The Gwerin Plagues

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The Gwerin Plagues is a saga set during the Aquarian Empire (roughly 1,240 - 1,090 PI), but takes place much further north in the elven forests. It follows the lives of several elves of the Nightriver Tribe (Afonos) as they defend their people from three plagues.

The events of this Saga are ancient elven legend and can be found chronicled in the White Book of Fermar, however, many events of the tale are suspect.

The Last Quest (Hymchwi Thiwethafl)

In the middle of a snowy winter, the young Brân Gwerin was receiving a lesson from his master, Luth, when the druid told the boy to go fetch the other three youths who bore red tattoos. Brân and his ever present wolf, Howl of Fadhan, and went to the part of the village where the Erdreth River flowed. There he found Serilfil Auth Largwyln, as well as Rhôn Fos Fehl and his nine brothers, playing. Brân set his wolf playfully upon Serilfil and Rhôn and informed the two to seek out the druid in his grove.

Gogan Nghar Madyn was in a clearing, training with the tribe's master archer, Goeth. They trained with blades, Goeth giving Gogan a good thrashing to allow his lesson to sink in. After being licked thoroughly by Howl of Fadhan, Gogan agreed to join Brân back to Luth. On their way however, the two heard a rustling in a tree and Gogan shook a branch which caused Hafon the teacher to fall out. He explained he was hiding so he didn't have do his chores and asked the two youths to not tell anyone where he was hiding. The two agreed, but Brân found the three children, Lisi, Bladryll and Chudryll, nearby teasing the young Gena, and told them where to find their teacher. They ran off leaving Gena to his fishing. Gena expressed his eagerness to pass his adulthood trials and wished Brân and Gogan luck.

The four youths gathered at Luth's grove and found Enynen, the smith, there as well. Enynen told them one last task remained; they must travel into the forest and each bring back a collection of items;

  • A branch of a Hywen Tree from the northern Llyn Dŵrog no shorter than an adult and no thinner than an arm
  • A stalk of white bamboo
  • The antler and sinew of a King Elk
  • Seeds from the Llin bush

The Bamboo and Seeds

Serilfil, always eager, suggested they begin their search right away. So they indeed traveled east to a grove where llin bushes were known to flower. Along the way they discovered several stalks of white bamboo and so they took what they needed and moved on. Once they reached the grove, the ground was blackened and most plants withered. Brân knew that this was cursed land, but saw the llin bushes untouched by the corruption. The four entered the grove and began collecting seeds when the corpses of several wolves, stripped to their bones, dug themselves out of the ground. The four youths quickly dispatched the undead wolves, but heard a rustling in the undergrowth nearby.

The Orc Village

The youths readied for another combat, but were surprised and delighted when five tribesmembers jumped out. Branwen, Afara, Cullach and frae-of-the-city were out raiding nearby orc villages lead by the ranger Fehl. Branwen scolded Serilfil, saying they were too far from the village and might have been mistaken for orcs. Brân, however, suggested it was the absence of her left eye that might be the problem more. Brân sent a message on Howl of Fadhan back to Luth asking for a poultice of plant growth and planted the seeds of the llin bush around the area, using the poultice to accelerate their growth, hoping to clear the area Fehl referred to as a deadspot (farwbrycha).

Serilfil offered to help the raiders and the rest happily agreed. The lot traveled to the orc village and sacked it. Afterwards they began to gather supplies, Serilfil noticed that the elven slaves kept by the orcs were all ritually killed. Gogan, however, heard sounds of weeping coming from under a pile of garments and found a lone slave girl bearing the red tattoos of a youth. Gogan asked her name and she quietly gave it as Teleri. Serilfil healed her wounds, of which there were many. Brân created a funeral pyre for both the orcs and the elven slaves. All, save Branwen, helped with this matter. They left when the sun rose.

