Tales from the Drunken Druid

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Tales from the Drunken Druid features a string of tales told by veteran adventurers in the Drunken Druid tavern in Alexandria. The tales begin in the year 1363 NS when a young wizard left his home.

Strangers enter the Drunken Druid

1363: The Sunless Ruins

frontrunners for apple is tir ein nobles House Carrick - sick daughter.
aeron finds garlic - tho it is not common in the fellwood

fight steam and ice mephic from the keg. ice mephit is killed by karwick's blast of fire, but it explodes and drops the wizard.

aeron takes out the stea mmephit and covers karwicks dying body to shield from the steam., he drops too.

karwick awakens under the elf and quickly tears off cloth to bandage wounds and stabalize him.

karwick locks the door for a long rest.

staff was carved by karwick himself.

they go into next room with aeron leading the way and see a large chamber with a fire pit and a bench with a bedrool underneight and whimpeing coming from within

karwick investigaes and coaxes out meepo. aeron wants to kill it, but karwick makes friends.

Caer Teithio

fight steam and ice mephic from the keg. ice mephit is killed by karwick's blast of fire, but it explodes and drops the wizard.

aeron takes out the stea mmephit and covers karwicks dying body to shield from the steam., he drops too.

karwick awakens under the elf and quickly tears off cloth to bandage wounds and stabalize him.

karwick locks the door for a long rest.

staff was carved by karwick himself.

they go into next room with aeron leading the way and see a large chamber with a fire pit and a bench with a bedrool underneight and whimpeing coming from within

karwick investigaes and coaxes out meepo. aeron wants to kill it, but karwick makes friends.

163 xp

karwick is kobold slave

aeron is orc slave.

meepo, slayer of orcs.

Enni, 2nd lvl cleric.

they look at the fountain and aeron sees elven inscriptiomn. reads it out loud. blood flows from the stone vampire's mouth.

"What do you want to do with that viscous liquid"

"its not viscous, its thick."

"Thats what viscous means!" - karwick and aeron.

helga was a bitty lass.

meepo puts his finger in "meepo, no. don't stop." - karwick

meepo licks it and burps, a burst of flame.

karwick is poisoned by the ppoison fountain after aeron says the words.

aerron looks in room, mother rat goes to him - aeron kills rat with one strike,m but liquid popurs out and mother tears open and rats pour out.

meepo doesnt like rats.

aeron plays his flute to animate the skeleton of the ranger to fight the swarm of rats.

"What is that?" karwick about the skeleton after his rest.

Enni finds karwick in the pit outside the castlew.

karwick is very scared of screaming skulls. he is shaken but ewnni is able to bring him back to the skull room.

the orb is gone - Krwick "Where did it go?!"


Rhydian the Vampire

doors and sarcophagus are clamped by rusted iron clamps.

"You could help!"

(laughing) "No I'm not"

Aeron is stubborn (perhaps obsessive) when faced with an obstacle.

Aeron has all the magic items.

The vampire bites aeron in the neck. a big bite.

the vampire scratched the "scrolls" into the underside of the lid over the years. Arcane and divine.

enni uses a charcol rubbing to turn them into scrolls.

meepo doesnt like vampires.

They go to the orc chieftan's chamber and see his throne as well as a chest filled with silver and gold stamped with the seal of the House Carrick. 23,000 gil.

orc word for non orc

karwick thunderstrikes

aeron reanimates the rats to eat their wrangler alive.

zombie rats

aeron splatters the first orc near the table with Nugai.

Nugai Luk

Nugai breaks manicles now that others are here.

nugai smashes the chains holding his feet, cuts the chains and the table collapses and gently springs him to his feet.

aeron makes enni hide armor from giant rat fur.

level to 3.

encounter plant zombie orcs in southern octogon.

aeron is 6'4".

enni kills the flame snake, aeron is disappointed in the short fight.


orc drops nugai. enni heals.

orc is killed by magic missles and falls over, cracks open and a flower comes out.

next room, aeron rages and kills the three moss zombie orcs.

aeron is exhausted before the shrine.

nugai asks all to lease the status room. he thunderwaives.

thunderwaives cracks statue. the base is now very unstable.

long rest.

nugai's growths are sprouting.

nugai says hes ok to go and they allow him to continue.

aeron finds orc great sword in library. well made for orc blade. =2 to initiative if not incapacitated. aeron finds the sword hidden because it began to glow golden.

book of stitched up leather. elf skin. vampire chapters of the libris mortis. written in elven. with history of caer teithio and death. information of the prince vampire. books tells that if you dont kill a vamp properly, they will turn to mist to escape. marginal note about ancient vampires - stake will not destroy them, but put them into torpor.

meepo cant open wooden door. but aeron pulls the door off hinges.

wooden book written in druidic in private library.

meepo is severly hurt by blizzard trap from the thick book on the desk. enni takes all night to nurse him back.

moss orcs guarding hallway.

gulthias tree = elven for one who eats.

tree- 26
belak- 1
bradford- 20

enni tries to grapple nugai.

aeron knocks out bradford in one hit and then jumps down the stairs and kocks out sharwyn.

karwick casts shatter on the tree as a twig blight attacks him and meepo attacks the blight.

belak says "No!" and cast entagle on aeron who rages all the plants off in a fit of strength.

aeron destroys the tree in a dramatic fashion.

he cuts a wedge out of the tree and then straight down and splits the tree like lumber!

aeron then kills the blight in his frenzy.

karwick makes plant puns and aeron hits him.

karwick takes shatterspike at sir bradford's behest.

enni says they havent long to live.

aeron says he will return the family rings.

enni suggests giving belak to the nobles aeron an dkarwick agree.

karwick lights the room on fire to rid the plants.

they say goodbye to the kobolds.

kobolds give them a scroll case with a map of a lost dwarven clanhold.

once back in town, they report to the mayor and give the bad news.

