Temple of the Verdant King

Naopocuisinn also known as the Temple of the Verdant King or the Temple of Myronbane, is a mythical location in Tir'Ein later swallowed by the forest. Most versions of the legend place the temple near the Bluog Seirff Sea.

Said to be built by divine inspiration by Gogan Nghar Madyn. It is also the site where Tegtarian stepped into the Twilithe to become one of the Cianna.

Home to the Copper Orb of Dragonkind.

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The temple is divided into three areas representing land, air and sea. Each area has doors which may only be bypassed by speaking the correct pass-phrase.


The world between. Doors here have the symbol of the Leaf. To pass one must say “Cerdda acha 'ch chig” which is elven for “I walk on your flesh.”


The world above. Doors here have the symbol of the Feather. To pass one must say “Nofia acha 'ch anadl” which is elven for “I float on your breath.”


The world below. Doors here have the symbol of the Shell. To pass one must say “Nofia mewn 'ch asgre” which is elven for “I swim in your heart.”


An inscription on the wall written in archaic elven:

“All things natural are blessed in this wooden den.
Though ever watchful are the wardens of Myronbane.
Wander through the rooms and prove your fitness.
If the Lar you seek, tell the leaves of your wishes.
If Thar you are destined, tell the feathers how you fly.
If Faoi you dare, tell the shells your path.
May the Verdant King favor you and give you freedom.”

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