Hunt of the King Elk

The next night, Brân, Rhôn, Gogan, Serilfil and Frae left to hunt the elusive King Elk. Frae supposed they follow the river and so they did. After some time, Howl of Fadhan discovered they were being followed and went to find Teleri hiding behind a tree. Brân saw that she had Howl of Fadhan's favor. They welcomed her to follow them and she kept close to Gogan. Rhôn soon found elk trcks and followed them to a knoll where all spotted a large king elk. Rhôn took aim with his bow, but missed. He tried again, but missed though the elk did not move. Brân heard the sound of tinkling laughter on the wind and Serilfil saw that the vision of the elk was glamour-magic.

Gogan could smell the pixies nearby and managed to grab one. The pixie told him he would give Gogan a prize if he let him go. Gogan did, and the pixie quickly ran away, leaving a trail of faerie fire behind. The six youths followed the trail and was lead to a real elk. Brân, wishing to inspect it, walked up close and saw two pixies resting on its antlers. Brân saw it was real and allowed Rhôn to make his kill shot, which struck its mark with unfailing accuracy. The elk fell, but before the elves could begin stripping it, Teleri walked up and cradled the elk, speaking under her breath in a language no one knew. She finished her strange ritual and left the rest of the elves to their work.

They traveled back to the village where Brân asked Luth about the language he heard from Teleri. Luth claimed he did not know that language and warned Brân that the girl might be mad.

Retrieving the Cwn Teg

Before they left for Llyn Dŵrog, Brân noticed the lady Culli was missing her cŵnteg, Naduch. He asked about the hound and Culli told him she hadn't seen him in two nights. Brân went over to Naduch's blanket so Howl of Fadhan may gather his scent, when he saw Magan nearby being teased and bothered by the tribe children. Brân scolded the children and sent them away. Magan thanked him with the weaving of a flower bracelet, which he wore.

Brân and the other youths followed Howl of Fadhan as he lead them close to the Spider Swamps and to a foggy marsh where an old hag named Jenny O' the Bog was brewing a stew. Nearby was Naduch, who was weary and beset by a magical drowsiness. Howl of Fadhan also was afflicted, and strangely, also Teleri. Serilfil asked the crone to return the hound and the hag demanded that should she give up her prized ingredient to her stew, she must be given something in return, but she would not accept anything of corporeal worth. Brân offered the flower bracelet made by Magan. Gogan offered a leather bracelet, once worn by his dead brother. Still nothing seemed to satisfy her. Serilfil, then, composed a poem detailing how he despised her and everything she embodied. Jenny O' the Bog smiled and crooked smile and her drool slipped out of her mouth and fell on the two bracelets, changing them. They left freely with Naduch in their company.

The Branches of the Hywen Tree

Afterward, they left northward for Llyn Dŵrog. When they reached the lake, they saw two beautiful maidens washing in the waters. The youths approached to speak with them, but when they came too close, the maidens bared needle-like teeth and attacked Brân and Frae. The maidens revealed their true shape as Maro-Morgens, casting off their lovely maiden skin to grow much larger with great claws and scales.

The youths slayed the water spirits and were greeted by Nimwe, the Lady of the Lake. She told the youths that a curse was placed on the lake and the Maro-Morgens drowned anything that touched the waters. They had freed her from her imprisonment. She showed them all that was left of the curse placed on her, a baby boy. Brân took the boy and Nimwe told them if they needed her they must only touch her waters and say her name.

With hatchets, the six youths took the branches from the Hywen Tree and returned to the village. There, they found Luth and Enynen waiting for them. The youths were told the ceremony would take place the next day. Luth made mention of the Druid from the neighboring Two Moons Tribe coming to visit, but that he was late in arriving. They also returned Naduch to his home and Culli thanked them for their service. Brân gave her the babe and told her of its origins. Culli took the babe and decided to call him Iewdŵr.

