Summit Hall

Summit Hall was established long ago as a fortified monastery by the Knights of Samular, an order dedicated to Tyr, god of justice. A paladin of Tyr named Samular Caradoon founded the order and its monastery. A tomb within the monastery contains Samular’s remains as well as the phylactery of his brother, Renwick Caradoon, who dwells in the Sacred Stone Monastery (see “Haunted Keeps” above) as a lich.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner (female Tethyrian human knight of Tyr) oversees Summit Hall. Veterans, many of them scarred and grim, train novices and instruct them in the moral “Rule of the Knights” (an extensive series of “in this situation, a knight shall do this” guidelines). Life here is very regimented. The occupants of Summit Hall grow their own food and keep perpetual watch over nearby lands. They are always ready for battle, and fully armed and armored if encountered outside their walls.

This small stronghold stands on a hilltop in the southern region of the Sumber Hills. It consists of a stone hall surrounded by a fifteen-foot wall with a sturdy wooden gate. Stables, a tower, barracks, and storage buildings are enclosed within the protective wall. A banner flying an emblem of a crossed torch and sword flutters overhead.

The Knights of Samular. This order of paladins dedicated to Tyr has pursued justice across the North for over five hundred years (see chapter 3 for more information). Its founder, Samular Caradoon, built Summit Hall in the Sumber Hills as a training monastery for the order. Young men and women across the North travel to Summit Hall so that they might learn from its aging heroes.

Knights of Samular. This armed patrol consists of 1d4 veterans and 1d4 guards. They hail from Summit Hall and offer a hearty “Well met!” to the characters.

The delegation traveled overland from Westbridge to Beliard, crossing the Stone Bridge. From Beliard it headed south into the Sumber Hills, bound for Summit Hall.

Order of the Gauntlet. The delegation was also transporting the body of a knight who was killed fighting orcs in the Spine of the World. The knight was to be interred with honor at Summit Hall, the chapter house of an order called the Knights of Samular. It lies in the southeast Sumber Hills.

Summit Hall is home to about a dozen Knights of Samular, an order of long-suffering Tyr worshipers who have been reenergized by their god’s return. They host another dozen young aspirants-in-training, and about fifteen servants and artisans to help maintain the place. The most senior knight is a human woman of sixty years named Ushien Stormbanner, an ally of the Order of the Gauntlet. Ushien is happy to meet with any adventurers that turn up on her doorstep. She tells the characters that the delegates from Mirabar never showed up at Summit Hall, and that her warriors searched the area and didn’t find them (both true).

If the characters recognize Renwick (perhaps from the stories told at Summit Hall) and remind him of his heroic days, Renwick might be moved to help them. He doesn’t want to fight the cultists since he no longer has any wish to kill, but if persuaded to help, he bestows a gift on any paladin or good-aligned fighter in the party: an amulet of health. He also promises to keep more cultists from reoccupying the monastery after the characters drive them out, and he might part with some of the potions and scrolls described in the next section.

Renwick’s Phylactery. Renwick left his phylactery in a place even he can’t easily reach: a tomb beneath Summit Hall. If he should be defeated in combat, he’ll re-form there—and see whether he can abscond with his brother’s body for reburial in the empty sarcophagus in area M20.

Samular’s Empty Tomb. At the east end of the crypt stands a magnificent but empty stone sarcophagus, carved in the image of a noble human knight with a long white beard. An inscription carved across the front of the sarcophagus reads: “Here Lies Samular Caradoon, Defender of the North.” The lich prepared the tomb long ago, foreseeing the day when he could abscond with his brother’s body (currently interred with the Knights of Samular in Summit Hall).

Members of the Order of the Gauntlet, perhaps in Summit Hall, look for other faction members to find Erned Stoutblade, because he hasn’t been heard from in several days (see the “Dellmon Ranch” section).

Atop a high crest in the Sumber Hills stands Summit Hall, home to the Knights of Samular. This venerable order of paladins of Tyr strives to promote justice in the savage North. The Order of the Gauntlet hopes to expand its influence in the region by joining the Knights to its cause.

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