aeron asks who karakus was, he was a sworn sword to the noble house. he returns his ring to his family.

gives a wrapped bundle to meepo. 5 jade dragon statues.

mayor gives them reward for the return of the three signet rings.

they travel south to zuffels. aeron wants to see trollebotten on the way.

karwick eventually makes his way to alexandria. trains with the sword. enrolls in archlan university. also a horney 19 year old wizard carousing around alexandria.

aeron wants to go owlbear hunting. perhaps with a group of mercs.

karwick lives in magic district.

enni will keep traveling. enni recommends the compass society. enni and aeron joins. perhaps help with dwarven clans.

karwick will stay at the compass lodge as a semi perminant residence.

karwick is seen as country bumpkin and hedge wizard who hits things with his staff at the university.

within three months of being in alexandria karwick looses his fortune.

aeron saved the life of a nephew of a notable black mage. he is now in good with them.

aeron is sponsored for kmnighthood. he accepts. a knight of nora. he may make a coat of arms.

karwick joins the compass society and wandering torch.

they are contacted by a researcher from compass saying they think they found their dwarven hill. in vatharond near freeburg.

aeron deposits money in with the knights merchant.

karwick wants to start a prive eye business.

karwick doesnt like taking charity.

1365: The Forge of Fury

karwick "loses" aeron's shrieking orb

meepo as karwick's research assistant - turns out he has a knack for magic.

aeron has 606p, 215gil in knights merchant bank

aeron buys simple house in Alexandria. simple lifestyle.

do the knights templar have savings interest? They definately charge ursury on loans.

aeron hires himself out for job during the downtime.

contacted by Enni

aeron got owlbear armor - hide.

karwick's bat familiar named Nocturn. spell actually called for fruit bat - but came as vampire bat. Girl bat. Meepo doesn't like her. ship name is Meep-turn. Is purple.

how long do you have to go to school to be a wizard? Does adventuring count as credit?

karwick was 19 for sunless citadel.

travel by horse. karwick has normal horse. aeron has Merreonir Destrier (maybe other strong magebred)

to Zuffels and then to the temple of eight.

at least 30 years since any news of the clanhold. Klann Veranix

nicola myra hates kobolds.

he shows the broken blade of durgaddin and offers reward for weapon cache. also a reward for a reliable map of the clanhold.

reward for pair of ogre horns.

the "ogre" they captured turned into a mask. Karwick puts it on, he gains advantage on perception. Karwick takes the mask - but doesn't wear it.

approaching mountain from SW

three day's jounry to the temple.

nocturn is in a little pouch during the day. sometimes is attached to shoulder.

trail leads to pavilion in front of mountain door. tracks indicated a few dwarves.

further up, they see two red-skinned ogres. they are not paying attention. the group readies. karwick casts sleep and affects one of them.

the other recognises this as a spell. ogre sounds the alarm. party retreats and aeron remains hidden and watches murder holes to calculate 3 - 4 archers. and the stray fireball. aeron joins the others.

karwick discusses using spider climb to go down the chimney. enni reminds him that heat rises. they go to the chimney to find more info.

aeron attaches a piton and a rope down the chimney. two ropes tied together make 100 ft. aeron climbs down. aeron moves the rope away from coals, and dowses them and checks the tunnel out.

there are some ogres and a cage with captured locals. aeron goes back to the chimney. climbs back up.

they climb down and see the ogres are gone. they find the fence, meepo readies to open the iron lock, while aeron destroys the rickety wooden cage.

aeron notices life energy sucked out of the prisoners.

karwick notes that is not normal for ogres.

aeron suggests to put them above groun hidden and give them food and water. meanwhile they delve the dungeon. aeron carried them up the rope. gives them winter blanket and torch.

they go through the next few rooms and see no ogres, just garbage and a murky well. aeron looks down the long stone hallway.

tiger2 25
ogre 59

+6 to hit; 17 (2d12 + 4) bludge

they go to end of hall and karwicks sets off poinson trap, his hacking and coughing alerts a dire tiger coming up stairs.
karwick casts flkaming sphere to keep it at bay and alrets oni. aeron rages and attack ioni.

meepo kills tiger, karwick keeps second tiger at bay and the oni become sinvis and hits aeron real hard, aeron back tracks, kawrwick casts shatter in room and his mask flies off to ask ullfe to be his master, but is invisably knocked to the lfoor. invis oni comes up and hits aeron again. but meets meepo's arrows and dies.

tiger is burned to death by flaming spohere.

meepo kill shots the tiger.

karwick keeps the other tiger and the oni at bay withthe flaming sphere.

arg has see invisability on all the time. and can pass this to whomever wears the mask.

is nic's sword a sword of warning?

meepo kills the great ullfe.

the mask floats up and tells karwick to be killed by a stronger creature. karwick suggests meepo as his master. the mask laughs at the suggestion and calls them all crzy and karwick the Weak One. The mask flies off, leaving karwick bewildered.

karwick calls meepo a Champion Chest Opener.

they go into the boss room and close the iron door and lock it. short rest.

after rest, they look in barracks room and a patrol of oni come up to them. aeron attacks with longbow. karwick attacks with lightning and kills an oni.

karwick put diamond 50 gp on head of staff while enrolled in uni. also did some other carving.

the oni duck behind the corner, aeron gives chase and they fill him with arrows once he comes in sight. aeron rages.

oni flank aeron and drop him. enni approaches and heals him and meepo drops an oin.

the oni defeated by karwick's fire, aeron plays nightcaller, but the oni just evaporate.

voice of the mask approaches, leading a tengu towards the pcs. aeron rushes the tengu, who looks menacing.

tengu 49

karwick casts fire on the mask, which flies away screaming.

aeron gives tnegu a change to surrender. oni bites aeron and steals his voice. aeron turns to the group to say he's mine, but cannot speak. the tengu then speaks his words in his voice. karwick is confused and stays out of it. aeron removes the tengu's head and savagely maims the corpse. his voice slowly returns in his screams.