The next day was the adulthood ceremony where Brân, Rhôn, Gogan, Serilfil, Frae and Teleri were washed, oiled, their red tattoos removed and replaced with black tattoos of adults and then dressed in totem animal furs. They were presented with the bamboo, seeds, sinew, antlers and wood they gathered. With the help of Enynen's instruction, Luth's druidic wood warping and divine inspiration through the scents of the oils, the six crafted their bows and became adult members of the tribe.

Upon becoming adults, Serilfil changed his name to Fermar, and Teleri to Tristion. Gogan found the strength of his ancestors through ritual and gained their blessing. Frae, alone, burned a dead tree during the day as a sacrifice to Heulwch, the sun. Rhôn opened his spirit to the forest and the boar Blodengyn appeared. Together they ran through the forest and were bonded.

Invasion of the Diawliaid (Goresgyniad Chan Diawliaid)

The druid Luth approached Brân and told him his concerns about Minyth, the druid of the Two Moons Tribe. The druid was late and instructed Brân to go search for him in the west. Brân gathered his trusted companions, Rhôn, Gogan, Fermar, Frae and Tristion, and went off to search for the missing elf.

The elves soon found themselves in the Spider Swamps and in the center they found the druid Minyth and his daughter Luda hanging from spiderwebs in the company of the spider-woman, Coryn. Coryn, seeing she was outnumbered, begged the elves to spare her. Rhôn gave her a doe in a sign of fairness and Coryn gladly freed Minyth and Luda. She told Rhôn that should he need anything from her, she would be at his service.

The Burning Village

When the eight of them arrived at the village, they found it completely sacked. There were signs of battle and the bodies of strange bearded people filled with elven arrows on the ground. Minyth told the others these were faga (dwarves), a race found far to the east. The rest of the Nightrivier Tribe were missing. Gogan and Rhôn found a clear trail leading off to the east. At the druid grove, they found Luth dead, his mask cracked in half and a burnt hole through his chest. His ranger, Oena, was barely alive and managed to say "They took them all" before passing out. Oena's wounds strangely did not respond to magical healing. Brân asked the sacred tree to allow him under its roots, where Luth lived, and it did so. Brân, Gogan, Tristion and Frae went under the tree and found many useful items. However, Fermar, watching from the top of the tree, saw that they were being approached and tried to warn Rhôn, but the vines around the ranger rose up and entangled him.

Out from the bushes jumped Branwen, Afara, Cullach and Gena, with bows drawn. They demanded Rhôn and Fermar remove their crowns. Rhôn obliged, but Fermar did not, saying; "I have no reason to do so." Branwen replied "Our bows are pointed at you. These are your reasons." But Fermar refused still. It was then that Brân stepped out and demanded that everyone cease their bickering. Brân knew the reason for Branwen to ask their crowns removed was because she wished to see if they had black stones on their foreheads. Brân removed his own cowl and promised them Fermar's face was as his own.

Out from under the tree came Frae, Minyth and Luda. Also, out from the bushes came Magan (who cast the entangle spell), Lisi, Bludryll and Chudryll. In Lisi's arms was the infant Iewdŵr. The others told Bran they were sent away by Luth when the village was sacked. Afara suspects her father knew something was going to happen and sent the tribe's youngest to safety. Bran planned to follow the trail and fight back against their aggressors, but Branwen argued that it was useless as their numbers most likely outstripped their own. Bran agreed and changed his mind, though Afara disagreed. Rhôn decided to scout after the trail and see the army himself. Branwen and Gogan joined with him and Bran sent Howl of Fadhan with them as well. Before they left Magan had words with Branwen and Tristion said a blessing to Gogan in her strange language.

While the rest prepared funeral rites for the village, the four left to the east. They came upon a camp and saw many elves and dwarves with black stones in their foreheads. Also traveling among them were three red skinned folk with horns and tails. These three were of the Diawliaid. Despite the protests of Rhôn and Gogan, Branwen went forth and sneaked up to the Nightriver captives. With words too quiet for Rhôn and Gogan to hear, she spoke first with Fehl and then with Meurig, brother of Magan, before rejoining the others. The enemy camp began to move further north, towards the sea.

