Aliases City of Light
Size Metropolis
Location Erwynn, Ilefain
Ruler Maxem the Mariner
Population 27,000
Exports -

Temple, also know as the City of Light, is a large theocratic port city in central Ilefain most famous as the site of the Lux Lucis Templum, the central authority of the Church of Light. Located on the southern coast of Spearhead Bay, modern Temple has grown beyond the boundaries of the Old City. It came into existence in the early Age of Kings and is distinct from the authority of the Church of Light. The two entities have separate and distinct rulings and documentation, though both are ruled by the Hierophant with the highest city functionaries as cardinals.

The Hierophants have resided in the area since the return from seclusion in 495 NS. Previously, they resided in Jaress during the two devil invasions. Temple has remained the holiest city in Nora and the spiritual center of Levists as it contains a number of holy sites.

The Old City is home to site of key religious importance. It has traditionally been divided into four quarters. In the course of history, Temple has been destroyed twice and attacked many other times.

Temple is said to have been built on the site that St. Lydia performed the Miracle of Hope before succumbing to death.

City Layout

simple map of Temple

Mount Theon

see Mount Theon

Old City

Temple Gardens




Noble Families

The Four Great Families of Temple are


Temple cityscape

Religious significance


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