location in nora
Capital Melinir
Largest City Melinir
Archduchy Dollan
Kingdom Ilefain
Ruling House House of Barrik
Demonym Tauranian
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages ?

Taurania is a large isolated valley, sometimes called Thunder Rift named after the characteristic thunderous roar that can sometimes be heard throughout the valley. Taurania is home to a wide range of peoples and creatures and has a rich history, full of wonders, glory, conflicts, violence and tragedy.

Where Desberi humans are from.



70 NS

The dragon known as Ash the Red attacks Torlynn. It is defeated and slain by the heroes of the Quadrial, but only after slaying Korian the Halfling and Gray Raven.

Goblin Wars

c500 NS

The Castle of Barrik, near Torlynn is attacked by Goblin hordes.

The Baron of Barrik and his men are believed to have been killed and only ruins are left of the Castle




northern part

Knacker Knob

East March

West March



  • Torlynn
  • Melinir
  • Kleine
  • Kaminheim; dwarven city, lead by Clanfather Ragni. Previous dwarf lords are Lord Hargun, Lord Burgrim and Lord Durgan. Also Lord Gargin the Mad.


Views on magic

Views on magic are contentious. Arcanists are not popular.


The Knight Counts rule the Rift. Peerage and nobility are seen as earned and kept only as long as you continue to be worthy. Noble families seen by the people (or other nobles) as unworthy are overthrown.

The Knight Count Houses and their heraldic sigil are listed below.

  • Avenal (Black Dragon)

Family Stronghold: The Swamp of Avenal
Members, Current: Sir Argyl II
Members, historical: Sir Argyl I (The Black Knight)
The knights of the Avenal family are sworn to vengance. The oldest son of each generation takes the title 'the Black Knight'.

  • Melinir (Golden Lion)

Family Stronghold: Melinir
Members, current: Sir Brion and Sir Erik
Members, historical: Sir Mathew of the Fighter's Academy

  • Kleine (white and red checkers)

Family Lands: Kleine
Members, current: Lady Taris

  • Kraal (White Griffon Head)

Family Lands: The Black Swamp
Members, current: Sir Stimdum
Members, historical: Lady Kraal, The Blacksmith Kraal
The Kraal family dates back 800 years to the construction of Castle Kraal. Its founder is said to have been a Blacksmith who died during the construction of the castle. The Kraal family have a special hatred against Ogres.

  • Longmane (Two headed Eagle)

Family Lands: Gloomfens
Members, current: Sir Renk
Members, historical: Lord Ursus (actually still around as a Vampire), Sir Jamesson the Defender
The Longmane family offered their lands to host the Fighter's Academy. Since the creation of the Gloomfens, the Longmane family have relocated to Kleine. Not long ago, Lord Ursus a recent member of the family sought to reclaim his ancestral lands. He has not been seen since.

  • Edgewater (White Chevron on Red)

Family Lands: Edgewater
Members, current: Lady Rianna

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