The Other End of the Island

The Other End of the Island is a minor saga that took place in 1376 NS on a remote island on which the town of Ido rests.


Red priest and co begin from Ido to the jungle. Servitors bring litter with red veil.
At first camp, narrator looks under veil, sees eye, attempts to take sample, is bitten.
Asks the black priest for help. Arm turns into tentacle.
Soon they reach the beach. Red priest walks into the sea and a massive monster devours him, smashing the litter.
Scar kills one of the servitors.
Narrator sees the servitor is one the ground ritheing. He pulls the cloak off him and sees abomination. The black priest transforms another into a pile of tentacles that eats itself.
Back into the jungle, at a creek, the tentacle attacks the narrator, but he manages to tie it to a fallen branch.
The black priest leaves.
At camp, he cannot feel the tentacle and unties it because it is sore. He wakes up to it detacthing itself from him. It attacks Scar and it skitters away.
They decide to move on.
Scar's wound begins to fester. And soon he is vomiting.
The priest returns. Scar's chest bursts open and a creature comes out and attacks the black priest. Narrator runs, but soon comes face to face with his own mass of tentacles.
They run more and come within sight of the edge of the forest, only to see the same beach on the other side of the island.
Black priest walks into the sea, mirroring the red priest before.
Narrator goes mad as he hears the creatures approach behind him.


The Narrator

The Black Priest


The Red Priest

The Servitors


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