Tempest Vale

Tempest Vale is a western section of the Caitalam Wildlands of Caltirech. The River Anur flows down its center.


First Fir Bolgs

Then Fomorians

Golden Druid Age

1098 - 1151 NS. The Keepers are founded at the end.

Cairshengol Founded

1235 - after the destruction of a previous village.

Taming of the Wildlands

In 1347 NS, Duke Mansuetus Kildare of Caltirech begins the Taming of the Wildlands to settle the northern areas of Caltirech. It collapses in 1351.

The Lumber Consortium

Founded in 1352.

The Wolfblood War

1357 - 1360. Elara's Halfway House is built.

Halfway House burns down



Highmoon Forest

Legend says that the entire forest was bloomed from the Elder Tree, found in its center.

Long ago, darkwood trees were introduced to the forest and they have spread and prospered since.

Settlements and Sites


The Old Mounds

Power Groups

Clan Aedh

Clan Ériu

The Keepers

The Lumber Consortium

Highmoon Court

Flora and Fauna

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