The four scouts returned and reported. Bran decided it was best to travel west to the Two Moons Tribe and seek their help. All packed up and left, and so began the adventures of the Survivors of the Afonos Tribe, which are Brân Gwerin, Fermar Auth Largwyln, Gogan Nghar Madyn, Rhôn Fos Fehl, frae-of-the-city, Afara Harth Rhedyn, Cullach Cai Cilyth, Branwen Llŷr Penarthun, Magan Mân Sulwen, Tristion Er Goganes, Gena Cryf Goeth, Lisi Dêr Brenna, Bladryll Lew Hafon, Chudyll Lew Hafon and Iewdŵr of the Lake.

As they traveled, Fermar grew increasingly unhappy. He insisted that he leave to find the captives before they reach the sea, fearing boats may take them away. No words could change his mind, so he left toward the sea with Gogan, Tristion and Branwen.

The City of Ys (Caer Ys)

Fermar and his three companions reached the seashore and saw a sight they could scarcely imagine; the building of a stone city. Having never seen a city before, Fermar was astounded and filled with curiosity. He captured several elves with black stones, cut off the stone ends and stuck them to his and his friend's foreheads. They, then, went down and walked through the city, which was called Ys.

They found many enslaved dwarves working and enslaved elves helping them with food and water. The Diawliaids were lording over them and using whips to drive them along. Fermar found many pens keeping dire boars and a prison area where they kept elves who had not been enslaved yet. However, the manner in which the prison is opened could not be known to Fermar, nor Gogan.

They also found a tower (still being built) near which all who passed bowed and said "Many praises to Morfan" (Duw a rodo da Morfan).

They wait until day and Branwen and Tristion go to free the Dire Boars. After they are freed, Gogan and Fermar go to the goal and free the prisoners. Gogan cuts through the chains. They run out of the city.

The 43 Warriors (Y Rhyfelwyr Pedwar Deg Tri)

A night after Fermar and Gogan left with Tristion and Branwen, the rest of the survivors arrived at the river Byr-fŷs. Elven guards rode up on yakuls to meet them. The guards saw their druid, Minyth, with them and praised him. They brought the survivors to the Druid's grove and Minyth called the tribal elders and they held court under the druid's yew tree.

Minyth's ranger, Awel, suggested that more information be gathered on their enemy. The court agreed and Rhôn said he would travel to the shore with as many warriors as could come. Frae would also go and there was sixty seven warriors who also volunteered. The next night, many warriors had pulled back their pledges, leaving forty three Two Moons warriors to ride with Rhôn and Frae. The party left riding on yakuls and halfway across their journey, Frae came across the footprint of a dragon in the mud. He knew it belonged to Y Ddraig Lloyd, the patron of the land. Frae thought the dragon to be slumbering and was surprised to find such a fresh footprint. Rhôn wondered if the dragon could be convinced to marshal against the diawliaid and told a songbird of his idea. The songbird flew toward the direction they came to inform Brân.

Soon the warrriors find Fermar and the others escaping from the city. They ally with Chief-Boar and return to Two Moons.

The Druid and the Girl (Y Drwyd a Y Eneth)

Bran recieved the messenger from RHon and traveled south. He reached a cave in the bottom of a chasm covered in throny brambles. He meets Hfelgrwych and she refuses him entry three times. Saying the Grey Dragon will choose when he must defend, not a short lived elf. Bran left and seeing the sun rising, slept near the mouth of the cave. He was awoken in the day by a thief stealing his necklace. He tells Howl to track her but she has no scent. The girl poke her head up and bran asks her who she is and she repeats the question. She repeats the nest question he asks and soon introduces herself as Braichres. He chases her but is unable to catch her. However, she soon approaches him and tells him the dragon is young and impulsive and not to blame him. Bran goes back to sleep and she sleeps too. Together they travel back to the Two Moons village.

