The Ballad of Marcel and Emily
Marcel and Emily ride
to safety.

The Ballad of Marcel And Emily is a minor saga taking place in Alexandria in 1374 NS. The saga concerns a group of adventurers hired to find the lovers Marcel Lafayette and Emily Bowery before a rival group can track them and kill young Marcel.

Chance Chevalier the Delver, Darvis the Name-binder, Beldum Thistlebeard the dwarven druid and Glitch are on the case.

Two Houses

The characters are hired by Lord Remi Lafayette to find his son, Marcel who has run off with Emily, the daughter of his rival, Lord Simon Bowery. He warns that he suspects that Lord Bowery would also hire hands to search for the two and with more murderous intent. Marcel is supposed to marry another girl.

The last person to see the two teenagers is Father Collers, who married the young couple just yesterday. He said that they left the city to head to Ildrad Zinthys.

Lair of the Darkfangs

Upon following the trail from the teenagers’ horses, it seems that they diverged from the road to escape patrol. The trail off the road seems to lead to a scene where the two were trapped by what seems to be gnolls.

The Darkfang Gnolls are camped in the northern King’s Forest. The two teenagers are being kept in one of the huts.

During the fight with the gnolls, the Westgate Band comes in and attempts to extract the young lovers, but are able only to run off with Emily. The Band tells the players that they will set camp at Blackwall Keep and wait to exchange the two or they will kill the girl and blame it on the gnolls.

Battle at Blackwall Keep

The Westgate Band is camped at an abandoned tower near the mountains. The Band will attempt to make the trade, but Daphne is cautious and will look for treachery. On the slightest hint, the four warriors will fire arrows down from the top of the tower and the others will attack the players.

Emily is kept in the basement with a summoned Yeth Hound keeping guard

After the Band is defeated, the two lovers beg to be let go and to let their love exist. Beldum stabs Marcel.

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