The Matter of Lavethia

see also the cast of characters in the Matter of Lavethia

The Matter of Lavethia is a major saga that begins in 388 PI (1165 ARC) in Lavethia.

The Books of Lord Greywolf

Miles and Runner sparring
Commotion at castle
We meet monk
GPV locked in the great hall
he lets us in and shows the body of archibald
the wizard teleported in and is injured / dies
he was skulking around in Greywolf Castle
We agreee to investigate
ride to the west
fight a pair of ettins
monk dies
reach the castle ruins
hidden stairway below

enter into ruins under the keep. come to find the keep was built to exist underground.
underground saturated with evil magic and the sound of chanting.
explore around - come to three doors.
right door leads to a library / study where two wraiths wait.
Runner leaves the room to miles's objections and the wraiths stop oat the door and "reset" to the chairs.
go back to doors - take center door.
Leads to the Great Hall and Runner begins to sing to counter the chanting.
miles finds secret door behind the throne
enter and find a woman who was part of the original expedition. she is the Smith.
Miles finds a book of leather swimming with madness.
Smith asks about her fellows and they return to the wraith room. Smith goes in and closes a wood book sitting on the desk, causing the wraiths to disappear.
Smith packs both books with lead and they exit the keep.
They find the wagons and horses have been taken.
Runner and co tracks the bandits to the west and the Smith disarms magical traps.
Worg Fight. they are possibly dominated.
They come to a set of cairns in the shape of a crescent.
After some fooling around, they find the cairns to be a strange magical transport trigger.
Giving their things up for lost, they walk back to Drakeford.

Runner and Miles track down the town wizard to look at the books.
The wizard claims the books are eladrin and are religious in nature.
A knock at the door signals the entrance of an elf. He claims the wizard is a fraud.
Runner asks the wizard to prove himself, but is found wanting and Runner kicks him out.
The elf, Cadrael by name, looks at the books and finds them to be maddening and written in draconic by the ancient naga race.
They were written by the mad Lord Greywolf 300 years ago.
Cadrael offers to help, but needs time to prepare magic.

Into the Wilds

Runner shops for a new bow and Miles finds a letter on their guildhall.
Miles finds Runner and tells him they have a client waiting for them at the Broken Stag Inn.
The client is from a expedition into the nearby forests and lost his companions. They were looking for a legendary weapon called the Windscythe. Wyvern's Wing is on the case.
They ask the Smith and Cadrael if they wish to join and they agree.
They enter the forest and fight giant spiders, which Miles is afraid of.

spiders are all around us, but hiding and they keep distance.
choker fight
find the lake at night
fight shambling mounds
find a megalith and sleep for the night.

Magical glowing castle appears in the lake
meet lake guardian
do not enter the castle that night
wait until next night
meet with the Norns
Norns ask for the return of the Wind Scythe
it was stolen. it is a key.
bodies of the expedition were scattered as if cut by a great blade.
some were crushed.

Sacking of Drakeford

Went back and saw Drakeford on Fire
Undead apocaplyse.
Count Prime died. Son saved as much as he could and went west.
Miles died during the fight against the undead.
Black monoliths around the toiwn gathering necro energies
summoning a demon. Nalfeshnee.
Go around and take down monoliths. stopped demon, even though he was half out of the portal.
stopped undead
Cadrael died but is in a gem. soul trapped after monolith broke. died after miles.
smith left
janet arrived
showed her the grave of her brother.
left to find the wind scythe guy

Traveling North

found an abandonned dungeon
put the gem into a golem/warforged type guy.
avatar of death followed us around
final chamber with words on the walls and alchemist stuff everywhere.
used the flasks as pages of their alcheist book.

later found clockwork centaurs
they were created by protector of the forest.
so long ago, they dont remember who protectoir is

eleadrin village
mist came in and so did spirit rats and demons
shadow demon fought and killed everyone
took over janet's body
runner killed her.
runner ran away

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