they go back to bunk room and bar the door. aeron takes first watch for long rest.

their rest is interrupted by door pounding. aeron opens the peep hole at waist height to see a yellow fanged face demanding they open the door.

aeron rages. and drops the first two. karwick shoots flames and meepo arrows. aeron cuts huge swaths out of the oni.

after finishing the battle, karwick spends ten min studying spells. they leave the room and head down the hallway. karwick walked into line of fire from waiting oni snipers. aeron shoulder checks him out of the way and takes the arrows, dropping him.

tengu attempts hideous laughter via thrown feather, but fails. karwick doesnt fall for it. karwick fends off many attacks both from club and arrow with his shield spell, but is undone by the tengu's scorching rays.

meepo is dropped by the tnegu, which brings about swift retribution from aeron, killing the tengu. he then pours a potion down meepo's throat.

they decide to go back to the boss room to rest.

they move treasure near the mountain door for easier access. hidden away from looters.

they find a door. aeron tells meepo to check for traps, meepo doesnt see any, he tells him to open it, meepo does, whirring then fire trap. meepo makes save,m otehrs dont. enni stayed back. aeron tried to save meepo, but was much slower.

karwick doesnt like fire.

behind the door is only the mechanism for the trap.

they find the chamber of the tengu with skulls of the dwarves and frames of stretched leather.

they find dwarf skin bags, inside is laiquids and three clay jars.

aeron throws one in the main room, but it shatters and black liquid splotches everywhere.

enni doesnt know what it is. karwick's fire doesnt ignight it, but it does bubble up.

enni keeps the remaining two jars.

they head down the stairs and stirges attack. karwick casts shatter and destroy them.

short rest. then delve into the glitterhame.

they follow the creek, enni hangs back, aron finds a stirg nest and a stirge attaches to him, kjarwick tries firebolting it, but misses aeron and the stirge. meepo moves to flank.

aeron stabs it with his knife and kills it, but another comes up and attaches again. aeron: AAAHHHH!

aeron rages.

they defeat the stirges. they then try to argue enni into the small cave, enni declines saying he is bothered by the enclosed space. they thought it was the water that bothered him.

they follow the creek into the large chamber and enni meets them on the otehr side. stirges attack and hit aeron AGAIN!

they defeat the stirges. they want to keep following the stream. enni goes to go under the low ceiling to follow, but smells a terrible smell. no one recognises it.

karwick and enni and meepo go north, karwick doesnt see the trogs.

aeron goes to the south, sees a chamber full of sarcophogi and immediately turns around adn rejoins the others.

camo trogs jump out, one is put down, but the other releases a bear, which charges meepo.

karwick very foolishly attacks with shatterspike and is inaffective against the giant brown bear. but aeron kills the bear.

short rest so aeron can skin the bear. puts the hide in the bear pen for the moment.

aeron can identify the glittermold. and can tell it can be destroyed with fire. enni did not know this.

karwick finds duraddin's longsword. Enni takes the sword. The sword gives a burst of light when it strikes a foe. Golden alloy.

karwick takes out the rest of the mold.

they go south into the main chamber. aeron wanders comes near the stone pile, but turns and walks back to the stairs to the west.

aeron wrestles the gricks beak open.

enni finally slayed his grick with the dwarf sword. enni suggests going outside to camp. long rest. bear meat for dinner.

aeron finds discarded dwarven scale mail. with a short rest, it can be resised.

they go into waterfall chamber and explore.

aeron hears beast.

karwick falls into stream even with rope guide. aeron helps him out.

they find a giant lizard.

aeron feeds the lizard man sized stalks of mushrooms. lizard is stuffed and falls alseep. aeron sees behind the lizard and sees a wooden chest. he goes behind the liz and brings the chest out.

chest has postions and coins.

enni sugggests putting chest in glitterhame for now.

aeron goes up north and peers into the next room and sees a large chamber with carcasses of animals, dwarves and oni hanging disembowled from the ceiling. their innards left to fall into the water and pooled into the pool below.

aeron decides to go around. Into the sepulchur.

enni looks at the runes on the sarcophogi.

enni opens orc-doom

karwick checks the rest of the coffins, finds nothing. they go to the hole first and go under. fight two trogs.

go further into the cavern, find two sleeping trogs, aeron acts like a blind adventurer, tapping his sword, trying to bluff anyu lookers. aeron kills them. karwick turns on the light.

enni falls

meepo falls

karwick falls

aeron kills many trogs and faces the chief.

meepo just died. while fighting.

aeron kills the chief and then the last trog.

aeron finds two potions on enni. he gives one to enni and tells him to take care of meepo. aeron gives the other potion to karwick.

Aeron "Those savages would have gutted us and left us to hang."

enni looks up and solemnly shakes his head. aeron and karwick are struck with shock and grief. aeron cries a great yell that echoes through the caverns.

karwick explored the area. finds last two trog guarding eggs. he tells the others to move out of the trog den. Aeron takes Meepo's body and heads out. Karwick finds the chief's treasures and leaves as well.

is three days journey to the temple correct?

they left horses at the tmeple.

they go back to the temple and level up.

Tallying up their treasuer comes to:



Nicola Myra can raise dead. But the temple does not posess a diamond. "but I know of a dwarven stronghold nearby" says karwick. the temple can hold on to the treasure while they are out.

enni has been drawing out a map of the clanhold while at the temple. he says the stream is the key. however, karwick points out there is a stair. wah-wah.

aeron split up the coins between them. the team buys potions from the temple and other items.

aeron finds some candles that look strange. they are Soul Candles. sold to children. can only be lit by your soulmate. they are made from resin and cannot be lit. they are sold at 5 copper, but father myra offers aeron one for free.

deagamar stays in the sinkhole has a little horde of treasure - is an urchin - clanless, from the stone tooth.

covers himself in poop.

tries to eat the oni bodies, but retches.

fist in his face and then blackness.

wakes up in the snowy outdoors.

