Tala Errin
Tala Errin
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Tala Errin is the god of trickery, change, thieves, storms and the arts. She is one of the four elemental gods together with Ornus, Kalabrath and Urala. She is the inspirer of great pleasures and works of beauty, but she is also a selfish god and takes without thought of others.

Tala Errin is the protector of liars, charlatans, musicians and seducers. She invented racing and is said to be the fastest of all beings. This is where "As fast as the wind" comes from. She is associated with salmon and flutes. She is also symbolized by combining two or more things together. It is because of this that one of her symbols is the chimera.

When angered she causes earthquakes. She is the protector of the elderly who are said to be master tricksters. She is the bringer of dreams and nightmares. Aberrations were created by crawling out of Tala Errin's nightmares. She is also said to devour children and craves their taste. She tries to kill all mortals during her storms as she hates the noises they create.

She is the enemy of all giants, save storm giants who serve her. She beats massive drums in the sky to create thunder.

She is part of the twelve gods and therefore subject to recognition by the Church of Light, but she is more highly honored in the Gnesis Cults as the Lord of Winds.

There is a tale of Tala Errin being banished from her godly-hood by the other ingredori because of her trickery. She wandered the earth and was captured by a young boy and raped. But when a massive hydra attacked the boy and his family, Tala Errin rose up and slew the beast, forming a dagger from its tail. She then stole the boy, who was now to be her slave, and rose back into godly-hood.

Tala Errin is classically depicted as a young woman in loose clothing with dark hair that flows even when there is no wind or, more symbolically, an albatross. Sometimes she is pictured with four arms, one set playing the flute and the other beating drums. But, when angered, she is a wrathful hurricane stripping away all in her path.



  • Arlix (Air)
  • Katrina (Chaos)
  • Hapan; beautiful female elf, has light and dark aspects (can be both at the same time), wields light mace (Luck)
  • Denosora; wields lightning, appears beautiful, rides griffon, wields spear, crown (Trickery)
  • Zyphos (Weather)
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