey Across the Nora and the Wrath of the Thunderbird

Master Ke'Vadar, after training for priesthood with Diana Dawnfalcon, returned to Mooncrystal in early Kroven, 1375. Azzel had also returned to the hamlet after wandering. In accordance to the last wishes of late Master Chu Hsi, Ke'Vadar began preparations for an expedition to Aremia to search for the Turasfyr Arcaenrith, a grimoire that was dear to the master.

While preparing for this trip, a new visitor came to Mooncrystal Castle; sandracos the Dragonborn. He spoke with Master Ke'Vadar in private council and the master allowed him to join their crew. Also among the crew was Azzel, Kaiha the Silver Sentinel, Timothy the goliath and the tiefling captain, Emerald Orasharu. The airship the Silver Dragon embarked on their mission. After a short stop at Abdin for final supplies, the Ka-tet began crossing the Noran Sea.

After only a few short days, Captain Orasharu spotted land and the crew began preparations to disembark. However, the sky suddenly faded with dark clouds. Thunder shook the airship and lightning arched between the thick storm clouds. Amidst all this tempest, a colossal bird of prey screeched by the airship and pelted it with furious winds and burning lightning. The ka-tet flew off the airship and engaged the bird, but to little avail. The airship began to tear apart. Master Ke'Vadar began to complete a ritual of teleportation, not knowing where they may go. The ritual, combined with a great lightning strike from the thunderbird resulted in a jarring explosion that knocked everyone unconscious.

The Raptorians and the Gate

Master Ke'Vadar, Kaiha and Sandrick woke up in a strange room made of earth in a cliffside. Strange humanoids covered in feathers greeted them in a non-hostile manner. Master Ke'Vadar used comprehend languages to communicate with them. It seemed that the raptorians, as they called themselves, found the three of them lying on a wooden protrusion from their cliffs. The ka-tet checked this claim and saw the bow of their airship magically embedded into the cliff-side. Ke'Vadar created a magical tether on this piece of the airship so that when all the pieces are found, he would be able to pull them together and recreate the airship.

The raptorians believed the ka-tet to be holy beings and begged them to deliver their race from the punishment of Father Sky. They have been ordered never to take wing and soar through the skies as their ancestors have done. Father Sky, the giant eagle, takes refuge on a mountain near the raptiorian village. Ke'Vadar agrees to help them and uses phantasmal steed to fly the ka-tet over to the mountain.

Father Sky engages them and as the battle proceeds, they see that this creature is not at all a god as Father Sky is supposed to be. The eagle husk is ripped away and a giant spider demon is all that is left. The demon had been posing as Father Sky to oppress and feed on the raptorians but she was quickly put down by the combined efforts of the ka-tet.

The next day, the group were taken to the raptorian Story-Caves. In these caves lie the Legend of the Worlds. In Aremia, different worlds have come and gone and the Fifth World is the one in which they stood. The hero twins, Alma and Toya, defeated the Devastation during the end of the Fourth World to give peace to the fifth. Ke'Vadar and Sandrick identified a rune in the caves hinting at the location of a nearby teleportation portal.

They traveled into the northern forest to find a grove with a massive stepgate that seemed inactive. Kaiha located a nearby monolith that give off a soft sound. This songstone was used to open an ancient grotto which the ka-tet entered. Inside, they found more ancient hieroglyphics as was in the Story-Caves. Also in the grotto was a man held in a temporal stasis. This man proved paranoid and prone to quick bursts of emotion. His name was Yor, a warlock from Ibben during the Age of Kings. Carved in the same room as Yor was held, instructions were found for the gate, but before they could be implemented, the Gate Eidolon, guardian of the ancient artifact, awoke and battled the ka-tet. The construct was defeated, but unsure as where the gate would take them, Ke'Vadar dialed in a random address with the symbol for 'Mountain' and walked into the gate.

The Dracotaurs and the Sacred City

Upon exiting from the gate, the ka-tet found themselves in a jungle in a warmer area then the temperate zone they were in before. After some exploration, they heard rumbling and crashing off in the distance and took to the sky to see a stampede of dragon-like creatures coming their way. The stampede was being herded by massive machines. The ka-tet flew to the machines, these warforged titans and dismantled them.

The once-herded creatures thanked the ka-tet and identified themselves as a tribe of dracotaurs. The dracotaurs suddenly began chanting "Three Dragons and a Hound!" at the group. When asked what this means, the chief explained that yesterday the gods grew angry at the tribe for unknown reasons and sent their servants to chase them out of their village. The ka-tet's presence (Ke'Vadar's dragon mask, his dragon familiar and Sandrick being the 'three dragons' and Kaiha's fox mask as 'the hound') fulfills a prophecy telling of the salvation of the Dracotaurs from danger.

The ka-tet entered the dracotaur's village and encountered large humanoid insects. The leader of these verminlords approached Kaiha and addressed her as "Orphan", telling any other who spoke that they were not worthy to speak. The verminlord ordered the "orphan" and her "servants" away after some unhelpful conversation. The ka-tet refused to leave and the verminlords attacked, but were defeated and left the village to be reclaimed by the dracotaurs.

On the morning, the ka-tet tracked the verminlords back where they came; Quipetldek, the City of the Ancients, as told to them by the dracotaurs. They entered the largest building of the city and were ambushed by verminlords. The building began to shake as support columns were destroyed by battle and sabotage. The ka-tet found a staircase leading underground and as they ran down, the building fell on top, blocking the exit.

Using moonrods to light their way, they eventually found themselves in a large chamber set with many large crystals and another piece of the Silver Dragon. As Ke'Vadar began to place the tether on this piece, a voice rang out in the room; a figure, seemingly human, encased partly in crystal introduces himself as 3 Lizard. He explained that he is indeed human and came to know the common language from a book that came across the sea. Ke'Vadar asked where the book was and 3 Lizard said he'd be glad to show them if they would free him.

3 Lizard explained that the crystal cocoon is held by a heartstone located deep in the caverns. The ka-tet went to face the Great Heartstone, which they discovered was as big as any castle, hovering above the ground and brimming with power. The heartstone created, for its avatar, the likeness of the last king of the ancients, Tlatoani Iztac II. He challenged the ka-tet to the ball game of ulama. Though they had a rough first half, they ka-tet defeated the hearstone's constructed team and 3 Lizard was given his freedom.

3 Lizard was more than happy to lead the way deeper into the tunnels…

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