Tales from the Drunken Druid

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Tales from the Drunken Druid features a string of tales told by veteran adventurers in the Drunken Druid tavern in Alexandria. The tales begin in the year 1363 NS when a young wizard left his home.

Strangers enter the Drunken Druid

1363: The Sunless Ruins

frontrunners for apple is tir ein nobles House Carrick - sick daughter.
aeron finds garlic - tho it is not common in the fellwood

fight steam and ice mephic from the keg. ice mephit is killed by karwick's blast of fire, but it explodes and drops the wizard.

aeron takes out the stea mmephit and covers karwicks dying body to shield from the steam., he drops too.

karwick awakens under the elf and quickly tears off cloth to bandage wounds and stabalize him.

karwick locks the door for a long rest.

staff was carved by karwick himself.

they go into next room with aeron leading the way and see a large chamber with a fire pit and a bench with a bedrool underneight and whimpeing coming from within

karwick investigaes and coaxes out meepo. aeron wants to kill it, but karwick makes friends.

Caer Teithio

fight steam and ice mephic from the keg. ice mephit is killed by karwick's blast of fire, but it explodes and drops the wizard.

aeron takes out the stea mmephit and covers karwicks dying body to shield from the steam., he drops too.

karwick awakens under the elf and quickly tears off cloth to bandage wounds and stabalize him.

karwick locks the door for a long rest.

staff was carved by karwick himself.

they go into next room with aeron leading the way and see a large chamber with a fire pit and a bench with a bedrool underneight and whimpeing coming from within

karwick investigaes and coaxes out meepo. aeron wants to kill it, but karwick makes friends.

163 xp

karwick is kobold slave

aeron is orc slave.

meepo, slayer of orcs.

Enni, 2nd lvl cleric.

they look at the fountain and aeron sees elven inscriptiomn. reads it out loud. blood flows from the stone vampire's mouth.

"What do you want to do with that viscous liquid"

"its not viscous, its thick."

"Thats what viscous means!" - karwick and aeron.

helga was a bitty lass.

meepo puts his finger in "meepo, no. don't stop." - karwick

meepo licks it and burps, a burst of flame.

karwick is poisoned by the ppoison fountain after aeron says the words.

aerron looks in room, mother rat goes to him - aeron kills rat with one strike,m but liquid popurs out and mother tears open and rats pour out.

meepo doesnt like rats.

aeron plays his flute to animate the skeleton of the ranger to fight the swarm of rats.

"What is that?" karwick about the skeleton after his rest.

Enni finds karwick in the pit outside the castlew.

karwick is very scared of screaming skulls. he is shaken but ewnni is able to bring him back to the skull room.

the orb is gone - Krwick "Where did it go?!"


Rhydian the Vampire

doors and sarcophagus are clamped by rusted iron clamps.

"You could help!"

(laughing) "No I'm not"

Aeron is stubborn (perhaps obsessive) when faced with an obstacle.

Aeron has all the magic items.

the vampire scratched the "scrolls" into the underside of the lid over the years. Arcane and divine.

enni uses a charcol rubbing to turn them into scrolls.

meepo doesnt like vampires.

They go to the orc chieftan's chamber and see his throne as well as a chest filled with silver and gold stamped with the seal of the House Carrick. 23,000 gil.

orc word for non orc

karwick thunderstrikes

aeron reanimates the rats to eat their wrangler alive.

zombie rats

aeron splatters the first orc near the table with Nugai.

Nugai Luk

Nugai breaks manicles now that others are here.

nugai smashes the chains holding his feet, cuts the chains and the table collapses and gently springs him to his feet.

aeron makes enni hide armor from giant rat fur.

level to 3.

encounter plant zombie orcs in southern octogon.

aeron is 6'4".

enni kills the flame snake, aeron is disappointed in the short fight.


orc drops nugai. enni heals.

orc is killed by magic missles and falls over, cracks open and a flower comes out.

next room, aeron rages and kills the three moss zombie orcs.

aeron is exhausted before the shrine.

nugai asks all to lease the status room. he thunderwaives.

thunderwaives cracks statue. the base is now very unstable.

long rest.

nugai's growths are sprouting.

nugai says hes ok to go and they allow him to continue.