"You know, I heard about marriage proposals, but this is a bit extreme."

he asks to be let go, she does, he wipes as much off.

they go to the temple.

introduce to father myra - offer bath.

they came at night. he and his brother were drinking - tey heard fighting. by the time they go to the door, they saw the ogres had already breached the gate - they were everywhere. they ran ot the sinkhole. brother told him to go and threw him down into the sinkhole and that the last he saw of him. he came out a few days lkater and saw he was alone. savenging over the years to survive.

Karwick and Aeron talked with myra and he points out he doesnt like kobolds. explains about the local tribe. enni points out thats not how kobolds act. karwick suggests they go investigate.

daegamar comes in from the pantry with a piece of bread in his mouth. they talk about going back to the klann hold. he says he has a map, but Ula has his stuff. karwick says he will talk to her.

ula points to a sack with daegarmar's stuff, sans weapons.

ula doesn't trust daegarmar yet.

karwick kick Ula's large chair over.

Veranix anbd Ranzen have a default goood relationship.

the weapons are under her chair and karwick tosses them to daegarmar.

ula and karwick fight and grapple, destroying much furnature. kariwck ends with three hp left, ula ends with 20 left.

after destroying the chair on karwick's shield, myra comes in and yells at them to stop. they have broken all his furnature.

Karwick says "She started it"

ula explains about the dark mere.

daegarmar asks father mya to make copies of his map for the other players and for the temple.

Daegamar Granitecreisen

myra tells teh dwarf to check unde rthe ornus shrine for a treasure he can claim.

they rest at the temple.

daegamar shave his head down to a buzz cut. keep beard long.

they have breakfast at the kitchen, dehydrated food and oatmeal and ula says there is heavy weather coming in.

Karwick says they will be fine.

daegamar tries to eat the worms, but they pop with a black ooze.

fight with the wyverns. ula drops and then karwick. Ula gets a second wind and gets up.

enni heals ula. they decide to rest.

karwick is healed after the fight

aeron tries the flute, but it doesnt work. daegamar recognises it as a cursed object from his clan. Night Caller.

aeron says he will take responsability for the flute and dae leaves it at that.

daeg was raised to be devout.

after the rest, they head off and at a large plateau, they find lots of bodies and a rune circle. karwick identifys it as a planar binding summoner circle.

ula sees runes on the bodies, bu t cant read them. bodies of kobolds.

they go further - sun goes down over the western peaks, creating twilight for hours.

sourscale warrens over next ridge, ula suggests rest, as they set up, kobolds run towards them chased by other, rune scarred kobolds.

karwick sends shatter and kills most, while aeron defeats the leader with karwick's help in flanking.

kboolds tell them of that which peels flesh and that its sending the tribe to destroy the temple. aeron wants to rush back to defend it,m but enni beleives that if they stay and defeat the creature, it will cause the kobolds to fall out of its control.

just to be safe, Ula and Daegamar leave for the temple. Karwick, aeron and enni go to the warrens.

The go to warren and see ritual and pit of worms.

aeron shoots shaman, kills him and he stumbles into pit of worms which shred him to pieces.

karwick magic missiles the other shaman.

that which peels flesh craws out of the worm pit and wounds enni.

karwick and aeron are shaken from the creature's horrific appearance, but aeron recovers.

aeron grabs the last kobold and slams him into the great beast.

aeron tussles with the beast.

18 to lop off a tentacle.

beast grabs karwick and lifts him up

aeron tries to cut karwick free but doesnt cut through all the way.

karwick snaps out of it and shrieks.

Enni heals karwick, being held still by the beast.

it lifts a tentacle and begins to dig into karwisk's flesh.
aerons severs it tentaqcles an dit drops karwick.

karwick casts magic missile and aeron cuts down the beast.

the creature implodes in a crunching manner and disappears.

it never bled, merely exuded a think black fog when cut.

kobolds disappear into their warrens and the cloudy portal disappates slowly.

karwick "I'm going to go throw up into the pile of skulls"

karwick has a rune carved in his temple and a streak of white hair on the same side as the rune carving.

aeron is eager to get back to the temple fo eight.

travel for 5 hours back

get to temple after dawn the next day. sign of skirmish, a few kobnold bodies, but no casualties at the tmeple.

aeron drinks by himself.

the runic kobold asks karwick if its true the creature is dead. karwick says yes and the kobold sighs pure relief and hugs him.

karwick's plan for the night is to get plastered and pass out.

the acolytes allow them to sleep on straw beds in the side hall. vestry?

karwick wakes up with a kobnold snuggling with him. "Oh great, I'm the kobold whisperer."

kariwck will take slow bath and slow breakfast. aeron will have large breakfast.

they serve breakfast sandwiches. with beer, but they can serve purified water due to father myra's spells.

karwick's rune cant be healed by father myra or enni.

They set meepo on a slab in a side room. Twitchy come sto see him and asks who he is. they explain and thekobold vows to guard his body. aeron pats the kobold. "Guard him well"

ula decides to join the group as she always wanted to explore the clanhold.

they travel back to the stone tooth. daegamar says to go down the stairs near the trog and he will go in through another entrance and ge tthe key to the iron door.

they climb down the staris and aeron enters the first wooden door into a junk room filled with spoiled supllies. they are attacked by a gray ooze. ooze gives permenent -1 ac to aeron's armor. enni casts mending at level 2 and repairs aeron's amror.

aeron kicks in the next door and its obliterated. it is daegamar's room - they go through personal stuff before being disgusted by the discovery.

roper fight. aeron is pulled in.

aeron rages and breaks out of the tendril, snapping it and drops into the water. he grabs the ledge and is saved from being swept by the strong current.

enni is eaten.

karwick kills it with magic missiles.

karwick reache sin the belly and brings enni out.

aeron tells his tavern listeners he finds a +1 wepon in the belly of the beast. a crossbow - glowing with pruple light - sleek and lightweight. all of this in a bag of holding. ring of spell storing also a statuette of obsidian of a dragon, ula says not of dwarven make. Everything in the bag is not made by either humans, dragons nor dwarves.

