Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Home Story Ancient
Alias(es) ?
Titles Loremaster of the Archives
Master of Conjuration
Physical Description
Race ?
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color ?
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation Archmage
Loyalty ?

"I am not Tenser, I am his residual kinetic memory. I am a shade, an echo. I cannot grow or mature. I only persist."

The intelligence that is called Tenser is a recreation of a human conjurer and the first Loremaster of the Alexandrian Archives. After the death of the original Tenser, his magically sentient tower, Story Ancient, used its ability to create a magical simulacrum in his likeness. Using memories of Tenser's personality and abilities, Story Ancient enables this new being (also called Tenser) to continue to exist as the late conjurer once did.

He is currently a member of the Council of Nine


Ante Mordem

see Tenser the Loremaster

The Shadowed Throne

In 671 NS, it is discovered that a cabal of rakshasas have been shadowed behind the throne of Canstice for the last twenty three years.

The Salamander Plot

In 729 NS, a worshiper of Kalabrath summons a number of salamanders and attempts to overthrow the Canstan Monarchy.

Battle of Golden River

In 1083, the Golden River begins to give way to water elementals attacking any traveling down the river. The river proves unsafe for five years (1088) before the mystery is solved by Tenser and the river laid to rest.

Imprisoned by Story Ancient

Breaching Festival of 1373


In 1374, Story Ancient was infiltrated and the Heartstone powering both the tower and Tenser was destroyed.


The current Tenser is a conjured simulacrum created by the magical nature of Story Ancient utilizing latent memories of his presence.

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