aeron finds orc great sword in library. well made for orc blade. =2 to initiative if not incapacitated. aeron finds the sword hidden because it began to glow golden.

book of stitched up leather. elf skin. vampire chapters of the libris mortis. written in elven. with history of caer teithio and death. information of the prince vampire. books tells that if you dont kill a vamp properly, they will turn to mist to escape. marginal note about ancient vampires - stake will not destroy them, but put them into torpor.

meepo cant open wooden door. but aeron pulls the door off hinges.

wooden book written in druidic in private library.

meepo is severly hurt by blizzard trap from the thick book on the desk. enni takes all night to nurse him back.

moss orcs guarding hallway.

gulthias tree = elven for one who eats.

tree- 26
belak- 1
bradford- 20

enni tries to grapple nugai.

aeron knocks out bradford in one hit and then jumps down the stairs and kocks out sharwyn.

karwick casts shatter on the tree as a twig blight attacks him and meepo attacks the blight.

belak says "No!" and cast entagle on aeron who rages all the plants off in a fit of strength.

aeron destroys the tree in a dramatic fashion.

he cuts a wedge out of the tree and then straight down and splits the tree like lumber!

aeron then kills the blight in his frenzy.

karwick makes plant puns and aeron hits him.

karwick takes shatterspike at sir bradford's behest.

enni says they havent long to live.

aeron says he will return the family rings.

enni suggests giving belak to the nobles aeron an dkarwick agree.

karwick lights the room on fire to rid the plants.

they say goodbye to the kobolds.

kobolds give them a scroll case with a map of a lost dwarven clanhold.

once back in town, they report to the mayor and give the bad news.

aeron asks who karakus was, he was a sworn sword to the noble house. he returns his ring to his family.

gives a wrapped bundle to meepo. 5 jade dragon statues.

mayor gives them reward for the return of the three signet rings.

they travel south to zuffels. aeron wants to see trollebotten on the way.

karwick eventually makes his way to alexandria. trains with the sword. enrolls in archlan university. also a horney 19 year old wizard carousing around alexandria.

aeron wants to go owlbear hunting. perhaps with a group of mercs.

karwick lives in magic district.

enni will keep traveling. enni recommends the compass society. enni and aeron joins. perhaps help with dwarven clans.

karwick will stay at the compass lodge as a semi perminant residence.

karwick is seen as country bumpkin and hedge wizard who hits things with his staff at the university.

within three months of being in alexandria karwick looses his fortune.

aeron saved the life of a nephew of a notable black mage. he is now in good with them.

aeron is sponsored for kmnighthood. he accepts. a knight of nora. he may make a coat of arms.

karwick joins the compass society and wandering torch.

they are contacted by a researcher from compass saying they think they found their dwarven hill. in vatharond near freeburg.

aeron deposits money in with the knights merchant.

karwick wants to start a prive eye business.

karwick doesnt like taking charity.

1365: The Forge of Fury

karwick "loses" aeron's shrieking orb

meepo as karwick's research assistant - turns out he has a knack for magic.

aeron has 606p, 215gil in knights merchant bank

aeron buys simple house in Alexandria. simple lifestyle.

do the knights templar have savings interest? They definately charge ursury on loans.

aeron hires himself out for job during the downtime.

contacted by Enni

aeron got owlbear armor - hide.

karwick's bat familiar named Nocturn. spell actually called for fruit bat - but came as vampire bat. Girl bat. Meepo doesn't like her. ship name is Meep-turn. Is purple.

how long do you have to go to school to be a wizard? Does adventuring count as credit?

karwick was 19 for sunless citadel.

travel by horse. karwick has normal horse. aeron has Merreonir Destrier (maybe other strong magebred)

to Zuffels and then to the temple of eight.

at least 30 years since any news of the clanhold. Klann Veranix

nicola myra hates kobolds.

he shows the broken blade of durgaddin and offers reward for weapon cache. also a reward for a reliable map of the clanhold.

reward for pair of ogre horns.

the "ogre" they captured turned into a mask. Karwick puts it on, he gains advantage on perception. Karwick takes the mask - but doesn't wear it.

approaching mountain from SW

three day's jounry to the temple.

nocturn is in a little pouch during the day. sometimes is attached to shoulder.

trail leads to pavilion in front of mountain door. tracks indicated a few dwarves.