Quest for the Spear (Hymchwi Rhongomyniad)

Once everyone comes to the Two Moons camp, they ask if the other tribes wish to band together. Minyth says they do not wish to band together as the last time elf kind was unified, the spear Pierces the Night carried them over from their homeland to the world. Bran decides to seek the spear and knows that it was cast into the sea after coming to thew world. They go to speak with Nimwe and ask her. SHe tells them to follow the Erdreth River north and they wioll meet three challenges.

Thje first was found in a copse of birch trees where a dryad was crying in front of a large oak. Bran approached and asked if she needed hgelp. She said she didnt need help and she wanted him to go. Frae saw that her eyes cryed for help and Bran saw the oak was actually a treant. Bran asked the ent about the dryad and the ent told them to leave as she belonged to him. they refused to leave and Gogan cleaved the tree in two. The dryad was freed from her gaes and was now able to tell the truth. SHe told them thiese birches would forever be able to guard them from harm.

The second challenge was meeting a group of humans who were lost. Braiches could speak their language and the humans and elves traded and agreed to travel together. But the humans warned of a beast further north that killed many of their number. Fermar is disturbed at the description.

Further north, Fermar is wracked with fear as mist and darkness closed in until they could see nothing and they began to be attacked by a creature they could not see. Fermar drove his spear into its mouth and killed it. Gogan opened its belly and out spilled an elven girl. It was Fermar's sister Seregwen. "Its by the Moon's own luck that you survived." He gave her a new name, Moonluck.

They reached the seashore and the humans tayed back. Bran's foot touched the water and the king of the sea elves came forth ith the Spear in his hands. This place was then known as Carn Haduniad. The Aquatic King gave the spear to Bran's chmapion, Rhon and told of the spears abilities. He also asked that they rescue his daughter, kept by the lord of the devilkin in his tower. They agreed and gathered the tribes. Rhon also gathered the chidlren of Corynn the spider woman and Tristion also called the forces of Ysgithrwyn Boar-Chief and they marched on the city.

First the elven archers let loose their arrows, then the boars charged and then the spidiers built bridges over the walls with their webbing. Bran and the survivors climber the wall and went to the tower and slayed the guardians. They reached the top and saw Morfan on the balcony also a large pot at the side of the room. Rhon threw the spear and it struck morfan and kocked him off the blanocy. Bran changed his form into a hawk and caught the spear before it hit the ground.

From the shadows, the mother of Morfan, Ceridwen clapped and spoke with the usurpers saying they have won the battle and she was their hostage. Braichres placed a geass on her so that she way never leave the city walls and Frea was to be her warden. The Spear and the princess was returned to the sea, and the princess invited them to visit her city across the sea.

Bran called upon all the druids of the tribes and created the Druidic Society. They asked that he be the first Great Druid, but he refused and left with Braichres toward the ancient elven homeland.

Coming of the Green Mist (Nyfodiad Chan Niwl Glas)

Escape from Ys

50 years passed and a green mist has befallen the land. A vision was recieved by Fermar and he sent his youngest son, Tremaine, to find his former companions. Tremaine arrived at the druid circle and was vouched for by Rhon. Also arriving was Gwyndoeth and Braichres with a company of eladrin lead by the petty king Matholwch. Braichres, riding on Howl, took the eladrin to the west and Gwyndoeth and Rhon took Tremaine to the Afonos village and met with Gogan. There, Tremaine told them of his father's vision. They must ride to Ys and free Frae.

They go and find the city alive with orcs and all sorts of fiendish beasts. They entered the city and went to the tower and found Frae chained. Gogan cut the chains and the city began to assault the tower. Gwyndoeth cast knock on the gate and it oipened. They fought their way out of the city and the seven sons of Frae watched them leave. They all returned to the summer village and Frae was welcomed.

