Biographical Information
Location of Birth White City, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1354 NS
Home Yorik, Ilefain
Alias Tempest
Axur Atum (Khemetian)
Xa-Iah (Xeph)
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Family Information
Family Members James Colwynn (father)
Susan Colwynn (mother)
Occupation ?
Wizard Circle Drak Osayli
Loyalty ?

"The Church has classified you as a non-entity. From now on, you are hereby to be referred to as an unholy major artifact. You will come with us back to Temple where you will be dismantled."
Francois Mervoi d'Roux

Tempest, born as Maximilian Colwynn is an archmage of the Council of Nine as the Master of Evocation. He has been known to be an adventurer, scholar, dungeon delver and hero to the Xeph tribes of Khemet. He graduated the Yorik Wizarding Academy in 1372 and joined the Drak Osayli where he apprenticed under Alexander Tychon ren Highwind of Luendig. He lived in Khemet for many years, known there as Axur Atum after stopping a royal coup and restoring the pharaoh to her throne.

In 1377, Tempest took part in the Battle of the Shadow Bridge and helped defeat vastania-darkheart, saving what was left of southern Canstice. He was inducted into the Council of Nine along with his allies, Felix Richter and Andreu es'Ornelos.

He is the son of the infamous murderers, James and Susan Colwynn, and as such is the focus of the machinations of many influential groups. He has been declared a non-entity by the Church of Light and has been marked for death. Under the pseudonym "Tempest", he can act somewhat more freely, though he is still keenly aware of his status as a fugitive.


Parentage and Birth

Maximilian's parents were James and Susan Colwynn, perpetrators of the Colwynn Murders, a series of gruesome killings so heinous the whole of Ilefain knew of their infamy. The Colwynns were captured and tried before the Church of Light. They were found guilty of the most foul murder and sentenced to die in the House of Grey Veils by Ordeal.

Susan Colwynn, who was known to be pregnant, was allowed to carry her son to term. Maximilian was delivered by Leon Chevalier, then apprenticed to First Executioner Kale Chevalier. James and Susan Colwynn were executed later that night.

Early Life

Raid on the Academy and the chase on Wonderluck Road

see The Archmages Saga: Evocation

Apprenticeship to Archmage Highwind

In 1373, Maximilian worked as the apprentice to Archmage Alexander Tychon ren Highwind. During this time, he took on the pseudonym "Tempest" to hide his presence from the church. A short man with golden hair gave Max three cards to change his fate.

During this time, Max took Nai-shi to see Silas Valligan to look for a fiancee in the House of Valligan. Silas was amazed at the existence of a member of House d'Falaven, but sadly reported a lack of suitable candidates. He suggested a possible suitor in Ulrich Highwind, brother to Archmage Highwind himself.

Adventures in Sedjeri

Maximilian traveled across the Blood Sea to Khemet with Mandy Valin. They arrived in Sedjeri in 1374 and attempted to discover the truth behind Maximilian's nature and his sin-runes. In the city, they met Julia Chevalier, who chose to help them with their quest.

After some adventures, the three of them were invited to the Pharaoh's Palace where they met the radiant Rasa-Tewet. They were soon caught in the middle of a conspiracy of the court priestess, Argent the Serpent who was attempting to usurp the throne. Mandy was captured and Maximilian and Julia were driven into the desert, being considered enemies to the state. In the desert, they befriended a tribe of xephs and unified many of the tribes into an army to combat the forces of Argent. The tribes called him Xa-Iah, "Shadow of the Moon". They defeated the death-priestess, causing her to flee the city and replaced Rasa-Tewet back on the throne.

Maximilian was given citizen status and a small estate in the city, complete with furnishings and slaves. Soon, he decided to travel to the city of zarab, where he may find more clues to his quest.

The return of Argent

After the three of them arrived in Zharoeb in 1375, Maximilian and Julia grew closer and Mandy began to feel isolated and jealous. This reached a climax when Mandy attacked Julia in a rage and severely injured her. In her shame, Mandy ran away and disappeared. After treating Julia, and convincing her to help him, they began to search for Mandy, but were soon caught by a force of marruspawn under the control of Argent.

Maximilian and Julia were taken to the priestess's lair where Argent worked her vengeance. They were tortured and told they would be transformed into elans through ceremorphosis. However, they were saved when Mandy Valin infiltrated the lair and defeated enough forces to free Max and Julia. The three of them managed to escape the lair, but it was clear that Mandy was host to an ice devil.

Mandy apologized for her behavior and admitted her love for Max, but he told her that his heart was now with Julia and she needed to accept that. She agreed to continue his quest with him. Julia, however, was needed back in Nora and had to leave. Max promised to find her when he was done.

The Kebur-rabi delve

In 1376, Maximilian discovered texts within Zharoeb the existence of a forgotten temple in the sands west of the upper Anekh River. They traveled to the buried temple, called Kebur-rabi, and found many levels inside. Strangely, only the first few layers resembled khemetian architecture, with the lower levels assuming the same writings as found on the ruined shi'imti stones of west-central Ilefain. There, with Mandy translating the texts, Max learned of alternate purposes of the Black Stone Altar, including the use as an energy source for an engine designed to destroy the world.

Before he could learn more, the wall crumbled by the fist of a large mechanical automaton attacking the intruders. The machine was defeated and inside the chamber that was revealed the resting place of the Runelord of Wrath, Cualania the Destroyer. The runelord was hooked into ancient machines and her consciousness was barely aware. Still, Cualania felt the power of Maximilian's sin-runes and offered her "ally" three wishes for discovering her tomb. Max wished for the removal of the devil from inside Mandy, and for knowledge of the ultimate force energy spell, which he later named Maximilian's Final Force.

Maximilian made sure to keep several parts to the ancient automaton for later reconstruction.

Return of the Council

see The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

After finding all he could in Khemet, Max and the others headed back to Nora in 1377. Once there, he visited his master, Archmage Highwind. Highwind gave Max a scroll that came while he was in Khemet. It announced Max as a nominee to replace Otiluke as the Master of Evocation. Archmage Highwind filled Max in on the events of the last five years.

Maximilian then set off to Alexandria to attend the Return of the Nine with Mandy at his side.

Power and Abilities

Evocation and Force Effects

Tempest has a mastery of force effect spells that is unmatched by other arcanists. He has mastered the magic missile spell and has expanded its capabilities. So gifted is he with force effects, some have thought that he may be the reincarnation of Tenser the Loremaster.

Black Stone Altar

It has been revealed that Maximilian Colwynn is the incarnation of a terrifying unholy artifact known as the Black Stone Altar. James and Susan Colwynn used strange rituals to reconfigure this object and forge it into the form of Susan's unborn son.

Whenever Tempest is near an outsider when it dies, its essence is absorbed by the altar, allowing it to grow in power and adding the outsider's soul as an arcane sigil. These sigils appear as eldritch marks on Tempest's skin. It is unknown what effect will occur when enough sigils are collected.

Allies, Enemies and Relationships

Julia Chevalier

see Julia Chevalier

Dame Chevalier is Tempest's current consort. They have adventured together extensively, though Chevalier is bound by her vows to the Shields of the Red Waters.

Mandy Valin

Nikki Floren



Archmage Highwind

Annave Nevin

Leon Chevalier

Francois Mervoi d'Roux

Argent the Serpent


"You inglorious bastard, she read your book."
Nikki Floren, referring to Mandy Valin reading the Book of Hands.

Prince Harold's Tome

Book of Hands

Otiluke's Book of Evocation Forces

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