Karwick "like the most disgusting bag of holding ever"

2 dead dwarves in heavy armor. this dwarf has equipment appropriate to daegamar.

heroes rest in jail cells. long rest.

ring storing had grease pre loaded. karwick loads up the rest of the spell storing with his own.

aeron finds rune carved skull in daegamar's room.

aeron asks enni about the skull. it is ancient dwarven funeral rite. not usually skulls, usually finger bones or the like.

daegamar told the group before that the water is not good. they skip the submerged room.

they go back to the iron door and cast knock, undoing the iron bars holding it.

They come to a room with three dwarven statues. Aeron determines its a trap with his elf senses. karwick "These traps are dangerous for the dwarves living here." Ula says "Dwarves are smart enough not to be caugh in them."

aeron notices a secret door and they go through a hall of dwarven faces only for one to call out an alarm in dwarven as they pass. Aeron jumps out of fright.

Through the next door is a mighty hall. camping in it is three eyeless creatures who yell at them in a strange language. aeron approaches in peace but give the wrong signals. the grimlocks attack.

aerons slays the grimlock leader with a great blow.

the sound of hammering against metal rings from the south. the great double doors, aeron opens. inside they find a cyclops forging a blade and two gimlocks assisting with the bellows. aeron approaches in peace and the cylops yells at the in a language enni can speak.

enni steps up and speaks in giant; the cyclops become enraged. "I think I got thge conjuctions wrong"

aeron jumps across the stream and attacks the giant. But the cyclops attacks back with its molten sword and greatly damages aeron.

cyclops got magic missiled in the chest, fell back against the furnace, covered with molten metal and falls into the creek and dies.

short rest in the bladeworks.

back through the hall, they open a door to the kitchens where they see many tables. One attacks when they get close. attacks karwick.

shatterspike does critical damage to objects. karwick shatters the table.

they find a door to the north that is chained and has a warning in giant "maker of death is chained" - enni translates and aeron decides to move along.

The door to the north-east is opened by aeron and he walks into a cross hall way with a shallow pool of murky water. aeron looks at the pool and a dwarven ghost appearas out from the wall, gibbering in dwarven. it attempts to possess aeron by flowing through him, but fails.

enni fails his ghost save.

ghost tries to touch aeron, but misses, karwick comes up to slash it with his sword and hits. magic sword.

ula's hammer does not damage the spirit as much as the others. they dissapate the spirit.

They search the rooms to the west, barracks of dwarven soldiers. dead skeletons in their rooms, some killed in their sleep.

Karwick is surprised there isn't more ghosts.

Karwick searches the north room and aeron open the door to the south and finds dwarven skeletons. as he searches the room, the skeletons grab his wrist and they attack. aeron calls for karwick, but ula comes to aid. skeletons are defeated.

while fighting the skeletons, aeron backed out the room and struck his sword on the wall at the end of the hall, ringing hollow. Karwick did not hear it.

aeron pushes open the secret door. it leads into a small closet. aeron "hmmm" leans back on the far wall and pushes the next door open.

two tengu oni and a dwarven wight. ula recognises the wight as durggaddin, the smith, given an undeath curse by the oni. karwick thinks this is a dick move.

after fight with oni and wight, long rest.

The shrine of ornus is now the tomb of Durgeddin.

Ula takes the armor of Durgeddin. she puts his body back on the slab after they had killed him.

aeron searches room. finds gold in dwarfs remains.

They head down the hall after their rest.

aeron goes into the mage's room, is pristine, no looting, looks aroiund and the rug rises to attack.

karwick warned him about the rug!

rug 28

enni as a paladin???

enni hit the rug with his sword.

rug wraps around aeron.

aeron cuts himself out of the rug.

karwick finds an onyx in one of the rooms.

aeron finds scrolls in the mages room.

also stone chest with much coins.

aeron leaves the chest and other loot in the room for now. plan to get it later.

Arundil was a secret demonologist. He has three silver nails found on his writing desk.

aeron takes them. enni identifies them.

arundil's journal in the library.

aeron gives one to karwick, one to ula, the other to aeron.

more doors and karwick finds a pearl in a room.

aeron goes into the ransacked armory and looks for hidden doors. a suit of armor's hemet slowly turns to look at him as he is kneeling under it. Aeron pushes the helmet back. The helmet turns again. Aeron pulls his sword!

aeron fights the armor

aeron skewers the armor. aeron angered he keeps getting hit by the animated items.

The next room is the library. They walk in to find it also clean of dust. piles of books, neatly disorganized. candles burning. aeron blows out a candle. they hear a noise in the storage room, aeron goes in and finds a human girl in a torn dress. She is scared, but aeron calms her. Her name is Idalla and she is the prisoner of an evil wizard who is below with a great black beast. she is trapped in the library for an unknown amount of time.

aeron takes the gem of seeing and looks at the door for magic sigils, but finds none. Enni finds none as well. Karwick asks for the gem and looks at the Idalla and sees a demonic form. She sees him looking at her but he does not say anything.

Idalla suggests one of their party stay while the others go and defeat the wizard. Ula takes a liking to Idalla and volunteers to stay. Karwick objects, says is better to stay together. Aeron suggests Idalla rest while they all wait for the wizard to return to the library. She asks Ula to take her to bed, Karwick does not let them be alone.

