The High Crown Massacre

The High Crown Massacre is a Minor Saga that took place in Alexandria and the village of Hinreich in the winter of 1263.

Prince Sofus and the Monk

Royal Magus Cray of Everfont, Abbot Arrannis, Daisuke Moradraum the King's Blade and High Prince Asher fir Alexandra were all gathered around the bed of High Prince Sofus Alexandra, ill and weak. Faera, the boy's bodyguard and caretaker, also was there. The High Queen Tsarina dir Alexandra was worried about her son and none of her trusted council had any idea of who to lessen the boy's disease.

When a servant girl suggested to Arrannis about a man known as the Monk of Hinreich, he traveled to the village alongside Cray, Daisuke and Faera. After a day's ride, they approached the village and found a peasant being harassed by Vathroni guards. They broke up the conflict and took the peasant with them to Hinreich. It was there, they discovered the peasant was none other than Camdon Varus, the Monk of Hinriech.

The five of them rode back to Castle Alexandria and brought the monk before the prince. The monk sat by the bedside and went into a trance with the use of a strange chained phial. Soon, the boy blinked awake and the queen invited Varus to stay in the castle, a request he declined, but he did agree to move to Alexandria in the Builder's District.

The Citizen's Unrest

A month went by and the monk was brought into nobility, his name now Father Camdon Il'Varus. Father Il'Varus began performing healings for the queen and her daughters as well as several staff personnel. Prince Sofus became healthy and happy for that time. However, Father Il'Varus's presence in the castle was causing rumors among the already distraught populace of Alexandria. They began demonizing him and burning effigies of him alongside those of the royal family.

During the annual Royal Winter Ball, Prince Sofus suffered an attack and fell unconscious. Abbot Arrannis knew Father Il'Varus needed to be summoned quickly, but the castle was surrounded by peasants protesting the ball. So he left, accompanied by his fellows, and traveled to the Builder's District. They found Father Il'Varus drunk in his apartment and Faera wrapped the inebriated monk in a blanket and began the ride back to the castle.

However, the mob, seeing the monk being taken to the castle, began attacking Arrannis and the others. Faera quickly brought the monk across the moat and the riot was dispersed. Once again, Father Il'Varus was brought before the boy and he demanded in his trance that everyone in the room pray for the boy to be well, but the prince did not awaken.

Camdon's Wrath

Prince Asher began conspiring with the other councilors as their belief in the monk's abilities began to wane. They determined the queen may be under a charm and the monk is actually a charlatan craving power. For the well being of the queen and Nora itself, the council decided to investigate Father Il'Varus's abilities and to sequester him in a room during that time. The monk was taken during his weakness after attempting to heal the boy. He pleaded with the councilors not to imprison him to no avail.

The next night, Faera awoke from a nightmare of Father Il'Varus's voice calling to her. Now awaken, she found a strange mist in the castle and screams from deep within the halls. She awoke the other councilors and began investigating the occurrences. They found Prince Asher in one of the halls, dying repeating the name "Stacy". When they entered the throne room they found the floor littered with bloody bodies. Female servants were walking among the bodies like haunted spirits, stopping only to stab at dead flesh with knives.

The call was still being heard by Faera and she led the others to the castle battlements and saw a cluster of female servants and Princess Stacy with Father Il'Varus. The monk shouted at the councilors with vengeance, but Daisuke ran him through with his sword, sending him over the wall and to the frozen Thieves' Lake below.

Father Il'Varus, miraculously, was still alive and summoned ice creatures from the frozen lake. The councilors faced him on the ice and as the battle waged, the ice gave way under the monk and swallowed him.


With the royal family dead and Princess Stacy missing, the councilors formed the Alexandrian Parliament with Magus Cray as Prime Minister.

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