Battle of the Field of Broken Trees

Later, a stranger came to the village. Gwyndoeth knew her as Hfelgrwych, the dragonkith for the Grey Dragon. She told them to rally their forces and meet the Grey Dragon to join him in battle. They agreed to meet three nights hence and they gathered the tribes and meet her.

Once there, the grey dragon told them of the invasion of the green dragon and that they must battle. though bran had reservations, he agreed and they went to war. There the fought the battle of the field of broken trees and bran saw that the conflict between the two wyrms was the cause of the green miust. He held cousil with his trusted companions about what to do.

Gogan spoke with Nimwe and found that only the dragons could slay another or else muych damge would be wrot. The decided to trap both dragons in the sea.

The City of the Aquatic Elves

Bran, Tremaen, Frae travled to the aquatic elf castle and was welcomed by the princess. The situation was told and the tondron owed a debt for the rescue of their rpincess and agreed to craft a net which to drag the dragons under the sea. The rpincess kissed each elf to allow them to stay at the castle each day.

Village Raid

once the leves returned, wood giants assaulted the night river winter village.

Battle on the Shore

bran gathered the forces of the grey dragon and told the wyrm that the green dragon would fight him over the waters and the grey beleived him. when the green wrm saw the grey out above the waters, he followed and the druids, in the shapoe of birds, flew above them disguiased as a cloud and dropped the net on them, dragging them under.

The other elves battled the green dragn;s forces and defeated its kith.

The Sun Sleeps in a Cave (Heulwch Hunau Mewn Hogof)

Highsun (Alban Hefin)

Gwyar called a tribemoot (cymanciwdod) for a celebration of Highsun at Carn Haduniad. While there, she introduced Tegtarian to Melltes Fes Corynn, eldest daughter of Rhôn. The young witch was too busy with her books to look up to the druid, but Howl of Fadhan pounced on her to get her attention. Also there was Gogan and Tristion. Later, Tremaen came out of the sky and spoke with Tegtarian. The druid introduced his two newest apprentices, Grythrud and Grythen. Tegtarian was also met by Graniad, who was found by Llyn Dwrog as a babe by Tegtarian. Graniad was officiating the ceremony, a first time doing so. Tremaen met with Ffiriel the Bloody and was told he was the son of Frae Mabdân and the witch Ceridwen. They spoke much.

After the rising of the sun, Gogan saw Grythrud and Grythen speaking with a dark figure outside of the celebration. They received an object from the figure before he turned and faded off into the night. Gogan attempted to bring this to Tegtarian, but was unable to do so. Soon, noon-time was approaching and Graniad began the ceremony, blessing Heulwch and asking that he continue his blessing on his people.

After these words, the mighty Heulwch suddenly ran away and hid in a cave. Soon, in the panic of the elves, Dateg, son of Matholwch, came forward holding the Chysgodaseren, which frightens Heulwch. He announced that his followers, the Dark Ones (Doihrog) are taking control and any who oppose them will fall. He shows the power of the Deep Magic when the twins Grythud and Grythen walk into the menhir circle and stab themselves in the chest with dark stakes and change forms into massive shadow giants.

The giants and their shadow minions were defeated, but Dateg had left.

Llyn Dŵrog

teleported in and saw the feldwrog. Gogan attacks, but his sword doesn't cut Dateg. Dateg throws the orb of darkness in the lake and it goes in. Nimwe comes out as a shadow demon and attacks. Tremaen freezes the lake and two hezrous burst out of the frozen waters. Gogan cuts the arm off one and it drags him under the water. Tremaen defeats Nimwe and Gogan, escaping from the hezrou, comes up to Minwe and she implants visions in his head to seek her master, Cú Ċulchainn in the Temple of a Thousand Tides. Tegtarian changes her to stone to prevent the shadows from takiing her again. They teleport back to town.

Gogan recieves more visions and tells the others they should seek the tondron. After resting, they teleport to the castle and Tegtarian, Gogan and Meltes go to speak with Tenefrys. She tells them she can take them to the temple after gethering her warriors.