Idalla excuses Ula and speaks to Karwick alone. Karwick is curious about her situation and she admits there was a wizard who summoned her, but is long dead. a ghost already defeated by aeron. Karwick says he will help her free in exchange for help with the dragon below. Idalla "Release me and I'll go". Karwick says he is not a violent person. Idalla "So, you're a lover, not a fighter" karwick bades her to keep distance, but she closes in and undoes her bodice string to reveal a silver nail in her chest.

"Don't make me regret this" says Karwick and he pulls the nail.

idalla poofs away.

karwick explains the girl teleported, enni wants more info. karwick is tight lipped.

aeron opens door behind throne

aeron is from the nightriver tribe.

fight with cyclops and mask

fire ball

throw table

karwick captures the mask

aeron finds ivory stattuette of a cloaker - religous figuring - glows in the presence of … something.

karwick finds a golden scale. advantage of swim checks and sympoathy to water animals.

also find durgeddin's handaxe in his bedchambers.

daegamar finds breastplate.

"we are where we want to be"

"Just not where you agreed to be"

"The great urgrosh; you've never seen the like before"

how big is this dragon?" "How the fuck would I know, I've never seen it! If I've seen it, id be part of a shit-pile!"

aeron sleeps on bed, offers the other part of bed to Ula, who passes. aeron wakes up with enni instead.

daeg carves in the wall a dwarven graffitti of aeron cutting a stone table in half while wearing a carpet as a cape.

ula an dkarwick give dragon advise

ula tracks dragon to east.

ula stops aeron at bridge

aeron jumpos the bridge - ula crosses. ok if one at a time

deag throws a rock in the lake - only 6 feet. sploosh.

aeron "Are you trying to let it know we are here?"

wrmling i am distant relative

this is my servant

look that way"!

karwick goes for the diamond but crashes in the treasure

aeron crits with the longbow taking out nightscales left eye, eron dives into the water and rages.

daegarmar drops in water, flailing attack, all misses, trying to not drown.

aeron climbs on the dragon and cleaves, chopping off its right horn.

karwick picks up diamond and urgrosh

ula will take +1 dwarven shield

amber with dragon turtle egg

"Viscious" a viscious warhammer, the first of the furysteel weapons, thought cursed and destroyed.

chess pieces gives advantage.

gold bracelet from cloud giants. hidden message - ever shifting, meant to be worn above the elbow.

arrow of slaying, choose creature later.

daeg will give proper funeral to durgeddin.

has daeg seen the oni mask?

Camazotz is in the forest north of Cantor. The nearest town is Midons to the west.

Karwick wants to finish school at Archlan. - graduated.

Karwick's Arcane Aegis - arcane version of shield of faith.

help aeron with bascamp.

How much to install a teleportation circle.

Ruins outside of Castelli. Aquarian ruins, perhaps hobgoblins.

Nearest compass lodge most likely in Evandra.

Aeron will Get charter from near nobles. will go on his own. this is all during karwick's academy training.

female kobold set up shop

each gets a diamond for death insurance.

father myra resurrects meepo and "twitch" watches wide eyed.

meepo and Twitch make an instant connection.

the meet with the kaiser. deag leaves.

Ula will travel with Aeron to the ruins in Erdrafos.

Kariwck deposits 10,000 in bank.

600p 977g now has in bank aeron.

selling the handaxe to father myra gets them 550 gil.

karwick pretty good at magical item shopping. especcialy for a country boy. he finds and purchases a haversack, ring of warmth, decanter of water and periapt of wound closure.

karwick sells +1 rapier for 200g.

karwick teaches meepo. kobold not allowed to join classes.

what tribe of hobbs is near there? Broken Fangs. Large tribe.

will buy property even if cant afford a keep right now. maybe a log cabin or something. discount on property if they cleared out monsters.

karwick magic item complication - his profile alerts his rivals / enemies.

karwick has something stolen from him by a rival / enemy.

he makes a rival - elder brother of a lady he has been partying with. Family is a baron.

karwick tries to get sister to prank her brother. wizard pranks. may or may nor involve his dick. brother will escalate.

after returning from clearing the ruins, aeron comes back to alexandria, he is stalked by the vampire. coming back from tavern and tired, about to come to home, bam! vampire! vampire is stronger than Aeron. somehow fought him off, was bit. now have affliction.

go to church of light. they tell him about the affliction. he seeks a diviner to find a cure, is told about the city of Camazotz.

karwick's girl prolly has two different names. one for moonlighting.

karwick has night terrors. twitch has the same dreams.

karwick looking into magical dream wards. finds there is a massive lack of understanding of dreams. He begins experimenting with dream lore. Experimenting with lucid dreaming, spellcasting in dreams, shared dreams.

Libre Somnis - book of dreams, karwicks studies on dreams.

kariwck wants to rescuse the girl from the noblle family - the noble family considers her a black sheep. They are happy to see her go. The brother, still disagrees on the union.

aeron has a map made, and he draws a "X". Enni and Meepo are called.

aeron knows where karwick lives in alexadria. go up to him in person.

karwick buys a small house.

aeron knocks on the door, its raining, aeron is pale and harried. tells karwick of the new property and plans for keep. also tells him of the vampire. tells him he has less than three month.

meepo and twith live with karwick.

ula can stay with twitch while meepo is gone.

interested in bringing twitch and karwick's gf.

aeron buys stakes, holy water and healing potions. torches.

the town of Midons.

locals tell of the stone pyramids and the blood hungry animals that lurk near them.

arrow of slaying is unknown what type.

