Tadeo es'Orñelos
Tadeo es'Orñelos
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1311 NS
Home ?
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members ?
Occupation ?
Wizard Circle ?
Loyalty ?

Tadeo es'Orñelos-Mirez III is a noble member of House es'Orñelos and an illusionist, a graduate from the Acadamae. Tadeo has had several children between different ladies over the years. His most notable offspring is Andreu es'Orñelos, headmaster of the Acadamae.


Early life and education

In school, had a reputation as a troublemaker.

First marriage and adventures

Tried adventuring, but found the risks too extreme. Member of Compass Society.

Arranged marriage to Damiata, but she killed herself.

Second marriage and art collecting

Second marriage to Eleanor (whom he was already having an affair) to keep appearances. Is technically still married to her, though they never see each other.

Affair with Lavina

10 years. Lived in a modest house near Cadriba in the Onajo Islands

After ward, would travel through Asharia.

Return to Los Torres and banishment

Returned to Los Torres to Andreu could join the Acadamae.

1374, banished from Los Torres by his son Andreu.

Appearance and personality

An attractive man in his late sixties, black hair touched with distinguished silver. Chizeled features frame his piercing blue eyes.

Reputable art afficionato.
quite the ladies man. He persues dalliances with several ladies.
Falls in love fast and falls out of love faster. His latest is Varina Talos in Alexandria, a high ranking guard in the city.
Fond of obscure art objects. He keeps a sizable collection.
Rumors of involvement with theft of valuable and rare art pieces. No evidence. He likes to make appearances and be socially active. On more than one occasion, people have claimed to have seen him in two places simultaneously.
Enjoys pipe smoking.
Shameless rake and a theif. Dilletant of large appitites.
Selfish individual and an egomaniac, he detests violence. Love romance and the wooing of beautiful ladies.
womanizer. and sometimes thief of ancient objects.

When he walks into a room he is the center of attention and when you ask him what he does he says, "I'm an entrepreneur"
He's handsome, perfectly dressed, and has great hair but then you notice his jeans are embellished with rhinestones
He's courteous, calls himself a nice guy, and claims all of his ex girlfriends are crazy bitches out to get him
He's the master of charm with the sly confidence of a fox… and all four of his children have different mothers
He's exquisite but he also lives with his mom who he refers to as "mother" and compares you to her
He is sensitive and bold, he says he's a feminist while he pinches your ass and gets defensive when you tell him to stop it
He's funny but not funny haha but "Are you fucking serious about straight white men being an oppressed minority?" funny
And he has an ankle monitor…
That's a major RED FLAG
RED FLAG cologne for men, the only cologne that warns women "I'm fucking crazy"

Powers and abilities


wizard - illusionist



Tadeo was married twice and fathered 12 children with nine different women. His first marriage to Damiata es'Rojas was brief. He had three children from his second marriage, to Elionor es'Miralles.

A list of his children:

Born ~ 1331: Elvira es'Orñelos (to Damiata es'Rojas)
Born ~ 1336: Tadeo es'Orñelos IV (to Elionor es'Miralles)
Born ~ 1339: Dalmai es'Orñelos (to Elionor es'Miralles)
Born ~ 1340: tirseo-blood (to Margarina Isbert)
Born ~ 1341: Roberto es'Orñelos (to Elionor es'Miralles)
Born ~ 1342: Raenee es'Orñelos (to Miquela Luenga)
Born ~ 1344: Tadia es'Orñelos (to Sancia Berenguer)
Born ~ 1346: Andreu es'Orñelos (to Lavina Fontaña)
Born ~ 1348: Alexandra es'Orñelos (to Çinara Bernabé)
Born ~ 1357: Vicenç Blood (to Aldonça Keiva)
Born ~ 1358: Remei es'Orñelos (to Jaumeta Monrós)
Born ~ 1368: Raphel es'Orñelos (to Loreta Bea)

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