Capital Eglas
Largest City Eglas
Islands Rhone, Cannock
and Moonbrook
Ruling House House Kenrod
Demonym Thadian
Formation ?
Area ?
Population Human 79%, Half-Elf 9%
Elf 5%, Eladrin 3%
Halfling 2%, Tiefling 1%
Other 1%
Common Languages Common, Draconic, Sylvan

Thade, (archaic: Ðaidh) is a kingdom in Lorasia. The kingdom is a mercantile powerhouse and the richest nation in the Near World. Thade is an expansionist nation, slowly building an empire through colonization and capitalistic enterprise. Thade has dealings with every nation in the Near World except for the Allied Kingdoms of Nora due to a trading embargo established nearly five hundred years ago. However, many Norans still have mercantile contact with Thade through smuggling, a tactic Thade encourages.

"All trade through Thade" is a famous saying emphasizing the kingdom's economic control.





King Graeme I is the young king of the kingdom, crowned after his father fell ill and died.

The current dragonlord of Thade is the blue dragon Ægáthus. He was the eldest son of the previous dragonlord who killed his father and brothers so that he would take the position on the day Graeme I was crowned.

The king and the dragonlord are close companions and the dragon's malicious desires are kept in check by the good natured king. Some people say "The World will quake with fear when Good King Graeme dies."


Two viceroys of Cannock and Moonbrook

Council of Merchants

The leading merchant families of Thade.



Sword dance
sea food
haven for mercenaries
free market enterprise

Daidh - Rooster
sense of humor, jokes, coward, cunning, deadly, loyal to spouses, rural culture, farmers, fishermen, cats, forest, monasteries, boxing, diplomacy, descended from caels, beer brewing,

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