1367: The Hidden Shrine of Camazotz

Arrive in Midons.

chase by evil forest creatures.

fall down hole.

aeron's sword alwaysw lit - karwick cast light.

they notice the gas, look at diaramas.

aeron notices that the gas rises.

aeron finds the keyhole and uses the metal crook to open the door.

aeron too kthe gold and jade.

karwick uses decanter of water and rags to try and create a gas mask.

down the hall, open door.

aeron is afraid of crustaisions - shellfish.

giant crayfish blocks room, karwick challenges it to chess and wins barely. the crayfish admits his loss.

giant bolder in room, aeron discovers is sleeping crab.

karwick leaves him the chessset.

aeron hurried the group through the eastern door.

they finish off the neried and aeron comes to the surface, coughing.

no exp given

aeron heals, dives and finds treeasure. finds gloves of missle snaring, enni confirms they are made of skin. vampire made gloves.

red sun depictions on fescos.

frescoes of vampire spawn fetching people and dragging to temples to be featested on by priests.

aeron smacks into a wall. he kicks the wall for tricking him.

aeron finds secret door wti hvampire carving - screams when face to face of snarling vampire face.

aeron chases after a light and into 10 feet deep pit.

will o wisp zaps, but karwick kills it with missles.

Aeron opens the box and finds the eye of death.

eye doesnt bleed when left alone.

karwick checks for fangs. yes.

karwick puts eye in one of the crystal scroll.

male vampire wakens when karwick pokes him in the head. aeron destroys him, he falls back and aeron stakes him and the woman as well. both are destroyed.

aeron feels hand on shoulder - zombie hisses - aeron freaks out.

aeron reaches into the eagle mouth, but it snaps shut on his wrist, definitely breaking it. also destroys the bracelet.

short rest as enni splints aeron's wrist.

karwick carves out locking mechanism for bronze door to v room.

aeron walks in and blood drops on him. karwicks cleans him off.

he feels the pull of the beast - but shakes it off and buryies it, but gains the allure of a vampire. but is also repulsed by mirrors.

aeron behads the v and dismembers him, placing at corners of room. leaves amulet.

make list of v treasure.

aeron takes the axe.

aeron takes a fingerbone from V.

aeron will be haunted by spirit of V.

aeron likes frogs, but not birds.

Enni investigates the glow, is hit back from behind pillar. Aeron looks.


how tall is Enni?

after an attack from karwick, which cuts its shell, it shivers with fear.

karwick asks it to open the door. it submerges and makes a bridge to the door.

aeron gives it a pot of healing.

Enni says "You have a way with making friends with strange creatures."

find materia - lightning damage. in addition to normal weapon damage. will work on ranged as well as melee.

daegamar takes the materia for his crossbow.

daeg shoves a few clay statues over.

looking at heirogluphics on cairn. daeg - "that reminds me of my brother's wife" v figure worshipped, pouring liquid in river, lifting people, beheating people.

aeron wants it to get the cairn open. "Karwick bring your sword opne." "Why?" "There is an honor guard" "YES, THERE IS"

"I have the benefit oif knowing how Im going to die." - karwick.

karwick cuts an X and breaks it open.

vampire leaps out and karwick resists. daeg pushes karwick out of the way.

vampire grapples daeg.

make sure the warhammer is vicious.

karwick finishes it off with scorching ray.

aeron takes the amulet of prot from turning.

karwick destroys the rollers with shatterspikme and keep the block from rolling. block pushed back 30 ft.

daeg golf swings a beetle and they try to bite him. the party gets out and closes the door on them.

enni is hit by the roller.

daeg cuts off beetle feet and hangs them on their belt.

aeron knows what beholders are and he knows the legends, he ran from them.

daeg touches the spore with his finger and wipes the spores on meepo's shoulder. Meepo will be in 14 hours. Daeg will be in 23 hours.

tribal bird mask. perception is advantage. fly 3/day when screams. at twice walking spead. 5 + con rounds.

daeg will keep the mask.

catman pounces on daeg and downs him.

werejaguar taken down enni and pounces around, aeron following. he leaps after meepo, but aeron cuts down the beast.

daeg takes the man-cats teeth.

aeron opens the chest and sees the heart is missing.

body slowly returns to stone.

aeron has the heart, jaguar will come after it.

aeron discovers the pit of throns. they debate about using the mask of flight.

short rest

use last use of mask to fly people over the pit.

enter giant room. snake head rears - another snake head. giant two headed snake.

Servius falls down hole.

karwick defeats head with magic missile.

aeron and servius kill the baboons.

servius asks them if they have found any magical items of importance. he tells them he is from the house of purple and tells them they are to come with him.

aeron hits Servius with the hilt of his sword. knocks him out.

how much does meepo weigh

they try to climb out the hole, but fail.

karwick decides to change his spells with short rest.

aeron nudges servius awake.

aeron looks at two headed serpent, lifts meepo to remove it.

aeron skins the snake.

karwick recovers and casts spider climb.

kariwck slimbs, findfs it crumbly, uses mage hand to tie a rope toi a sapling on the rim of the hole.

Servius opens big doors, karwick slips, pulls tree down, cave in of the room, aeron pulls meepo and enni everyone runs out of the room and it caves in completely.

they take long rest.

aeron doesnt trust servius.

meepo and daeg wake up with mushrooms growing out of them. daeg is incompacitated.

servius hit by steam trap on stairs.

karwick "I'm getting sick of the traps in here"

meepo sees the magical ward.

meepo tries to mar the magic ward, takes shatterspike but cant climb as well, fall in front of the sigil, but karwick leaps in front and shield him, taking the damage.

aeron throws a bug gland and squelches the symbol.

aeron stabs gold pile, is yellow mold.

karwick hoses down the room of yellow mold.

aeron cant see himself in the mirror.

aeron smashes mirror.

they open the door.

aeron takes the mask, cage drops.

kariwck no likes loud booming voices or toxic gas.

aeron defeats the statue with minimal help from karwick.

karwick's missles bounce off.

aeron tries various methods, all failing.

they free the couatl.

couatl can cure meepo and daeg.

silver stream

female couatl.

she gives them her scale and can scry, but must return to the outer planes.

they all leave, aeron goes back to take treasure. doors slam shut.

aeron tryies time and again to open the door.

karwick cuts whole in door

room of land of dead. servius and karwick follow trails.

