Voradevăre, also called Tetrahedron, was an infamous tiefling wizard and shadowpriest, creator of geometrecy, black-geometry and founder of the dangerous cult, the Izolat, also known as the Voradevarian Path and the Path of the Empty Circle. Very little reliable information about the wizard himself remains in public view. However, there is rumored to be a book held by the cultists, called the Infinite Emptiness, which describe his life and philosophy in great detail.

He was born in the desert flats of Ibben and traveled widely, even outside the boundaries of the Four Brothers region. He found a teacher and moved to southern Ibben where he challenged the Church of Light by establishing a religious sect based on principles of mathematics. He gained followers and the cult took an active role in local politics, but this lead to the attention of the church who burned the cult's meeting places and slaughtered their members.

The cult was forced to flee to the very wastes that their master was born in.

He created the Mirror of Secrets in 892 NS. During the creation of the item, Tetrahedron was trapped in the mirror and now longs to get out.


Discovery of Ioo's Golden Rings

see Ioo's Golden Rings


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