Cú Ċulchainn

Three tides later, she takes her royal guard and the first legion of her armies to escort them to the under water temple. As they approach, due to the glowing pearls the scouts are placing, an army of shadows and demons are seen approaching the elves. A battle breaks out and Tenefrys fights through, opening the doors to the temple for Tegtarian and the others. She tells them Cú Ċulchainn sleeps in the center of the temple. But a shadow pierces her breast and she is drug away into the dark waters as the doors close.

They go deeper into the temple and fight a group of negabeasts. They beasts devour the ife force of Gogan, but after the battle Tegtarian reincarnated him into an Orc. They move on and find the inner chanmber with a massive statue of the servant of Cú Ċulchainn, the Beast with Seven Tongues. The collosal stone hound animates and battles the elves. Tremaen transforms into his dragon form and battles the beast. Gogan climbs the construct, slashing as he does so. Firiel is swallowd, but cuts his way out. Meltess summons several elder earth elementals. Togtherm they destroy the statue, leaving the spirit of the Beast to appear in the rubble and give them its blessing before it sparkles away.

One of the friezes of the room animates, and the couatl, Cú Ċulchainn appears. He tells them that he will join the fight and that they must summon the Orb of Light. To do this one must find the four Incarnates, living vestiges of the elements. Tegtarian is the Incarnate of Wind. He take them outside the temple and they find the princess is killed. The couatl teleports them back to the ccastle. the tondron tell the gwerin that armies are ammassing to attack the wood elf tribes, the humans, the eladrin and the aquatic castle within three days. Threy must prepare for battle.

The Night of Four Battles

Gogan and Tristion wind walk to the Spider Tribe and seek out the Bloodragers, as well as the Dire Boars and Arthes. It is here Gogan discovers Tristion is the Incarnate of Earth.

Tremaen and Ffiriel travel to Athaem and warn them of the approaching army. The legetis of the fort and Tremaen's great-nephew, Bothos Aurelius, rallies the troops and prepares for battle. Tremaen and Ffiriel then teleport away to gather their allies, the Aeonus. Bothos, who was greatly ill, tells his alchemists to brew a concoction to engulf him and any enemy near him in a hot fire.

Bothos watches as the walls of Athaem are attacked. When the shadow demons begin their assault, the walls fall. Bothos calls for phalaxes to black the streets, but the army is already on the verge of demoralization. Legitis Bothos heads towards a secret passage that leads out of the fortress and behind the enemy lines. He begins to cut his way through the army and finds the general, a living cloak of darkness. He leaps at him, taking the alchemist's drought and waited for the conflageration, but none came. The cloak unsheathed his barbed blade, but was distracted with several explosions as Tremaen and Ffiriel came back with their allies. The shadow army was routed to the north east. However, as the escaped into the wood, Tremaen heard the sounds of screaming, bone crunching and the squeals of Dire Boars. It was then that Gogan and Tristian walked to meet Tremaen and Ffiriel. They secured the fortress and decided to teleport to Tir Maith.

Tegtarian teleports to Elindor and reunites with Braichres. Together, they speak with King Matholwch. They tell him his son, Dateg, is the leader of the Dwrog cult; news which greatly upsets the king who tell them his son has been dead for the past several years. The army of Shadow appraoches with the female eladrin Eitherim is its head. Tegtarian becomes a massive elemental and Braichres rides on the back of Howl of Fadhan into battle.

Together, they cut down many shadow elementals and the eladrin are doing well. However, when the nethermancers begin summoning demons, the tides turn and the eladrin forces begin being beaten back. Tegtarian sees Eitherim through the battle and approaches her. Her shadowbeast roars mightily and his roar, sharp as a blade, speeds toward Tegtarian, but he manages to slip into the ethereal plane. He attempts to slip back into the world and teleport Eitherim and her shadowbeast into the sea, but the spell does not connect and Tegtarian is knocked down to the ground, resuming his previous form.