aeron follows, steps of path and is knocked off hill.

aeron is interested in striking a bargain. But what with?

aeron helps meepo up, but aeron hears a yelp and silence.

karwick doesnt want to leave.

aeron sees spider in tunnel and kills it after being bitten. finds meeps.

aeron finds new room and backs to the party.

aeron hugs meepo. "dont scare me like that."

aeron ropes karwick back on the path and clears his head.

centuar mummy - aron likes the spear, tries to remove it, but it is held fast. he takes a knife to hte centuar's fingers, but the centaur grabs his hand and screams.

centaur is still holding on aeron's hand.

stares into areosn's eyes and paralkyzzes him with fear.

daeg's warpick has an edge s/p

daeg tries to shove the centaur to no luck. also tries to remove a limb, misses greatly.

aeron would have mummy rot if it were not for his vampire curse.

centaur hoofs nic, but daeg piushes the centaur back.

aeron bisects the creature and defats it.

daeg force hugs aeron. to his chagrin. "You cannot escape my love!"

daeg takes the centuar's head.

aeron finds silver in the urns, daeg wants one.

servius takes notes.

next room, see trapdoor in ceiling.

spider climb on daeg.

daeg tries to describe the runes of the wind to karwick.

"theres no living vampire here"

"in that you are wrong" - rhydian

aeron says "YOU!"

aeron lops the head of the statue off and hurls it at him.

rhydian charms aeron.

aeron takes down servius

enni heals servius

daeg takes down aeron

karwick uses a sonic explosion and explodes rhydian. "This isnt over" - mist flies off.

enni heals aeron while daeg stands ready.

karwick suggests going back to midons for a reast and decide what to do in the morning.

escape from the immediate danger.

karwick has no objection to going to see Purple. Daeg is good as long as it is a request, not an order.

karwick gives the eye of death to aeron.

travel to midons.

decide to head to alexandria.

aeon found info in libris mortis.

aeron curse gets worse, on the verge of changing.

Basilica of St. Edwards is where aeron goes.

Alatha Gamble says she will do the ritual but will cost the eye. aeron asks karwick, and he agrees.

does the ritual. in the crypts. flushes him with positive enrgy. stake in the heart. now has a heart murmur.

Tomb-Tained Soul.

aeron can no longer use the periapt of wound closure he gained.

aeron goes out of alexandria to bury his bag of holding, but karwick can following, flying above.

purple is going to want that eye. karwick says they are going to have to play ball with the House of Purple.

the House of Purple resides in Applegate.

they are unnerved by the harliquins guarding the place - allow them in when they see servius's badge.

daeg gives a gift to goodwin - a fire bug leg. trying in invoke guest's rights.

"We no longer have… we don't have an artifact." aeron to rupert pruple.

rupert says it is a part of Death - Aeron laughs GREATLY and says "we dont have it. but it is somewhere in the city, now. So I guess we're done now." he leaves.

rupert says to karwick "we will be in touch". karwick - "Looking forward to it."

daeg steals a small stattuette in the shape of a naga from the palace.

servius continues missions for house of purple.

basilica is anti scrying.

daeg buys an alexandria chev and names it Dougleass. (Doog-lee-ass). most likely neopolitan mastiff. may be the same breed as palladuis's Rex.

servius gets Flames and Jester.

andreu's feet are stone, walking is painful, uses fly and other means of travel. low gravity keeps in at bay.

servius is made rupert's no 1 guy. learns about rupter's devil. the devil may have it out for him.

daeg settles in Castelli. and builds his smithy / craft shop. specializing in carving. gains 3-5 apprentices. store is called Centaured Scale. lives outside the town in a camp of sorts. also residence in the town too. learn to weave and make baskets from the castelli reeds.

daeg has a fang from the two headed snake.

daeg is looking for a wife.

aeron gives daeg the berserker's axe but has forgotten about the curse.

aeron appraises magic items and sells obsidean box at the compass lodge in alexandria.. box still has some of death's blood in it.

aeron deposits 7,000 g at the knights merchant.

daeg deposits 10,000 g.

miser-regain humanity-stutters-high stats, str, int, wis-steel teeth-mason-dwarf. daeg will break it off after some romance for a year. he offers her a job, as consolation. she will pass.

cost of maintaining shop and apprentices.

daeg pulls the Idiot and the Gem.

he makes great profit for the business. however, his gilted lover's fatehr is the guiltmaster of the stoneworker's guild. he is no longer allowed to work with stone.

daeg tries to move politically by placing a puppet to replace the guildmaster.

daeg builds report with the hunter's guild and uses them to import materials.

Kyrie Greenroth. goes by alias Kestrel.

she will live with him. he will blatently ask her to marry him. noble family will cut ties.

15,000 g towards a wizard's tower. 3-4 floors of tower.

spell research also dream research. Kyrie is showing magical talent and may seek out dream entities to form a pact.

still working with the kobolds.

wants to keep corospondance with servius.

quarry near castelli, associated with the stoneworking guild.

daeg gives karwick 2,000 g to transport stone to him.

Daeg also wants to build a craftstore in the keep.

Karwick chooses Death and Rogue. Kyrie pacts.

aeron goes back to the sunless citadel. curious about the orc tribe.

he will try to hunt down Rhydian and Dyne.

aeron tries to get the basilica of st edward to make him potions of inflict. they refuse. they will use their magic to heal him if he needs it, but they will not bottle inflicts for any use.

aeron aks enni for someone to make him inflict potions. but who is it?

aeron thows 3,000 g to the stronghold.

he can also help with lumber and building.

aeron will practice his great weapon mastery by trying to chop through bigger and bigger trees.

Aeron draws the Euryale, Key and Knight cards.

Finds a divine necromancer to make him potions. Henchman.

ashes are from a dead medusa queen. aeron accidently inhales the ashes and contracts gorgon's disease.

1369: White Plume Mountain

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