A sword is a long, edged piece of metal, used in many civilizations throughout the world, primarily as a cutting or thrusting weapon and occasionally for clubbing.

Dwarven smiths tend to make fewer swords larger than a short sword, mostly owing to the traditional preference towards axes and hammers. Yet Dwarven sword smithing is still a highly refined art. Their blades tend to be straight, and while the short sword is the most common, examples of both long and 2 handed can be found.

Elven blades are light and elegant. Single edged curved blades with a slightly re-curved grip are the norm.



A ceremonial dragonborn sword made from dragonbone. It is crafted as part of the Goge.

Eladrin Courtblade

Eladrin Courtblade

Also called the lhang, this special sword was extremely effective in close-quarters combat and led to many an eladrin victory. It is a long sword with 2–4 feet blade and a shaft with 2–3 feet length. The blade is single-edged, save for an edge on the final quarter of the reverse. It is also beveled along the back edge to reduce its weight. It also works as a spear.

These weapons also are kept as heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation, and were often seen displayed alongside the particular eladrin family's heraldry. Many eladrin nobles carry such a blade on them in court, often intricately decorated, thus giving the blade its more common name.

Eladrin Thinblade

The lightblade is often said to be the meeting of a longsword and a rapier. They are used by the eladrin mobile forces and are seen as less prestigious as a courtblade, but more exotic.

Elven Leaf Blades

see Leaf blade

The elven twin blades (dalafn) are the size of short swords but only weigh as much as daggers. They are recognized by their leaf shaped blades and are meant to be fought with in pairs. Their thin, flexible blades easily slip into the seams of armor or between the ribs of a foe.


A typical drow khopesh (us'arvh) is 50-60 cm in length and is composed of three main parts: the hilt, a straight and unsharpened section of blade finishing in a curved crescent shape with the sharpened edge. The khopesh evolved from the epsilon or similar crescent shaped axes that were used in warfare. This makes the khopesh not a true sword (which evolved from daggers), but a specialized battle-axe. However, unlike an axe, the khopesh did not make push-cuts, but rather slashes.

Vathroni säbel


The säbel is a special kind of vathroni blade; a very sharp, single-edged, single-handed, and guardless sword. In appearance, the säbel was midway between a full scimitar and a straight sword. It had a slightly curved blade, and could be effective for both slashing and thrusting. The blade was either hollowed or fullered. There was no guard, but a large, curved pommel. The hilt was frequently highly decorated. It was carried in a wooden scabbard that enclosed part of the hilt. It was worn with the cutting edge to the rear, opposite to the scimitar.

The säbel originated among the highland clans of the Wyrmspires.

Unique Swords


(see Androis)

Androis is the legendary sword of Pennynold Alexander.


Bearcarver was forged by Aldaen Zolmir in 1347 to kill a dire bear that attacked his father, Sangar the Maimed. It is a very large blade, seemingly more suited for a giant than a man.

Bearcarver is so big, it bestows a -2 attack penalty to a medium sized wielder. It does 3d6 damage. Also, every round the wielder may choose to adopt a defensive stance. Doing so allows the wielder to treat the sword as if it was a tower shield, but the wielder may not attack with the blade until the beginning of their next turn.

The Blackblade

The adamantine rapier owned by Jesse Blackblade.


A powerful bastard sword made of extremely sharp black chrome and aflame with an ebon fire. They sword generates great amount of heat, so that even wielding it requires resistance to fire damage.


Dragoncarver was forged by Aldaen Zolmir in 1350. It is an odd blade, a double edged longsword, seemingly, but with a forked, lesser, blade from its side. It has a unique "song" created by the blades as it is swung.

This sword is effective blocking against energy attacks. With a readied action, the wielder may strike the sword to block any energy attack in one adjacent square.

It was destroyed by Father Woland when Sangar Zolmir II threw the blade at him, causing it to disintegrate.


Created by Aldaen Zolmir, this two handed blade was his zenith of craftmanship. It was given to Sangar Zolmir II by his uncle, Anders underneath Lake Zelenen.


The sword that slew the vampire Dyne.


This single edged sword is made from ironwood and bears the look of elven design.


Khwerebes, known as the Sword of Transition, was forged by Chu Hsi as a lasting memorial to himself.


Nine is a most powerful sword made long ago to defend royal blood. It was lost long ago, but some scholars think the sword ended up in the islands of Labylithea.

Sword of Lightning

see Rainment of Storm

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