Before the Shadowbeast can strike, it is bowled over by Howl of Fadhan and Braichres heals Tegtarian. However, he sees Eitherim walking up behind Braichres with a dagger of cold iron. Tegtarian pushes her out of the way and the dagger is plunged into his chest instead. As he begins to die, Tegtarian hears the popping of spells and flashes of fireballs as the shadow armies are routed and the appearance of Tremaen and the Aeonus. Braichres whispers into Tegtarian's ear and whisps away like leaves.

Tegtarian was overcome by a white light and he rose again with his senses tuned to the wind. He calls a great gale to knock over the forces of the enemy. Eitherim takes out an iron spiked chain and comes at him, but with a whisper to the wind, the chain is redirected and causes her death. The three allies, reunited traveled then to Caer Tondron to rescue Melltes. Tegtarian requested Gogan and Tristian to retrieve Graniad and bring him to Llyn Dwrog, as he surely is the Incarnate of Water.

Melltes stays behind in Caer Tondron and resurrects the Princess. They ask her if she is the Incarnate of Water, which she denies. Melltes sees the army approaching and sees that none of their forces are sub-marine. She has a contingent of tondron take her under the waves and close to the enemy. When they do so, she calls to the weather to make a massive storm of vengence upon them. This storm smashes the enemy, but they are not fully stopped.

Melltes teleports back to the castle and sees the sea-demons coming toward her. The Tondron bear all they can and Melltes lays curses upon her enemies. Too soon, the general is upon her, meeting her in a columned open air tower. Melltes is seemingly easily overcome at first, but she reveals that she has been stealing the general's life force during the whole battle. The general hold his blade to her throat, but she grasps his head and forces him to relive every mistake he every made in an eternal nightmare. The princess later has him executed.

The others arrive to Caer Tondron in time to see the enemy forces routing. Tegtarian is convinced the Incarnate of Fire is Frae, but no one knows where he has been for the past year. They teleport to Ys and confront Ceridwen. She asks for a new warden as she has outgrown Frae, and so Bothos steps up to take the offer. She accepts and says the last time she heard from Frae was when he was to explore the old lair of Ddraig Lloyd. They teleport to the cave and find Frae there but completely mad.

All come back to Llyn Dwrog. The Orbs are called and all show. Out of the lake comes Dateg, but as the other watch the supposed son of Matholwch, Tegatarian watched Granaid who possesed the Orb of Darkness as well as Water and calls the other orbs to him. He reintroduces himself as Adwllych, and his sustained alter self fades away to show that he has become a full Drow.

The battle comenses, during which, Tremaen summons his floating castle overhead. Adwllych, however, proves too strong with the posession of all six orbs; he cannot be killed. At this moment, three shining winged serpents tumble through the air towards them. As the elves battle again, the coatls lay down magical sigils and seal Adwllych in a golden pyramid which constricts on him, popping out the orbs one by one, until the sealed container is flung into the cave in the lake. The coatls take possesion of the orbs, saying the power of these objects are too strong for anyone to possess and they will be hidden once again. They fly away, leaving only Cu Chulcainn, who wishes them well and commend their efforts. He then fades away as the first new sliver of sunlight falls on the land, warm and bright. The petrified stone Nimwe reverts back to flesh and is freed.

Tremaen moves his fortress to Sofia and conquers Aquaria in less then a day to be named the Emperor Septimus Severus. His Aeonus lives on as a group seeking power without morality.

Tegtarian prayed at the Temple of the Verdant King and stepped through an emerald gate to spend his existence in the Twilithe with Braichres; leaving only his spear, his shield and the wolf's mithril armor.

Melltes retreated into the spider swamps and became a venerable spirit of the swamp, a giver of wisdom, immortality, but also a dangerous force to trifle with.

Ffiriel traveled on, a member of the Aeonus, seeking new powers.

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