Tenser's Blue Book

Tenser's Blue Book is a book once owned by Tenser and given Kylie the Just upon his death.

When Tenser’s will was read, Kylie was given the magical bronze key of portals granting access to Tenser’s castle and a large dark-blue book.

Instructions from the blue book have brought Kylie to the castle five times since its closing. She does not understand the purpose of the instructions, some of which seem bizarre; nonetheless she carries them out in full. Kylie wonders if her actions are connected to the new rumblings and other noises coming from the castle. She fears the castle is taking on an eerie life of its own. She believes that she has unknowingly activated a large magical device or engine deep beneath the castle, though actual purpose of such a device is quite beyond her.

‘K - don’t use this downstairs without the blue book."

A wizard can use this room’s powers to cause any being here (including himself) to suffer limited amnesia by casting a&t spell and indicating what is to be forgotten. Only a wish allows recovery of the lost memories. Following the instructions in the blue book Tenser gave her, Kylie used this room to remove her memories of those instructions. She then left by using pawall to get outside (she no longer remembered where the illwionmy wal was located) beforeflying invisibb h m th e walkway to the gatehouse at area CI and walking out

Hidden under a paving stone in the crypt thing's lair is the blue book of instructions that Tenser d e d to Kylie. The paving stone is detectable as a secret door. When Kylie completedTenser's instructions, she left the book with the crypt dung and went to the
Crystal Dome at area C30 to remove all memory of her actions. The book can be asked for, and the crypt thing &gly hands it over without attacking if it is not attacked, but it is not a good idea for PCs to get this book. It detruls the castle's areas and defenses and essentially gives out much of the dormation in &s adventure. The book does not detail the workings of area C52 or the contents of area C38, and may be missing other data at the DMs discretion. If necessary, the DM should give out bits of idormation to anyone readmg the blue book as they would logically be uncovered.

Tenser recognized that the Endless Well must be shut down if he died; otherwise it might fall into evil hands and be used to develop horrifying artifacts and relics. He worked out a complex set of highly specialized alteration and divination spells of levels 4-7, set them down in book form with other details about his castle and left the blue book with the crypt thing in area C49. When memorized and cast in sequence from area C52, the spells allowed the caster to shut down the Endless Well's machinery, forcing the oerthblood back into its vein and locking up the mining machinery.

As executrix of Tenser's will, Kylie was given instructions for hding and using the book. She faithfully followed its instructions, descending to area C52 several times to cast the spells. Unfortunately, shutting down the Endless Well takes time. The shutdown cycle will continue over the next eight years, ending in 593 CY - unless someone reverses the shut-down. Until then, the grinding and whirring of the machinery will be clearly audible in the castle and on the shore. When it is hished, the sudden silence will worry anyone nearby who has gotten used to the noise.

The Endless Well cannot be operated without the blue book. Even with the book, a wizard must spend years learning how to get a small sample of oetthblood, not to mention working for a fd decade or more before a shaped piece of owthblood can be created and delivered through the hatch without harm to the wizard who ordered it

An unsent letter to Mordenkainen, thanking him for letting Tenser know that an old book with information on Tenser’s castle exists within the Great Kingdom, in a landholding called Errantkeep. The tome is a century old, but an unknown person has recently added marginal notes on its defenses and staff. Tenser writes that he is preparing to get the volume himself. The letter is dated the 1st of Harvester, 584 CY, just before Tenser died.

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