Temple of Eight
Temple of Eight
The Temple of Eight western face
Location Uthmurk,
Affiliation Ornus
Order of the Firebringer
Construction 449-451 NS
Creator ?
Associated Figures Nicola Myra
Nika Orlova
Sasha il'Berzanti

The Temple of Eight is a large temple dedicated to Ornus in the mountainous wilderness of the Uthmurk. It is a day and a half journey away from the Stone Tooth.

Nicola Myra became high priest in 1349 until his death in 1370 NS.


  • Bell Tower
  • Lake
  • Graveyard


The Eight Sisters of Battle

Construction started in 449 NS.

  1. Adelais
  2. Celine
  3. Hanna
  4. Kathanna
  5. Luzia
  6. Marina
  7. Sylvia
  8. Wilhelmina

Anton's visit

1357; Anton Halfhand brings his daughter to the temple.

Forge of Fury

1365 NS; A group of adventurers arrive to seek out a nearby dwarven ruin called the Stone Tooth.

A River Without Water

1368 NS; Four warriors are brought to the temple by Shauna Felis to reunite and realize their destiny.

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