Thantena Forest

Thantena Forest (elven Ddyn Ffanr) is a great forest of southern Tir'Ein. It stretches along the southern coast of the Bluog Seirff Sea from the town of Dragoneve and the Blue Regal in the west, to the city of Calith Arg in the east.

It is also known to some as the Southern Ghoper Forest, though this name originated by human explorers misunderstanding the location of the actual Ghoper Forest.


Elf Tribes

Many elf tribes lived (and still live) in this forest.

The Orcwars

see Orcwars


Thantena is now the home of several roving tribes of elves. Treants still roam the forest, but mainly occupy the southern border, ever watchful of loggers and poachers. Satyrs sometimes scare travelers into making haste out of the forest or to go around it, and the forest is also inhabited by voadkyn (wood giants). Various plant creatures such as shambling mounds and tendriculos also live here.

The Old Path are active in this forest and generally receive support from the forest's inhabitants such as the elves, treants and satyrs. The elves in the forest provided the organization's agents with shelter. They often seek out new elf recruits in this area.

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