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Talamh-ráth is the only city on Dragonfly Island. It was founded centuries ago by gnomes from the Twilithe. They lived in the city for many years until it was threatened. Then, creating a series of magic rituals, they were able to lift the city into the sky where it has remained.


Dragonfly Island and the Svirfneblin

The gnomes were one of the first Twilithe creatures to migrate from the fey realms to adnas. The gnomes, lead by Tamall decided to begin a society, but found the mortals on Nora too violent and excluded them. The gnomes built Talamh-ráth which was hailed as a city greater than Eolas-ráth itself. When they discovered the was city in danger from a falling star, they created the needed rituals to raise their city into the sky. This is the origin of Dragonfly Island.

A group of gnomes not wishing to live in the sky left the city lead by the sorcerer Koadeg and began to wander the land. Known later as the Koll or the Lost, a large group of these gnomes were captured by Elknor the Wretched and subjected to horrible experiments. The svirfneblin were created and served Elknor and his evil ways.

When elknor was defeated, the svirfneblin sought their sky-bound brothers, but although the dark gnomes did not serve evil anymore, there was a scar that could not be healed and the svirfneblin were exiled from Dragonfly Island.

Age of Kings

Laora-La is the Kure of Talamh-ráth.

Wars on Dragonfly Island

The gnomes in Dragonfly Island faced a civil war. The archmage Goañv-où began to secretly undo the rituals holding the city in the sky. As he did this, the power of the rituals fed into him and increased his power greatly. He began to work against the city, but was discovered imprisoned. The city decided to ban higher magic from their society as they feared the power it could bring.

Goañv-où’s son, menydh, formed a rebellion of arcanist gnomes. The Whisperers of the Arcaene became a cabal of warlocks and wizards keeping their trade and seeking to overthrow the gnomish council. Goañv-où’s brother, Faolchu, became the first Spriggan, an elite gnome warrior, and banished the whisperers to the Shadowvast.

Since then all of Goañv-où's descendants became spriggan and they kept Dragonfly Island safe from enemies. From upstart whisperers to the other race found on the floating island, the grells. The entire island was nearly destroyed due to a massive magical energy flux caused by the grells, but the spriggans prevented that from happening. However, random and wild magic is still common on the island sometimes causing living spells to form.

Gnome Civil War

Eolas-ráth captured the spriggan.

Grell Uprising

Recently, after generations of successful defense, Dragonfly Island finally became vulnerable to the grells. They swarmed through the city and even the combined might of the spriggans and the whisperers was not able to push them back. The majority of the gnomes were killed or imprisoned. Even the arrival of Eigriochta has not been able to cease the occupation.



The society in Dragonfly Island existed as a theocracy, having a Kure (a shamanistic leader, usually female) holding the most power. Below him is the High Council and its elected members. The Whisperers, by contrast, is a magocratic society, whose use of arcane magic is on par with the eladrin. Their leaders (called "Grandmasters") are always descendants of Goañv-où, and are also those who have a thorough knowledge of magic.


The descendants and relatives of Faolchu are born into the noble role of spriggan. Educated from very early ages, they are deprived of a normal childhood and forced to learn how to act as the island's defender from internal and external threats.

Stance on Magic

After the imprisonment of Goañv-où, a ban was placed on excessive arcane magic in Dragonfly Island, with what was deemed "unnecessary" placed in the Grand Conservatory. Since the Whisperer of the Arcaene's numerous attempts to take over the city, the level of magical knowledge has substantially grown back, despite their apparent dislike and banning of excess magic. Claíomh-Se, a spriggan, justifies this by saying this is only to allow an "even playing field" with the whisperers.

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