The Battle of Fire and Ice

There was only one path they could take. They would have to play this quest to the fullest and fight the imp. Rayne was nota bout to stand aside while his realm was invaded by imps. The lives of Tilabeth, Sylvar and perhaps, maybe eve Knot and Tazier were worth dying over.

Okay, not Knot.

The only course of action was to find the artifacts the imps didn't find and take the one that they have. They must make sure that the imps didn't succeed in their task.

Rayne looked through the papers and it seemed that the imps gathered all but three artifacts. These were so hard to get because they were owned by higher beings such as dragons and djinns. A fourth item, it seemed, was the Ethereal Bowl of Seeing which Knot obtained from Scorch, the red dragon.

The first of the three artifacts was the Fire Crown. It was a remarkable item that allowed its wearer the complete control of any fire that was within sight.

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