further up, they see two red-skinned ogres. they are not paying attention. the group readies. karwick casts sleep and affects one of them.

the other recognises this as a spell. ogre sounds the alarm. party retreats and aeron remains hidden and watches murder holes to calculate 3 - 4 archers. and the stray fireball. aeron joins the others.

karwick discusses using spider climb to go down the chimney. enni reminds him that heat rises. they go to the chimney to find more info.

aeron attaches a piton and a rope down the chimney. two ropes tied together make 100 ft. aeron climbs down. aeron moves the rope away from coals, and dowses them and checks the tunnel out.

there are some ogres and a cage with captured locals. aeron goes back to the chimney. climbs back up.

they climb down and see the ogres are gone. they find the fence, meepo readies to open the iron lock, while aeron destroys the rickety wooden cage.

aeron notices life energy sucked out of the prisoners.

karwick notes that is not normal for ogres.

aeron suggests to put them above groun hidden and give them food and water. meanwhile they delve the dungeon. aeron carried them up the rope. gives them winter blanket and torch.

they go through the next few rooms and see no ogres, just garbage and a murky well. aeron looks down the long stone hallway.

tiger2 25
ogre 59

+6 to hit; 17 (2d12 + 4) bludge

they go to end of hall and karwicks sets off poinson trap, his hacking and coughing alerts a dire tiger coming up stairs.
karwick casts flkaming sphere to keep it at bay and alrets oni. aeron rages and attack ioni.

meepo kills tiger, karwick keeps second tiger at bay and the oni become sinvis and hits aeron real hard, aeron back tracks, kawrwick casts shatter in room and his mask flies off to ask ullfe to be his master, but is invisably knocked to the lfoor. invis oni comes up and hits aeron again. but meets meepo's arrows and dies.

tiger is burned to death by flaming spohere.

meepo kill shots the tiger.

karwick keeps the other tiger and the oni at bay withthe flaming sphere.

arg has see invisability on all the time. and can pass this to whomever wears the mask.

is nic's sword a sword of warning?

meepo kills the great ullfe.

the mask floats up and tells karwick to be killed by a stronger creature. karwick suggests meepo as his master. the mask laughs at the suggestion and calls them all crzy and karwick the Weak One. The mask flies off, leaving karwick bewildered.

karwick calls meepo a Champion Chest Opener.

they go into the boss room and close the iron door and lock it. short rest.

after rest, they look in barracks room and a patrol of oni come up to them. aeron attacks with longbow. karwick attacks with lightning and kills an oni.

karwick put diamond 50 gp on head of staff while enrolled in uni. also did some other carving.

the oni duck behind the corner, aeron gives chase and they fill him with arrows once he comes in sight. aeron rages.

oni flank aeron and drop him. enni approaches and heals him and meepo drops an oin.

the oni defeated by karwick's fire, aeron plays nightcaller, but the oni just evaporate.

voice of the mask approaches, leading a tengu towards the pcs. aeron rushes the tengu, who looks menacing.

tengu 49

karwick casts fire on the mask, which flies away screaming.

aeron gives tnegu a change to surrender. oni bites aeron and steals his voice. aeron turns to the group to say he's mine, but cannot speak. the tengu then speaks his words in his voice. karwick is confused and stays out of it. aeron removes the tengu's head and savagely maims the corpse. his voice slowly returns in his screams.

they go back to bunk room and bar the door. aeron takes first watch for long rest.

their rest is interrupted by door pounding. aeron opens the peep hole at waist height to see a yellow fanged face demanding they open the door.

aeron rages. and drops the first two. karwick shoots flames and meepo arrows. aeron cuts huge swaths out of the oni.

after finishing the battle, karwick spends ten min studying spells. they leave the room and head down the hallway. karwick walked into line of fire from waiting oni snipers. aeron shoulder checks him out of the way and takes the arrows, dropping him.

tengu attempts hideous laughter via thrown feather, but fails. karwick doesnt fall for it. karwick fends off many attacks both from club and arrow with his shield spell, but is undone by the tengu's scorching rays.

meepo is dropped by the tnegu, which brings about swift retribution from aeron, killing the tengu. he then pours a potion down meepo's throat.

they decide to go back to the boss room to rest.

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